Starlink’s Portability feature suits travelers

Starlink never stops with its innovation with its new portability feature. Starlink subscriber can now bring their Starlink kit anywhere in their home continent to provide internet, of course with some additional monthly fee.

With this new feature, anywhere the subscriber goes like camping in a desert or up in the mountains, just bring the kit and you’ll automatically have internet coverage. This is unlike 5G, 4G and other networks which don’t reach this kind of far places.

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A Starlink subscriber posted on his Twitter regarding the convenience of having a Starlink kit while camping saying that “Starlink is awesome for RV’s, camping or any activity away from cities. ”

Tweet Regarding Starlink Portability Feature

Image | @heydave7

As of now, Starlink doesn’t support the use of Starlink kit while driving, but they’re currently working on a solution for it. In terms of Portability, Starlink offers it on a “best effort basis” which means subscribers using the service in their registered service address will be prioritized. So for those who’ll bring their Starlink to a new location, depreciated service is possible due to this prioritization.

To read more about this, kindly check this Starlink support page. For other information and news about Starlink click here.

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