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Samsung intros Smart Keyboard Trio 500

Samsung introduces its latest Smart Keyboard Trio 500, which is ideal for multitaskers with multiple devices.

According to Samsung, the Smart Keyboard Trio 500 just takes a few moments to set up. Simply switching it on and holding down the Bluetooth key will prompt a popup on the device’s screen. Connecting will then give your device a 6-digit code which can then be typed on the keyboard to complete the connection.

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The Smart Keyboard Trio 500 can connect up to three different devices simultaneously via Bluetooth 5.0. DeX mode is also compatible with the smart keyboard, making either a Galaxy smartphone or tablet an extended display of the user’s desktop.

The Smart Keyboard Trio 500 can be customized to instantly open the user’s three favorite apps onto designated keys within the keyboard. It features 78 keys and weighs 412.3g. The keyboard is available in Black or White color options.

Samsung’s Smart Keyboard Trio 500 will be available in the early weeks of May. There’s no word yet about its pricing, so stay tuned!

Source: Samsung

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