YouTube announces new AI-powered tools for creators, artists

At Made on YouTube event, the platform launched a suite of AI-powered capabilities—aimed at helping both new and established creators and artists to create, edit, and share content in innovative ways.

Made On Youtube Fi

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These new tools are designed to unlock powerful new forms of creative expression, streamline the creative process, and expand the reach of YouTube creators.

A new era of creative expression where anyone can be a creator

The key announcements made today include:

Dream Screen: An experimental feature that utilizes generative AI to add AI-generated video or image backgrounds to YouTube Shorts.

Youtube Dream Screen

Since the launch of Shorts in 2020, the platform has experienced an incredible surge. With over 70 billion daily views from more than 2 billion logged-in users every month.

With Dream Screen, creators can unleash their imagination and craft various settings for their Shorts. Taking their content to the next level of ingenuity and originality.

YouTube Create: To simplify video production, YouTube has launched a new mobile app dubbed YouTube Create.

Ss Youtube Create Audio Cleanup Fi

This app provides creators with a suite of production tools to edit their Shorts and long-form videos. Including video editing, captioning, voiceover capabilities, and access to filters, effects, transitions, and royalty-free music.

YouTube Create is currently in beta on Android in select markets, including the United States, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Indonesia, India, Korea, and Singapore. Best of all, it’s completely free.

YouTube is also introducing other efficient tools to support creators and help them generate new ideas and reach wider audiences. These include:

  • Aloud: An AI-powered dubbing tool that allows creators to easily reach audiences beyond their primary language.
  • Assistive Search in Creator Music: A feature that assists creators in finding suitable soundtracks for their videos by using AI to suggest the right music at the right place.
  • YouTube Studio: Next year, YouTube Studio will utilize generative AI to provide personalized video ideas and draft outlines to help creators brainstorm.

Creators, artists express their excitement towards YouTube’s new AI tools

Neal Mohan, YouTube’s Chief Executive Officer, expressed his excitement about the new updates, stating that they will unleash the boundless potential of creators and artists to redefine the landscape of creative expression on YouTube.

He emphasized YouTube’s unwavering commitment to democratizing content creation and empowering billions of individuals with the ability to unleash their creative prowess.

“Today is the start of a new era of creativity. We can’t wait to see what our incredible community of creators and artists make on YouTube,” said Mohan.

Lyor Cohen, YouTube’s Global Head of Music, highlighted the transformative power of AI as a catalyst for amplifying and accelerating creativity. AI undeniably cannot replace the irreplaceable human touch of artists, songwriters, and producers. Thus, YouTube is dedicated to collaborating with the creative community to foster innovation and propel the industry forward.

The announcement also featured testimonials from YouTube creators and artists who shared their enthusiasm for the new tools. Alan Chikin Chow, a YouTube creator, expressed his excitement about the dedicated Create app, which optimizes content for the platform and opens doors for aspiring YouTubers.

Jade Beason, another YouTube creator, praised the efficiency of AI-powered insights in generating fresh ideas for videos. Cleo Abram, a YouTube creator, emphasized how AI tools bridge the gap between imagination and creation, making creative conversations more accessible.

Charlie Puth, an artist, songwriter, and producer, expressed gratitude for YouTube’s AI Music Incubator, which aims to accelerate creativity rather than replace it.

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