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Take detailed photographs with vivo V30e’s Sony IMX882 camera

vivo just completed its vivo V30 Series with the arrival of the V30e on May 25, 2024. The newly launched vivo V30e features a 50MP Sony IMX882 camera.

No more dark and blurry night shots

The vivo V30e’s 50MP Sony IMX882 camera can shoot in low-light conditions and has super photosensitivity, being able to capture more light. This means brighter, clearer, and more vibrant night photos. 

In fact, the night photo capability is improved by 30% compared to its predecessor, the vivo V29e.

Color accuracy is also key, and the vivo V30e delivers. The 50MP Sony IMX882 camera produces accurate detail and color reproduction, ensuring your photos are free from color casts and look vividly realistic. 

Perfect portraits with 2x portrait mode

Its 2x portrait mode uses one of the most flattering focal lengths, creating portraits that look straight out of a professional photoshoot. 

This mode beautifully blurs the background, creating a natural bokeh effect that makes your subject pop. The result? Stunning, DSLR-quality portraits where the subject stands out beautifully against a softly blurred background.

Soft and even lighting with Aura Light 3.0

Good lighting can make all the difference, and the vivo V30e has you covered with its Aura Light 3.0. This innovative feature provides soft, even lighting, unlike the harsh flashes you find on most phones. 

Whether you’re shooting in low light or just need a little extra glow, Aura Light 3.0 ensures your photos have a professional touch. Get ready to shine in every shot!

The vivo V30e with its 50MP Sony IMX882 camera is a dream come true for aspiring photographers and content creators. 

The vivo V30e is available for purchase for only Php 17,999 in vivo physical stores nationwide or online via Shopee, TikTok, and Lazada.

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