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Sony MHC-V83D, V73D, V43D, V13 launched in the Philippines, priced


Sony unveiled its latest lineup of High Power Audio Systems under the V-Series, the V83D, V73D, V43D, and V13.

Sony V Series Speakers • Sony Mhc-V83D, V73D, V43D, V13 Launched In The Philippines, Priced

From Left To Right: Sony Mhc-V83D, Mhc-V73D, Mhc-V43D, And Mhc-V13

These new one-box styled speakers come in different sizes. Upgraded for better power and improved sound quality, it features  high-efficiency tweeter and midrange with horn speakers to cover larger areas.

Sony V Series Speakers Wider Range • Sony Mhc-V83D, V73D, V43D, V13 Launched In The Philippines, Priced

The V83D and V73D feature four tweeters at the front and rear to expand the sound stage upward, as well as the Omnidirectional Party
Light for its speakers. It has a new animation that shows more dynamic light patterns. Its midrange distributes sound from the front and the back of the speaker, covering a wide area with improved clarity for mid-range frequencies.

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Meanwhile, the V43D and V13 are both equipped with two front tweeters that spread the sound across any venue with the latter having a midrange. Moreover, these all-new designs increase the rigidness of the cabinet to deliver stronger bass and also improving clarity at the same time.

All speakers are  with its Omnidirectional Party Sound brought by its front and rear tweeters, midrange, woofer, and JET BASS BOOSTER.

Realme Philippines

Mhc V83D Jet Bass Booster Mid • Sony Mhc-V83D, V73D, V43D, V13 Launched In The Philippines, Priced

The V13, however, comes with a multi-color woofer ideal for homes with its compact-sized audio speaker.

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The V83D, V73D, and V43D also have a new DSP reverb module in the Microphone Echo feature, built-in microphone holders for cable and microphone, Karaoke Ranking for the scores and ranks recorded through the Fiestable app, and Party Playlist for contributing songs from their smartphones through the Fiestable app. It also comes with various guitar input modes such as Clean for playing pop songs, Overdrive for rock and metal tracks, and Bass for a bass guitar playing experience.

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The V83D and MHC-V73D also allow users to play along on samplers including bongo, djembe, surdo, and the Japanese taiko drum simply by tapping the top panel.

For protection, the compact-sized V13 comes with two front corner protectors while the bigger V83D, V73D, and V43D come with a hard-plastic exterior protecting the sides of the unit and four corner protectors.

Prices for Sony’s latest High Power Audio Systems are as follows:

  • MHC-V83D – PHP 30,999
  • MHC-V73D – PHP 25,999
  • MHC-V43D – PHP 18,999
  • MHC-V13 – PHP 10,999

The V83D, V73D, V43D, and V13 are now available for purchase in all Sony Centres and partner dealers nationwide.

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