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Supreme Court to grant public access to e-library soon

The Supreme Court (SC) has announced on Tuesday (March 26, 2019) that they will grant public access to its electronic library (e-library) very soon.

The high court said that they opened the SC e-library upon proper registration and documentation “to enhance transparency and provide better access for lawyers, law professors, law students, and legal researchers to decisions, resolutions, issuances, and rules of the court.”

Assistant Court Administrator and SC Public Information Office chief, Brian Keith F. Hosaka, also said that the actual opening will coincide with the launch of the court’s redesigned and improved website on or before June 11 — the High Court’s 118th Anniversary.

The Supreme Court e-library launched in 2004 where visitors can search its database including SC decisions and resolutions from 1901 up to the present time. This also includes the laws in the present and past Constitutions, present and past Rules of Court, resolutions on administrative matters, bench books, book catalogs of court libraries, index to Philippine periodicals, and a “Memorabilia Room” of past and retired SC Justices.

Source: Philippine News Agency (PNA)

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