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YouTube gives more user control on Homepage and Up Next Videos

YouTube addresses the issue of users’ concerns when it comes to the videos that appear on their homepage and in Up Next suggestions.


  • Users can now explore topics and related videos like baking, late-night talk shows, music genre, and any preferences. The options that you can pick are all based on the existing personalized suggestions and topics that they are watching. Available for signed-in users in English, this feature can be found on the homepage when you scroll up and on the Up Next section. Note that it will be available in the YouTube app for Android. (iOS, desktop, and other languages are soon to follow)
  • Users can now remove suggestions from channels that they don’t want to watch. Tap the three-dot menu next to the video on the homepage or Up Next then press “Don’t recommend channel”. This feature is already available for the Android and iOS while the Desktop version is yet to come.

  • Users will now see more information underneath the recommended videos to explain why those videos are surfacing in your feed. This is currently available in the iOS while Android and Desktop will be available soon.

YouTube stated that these features will help users navigate through all of the videos and will make them feel that they are more in control over what they watch.

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