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The Core i7 980X and Radeon HD 5970 Combo

So here it is, the fastest PC gaming combo one can ever hope for — Intel’s 6-core processor the Core i7 Extreme 980X @ 3.33GHz paired with an ATI Radeon HD 5970 (as provided by Intel Philippines).

Here’s the basic specs of the rig:

Intel Core i7 Extreme 980X 3.33GHz
ATI Radeon HD 5970 1GB DDR5 RAM
Thermaltake Element V case

The Core i7 Extreme 980X is, by far, the fastest consumer-grade CPU Intel has released. It’s got 6 cores running at 3.33GHz each and has 2 threads for each core effectively working at 12 threads in total.

This model is more like for bragging rights and the really, really hard-core Intel fanboys so expect the price of the chip along to be somewhere in the Php50,000 range.

We got the CPUZ and the GPUZ of the CPU and the video card that came with the rig. The card is running on ATI crossfire so it’s running on 2 GPUs. The video cards could be priced at around Php25k Php29k each so that’s another fifty-k on the total price tag.


Here’s the summary of the PassMark Performance Test benchmarks:

CPU Mark: 10,222.4
2D Graphics Mark: 477.8
Memory Mark: 1,936.2
Disk Mark: 1,079.1
3D Graphics Mark: 2,640.1
PassMark Rating: 2,560.7

The CPU Mark alone is very high at 10k (compared to the Phenom II X6 which is only at around 5k). The 6GB triple-channel RAM also got very good Memory Mark scores.

With Windows Experience Index, the whole rig got a Base Score of 7.5 (highest I’ve seen so far) — the CPU got an all-time high of 7.8. The 7.5 from storage is also high which might indicate it’s running on SSD (have to double check when I get back to Manila — it’s actually an 80GB Intel SSD).

All-in-all, expect to blow some 200k in cold hard cash for this rig.

Update: Here’s the screenshot from Speccy:

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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42 Responses

  1. abeolandres says:

    The fastest PC gaming combo one can ever hope for : a 6-core Intel Core i7 Extreme 980X 3.33GHz: http://www.yugatech.com/blog/pc-gaming/t

  2. iko says:

    i need this :-( i cant play bejeweled blitz smoothly with my current rig :-(

  3. Calvin says:

    Drool. Pwedeng pwede pang-mafia wars! or better yet… bejeweled blitz!

  4. shaq says:

    how much cost nito

  5. Vidar says:

    5870 cost less than 20K each. This rig is fast but definitely not the fastest one can hope for. :P

  6. Joshua :) says:

    pwd na e2ng pantapat sa apple mac pro ! :))

  7. Teknisyan says:

    Wow.. this is one hell of a rig… if you compare this to a macbook pro, the price is atleast 50% lower than the i7 config of macbook pro. I wonder if this rig can be compared to the Dell Precision M4500, which claims to be the “World’s Most Powerful 15.6-inch Mobile Workstation”


  8. yuga says:

    @vidar – you have an idea of a faster CPU?

  9. JP says:

    As per specs, it’s actually not the fastest, because ATI’s 5970 outdoes the 5870 by a huge margin.

    But as per performance, man, I can run HAWX on six monitors (via ATI’s Eyefinity) with a Crossfire-dual 5870 setup. Sweet!

    @Abe, to get really comprehensive CPU comparison tables, you can Google “AnandTech Bench”.

  10. JP says:

    Oh, another plus why ATI is still kissing Nvidia’s behind is because the latter has the acclaimed Physx engine.

  11. lolipown says:

    Apples and oranges… but that’s not the real reason you’re posting that link ayt? :D

  12. bryanfer says:

    sir magandang gabi po :)

    mr yuga correction lang po 5970 po yung ginamit na videocard and it costs 29k sa tipidpc.com a 5870 only costs 17k brandnew.

    also sir nakikita sa gpuz na 5900 series siya :)

    yun lang po thanks

  13. jabo says:

    galit na galit i2 a?

  14. yuga says:

    @bryanfer – thanks for the correction! I got the GPUZ of this one and the other rig mixed up.

  15. Vidar says:

    I was referring to the graphics card. Didn’t notice that it is equipped with 5970 until bryanfer corrected it. That definitely makes it fastest gaming rig one can hope for.

  16. Abe,

    What’s the motherboard on this rig ?


  17. Jhay says:

    I’m sure an Alienware rig can beat this one.

    But the price tag, dang! I’d buy a Nikon D700 instead. :P

  18. fr0stbyte says:

    Kulang na lang water-cooling and overclocked CPU, GPU, and memory. PURE WIN na ‘to.

  19. Fleeb says:

    Alienware cannot beat the rig price-to-performance ratio wise. You pay a premium over Alienware. It’s a different thing when you assemble the parts yourself.

  20. Vidar says:

    I agree. A clone is much better than Alienware in terms of price:performance. It’s just a brand for a pre-built PC.

  21. Magneto says:

    wow! just wow hehe :)

  22. Joshua :) says:

    I wonder how much this rig would cost. haha
    more than a price of a brand new motorcycle??? :))

  23. Pusang Kulog says:

    Dream… dream… dream… All I have to do is dream… He he he!

  24. Vidar says:

    How about showing us the spec’s summary using Speccy.


  25. JP says:


    How about doing a review with a GTX-480-powered rig?

  26. yizhan says:

    wow, very high Windows Experience Index… tamang tama to for maya and 3D Studio Max..

  27. Ali says:

    thats mindblowing

  28. vergel says:

    i want 1 for my birthday mom!

  29. Philip says:

    but can it run CRysis game smoothly? XD

  30. Vatch says:

    it should without a muscle.

    Another question what about “Metro 2033”

  31. Kenneth Gabona says:

    can that rig beat mine?.

    my pc specs fyi:

    2x intel core i7 980x oc’d @4.5ghz
    evga sr-2 x58 mobo
    24gb corsair dominator gt3
    4way xfx hd 5970 in crossfirex
    coolermaster silent pro gold 1200 watts psu
    antec dark fleet df-85 full tower casing
    2x thermaltake frio cpu coolers

    bought them all from NCIX at canada.
    d kyang suplayan sa pilipinas lahat nyan.

  32. android_fanboi says:

    pricing guide based from newegg.com

    2x intel core i7 980x oc’d @4.5ghz
    $999.99 x2

    evga sr-2 x58 mobo

    24gb corsair dominator gt3
    $1100 coming soon: https://shop.corsair.com/store/item_view.aspx?id=1418696

    4way xfx hd 5970 in crossfirex
    $1199.99 x2

    coolermaster silent pro gold 1200 watts psu

    antec dark fleet df-85 full tower casing

    2x thermaltake frio cpu coolers
    $55.99 x2

    $ 2,000 cpu
    $ 0,600 mobo
    $ 1,100 ram
    $ 2,400 vga
    $ 0,270 psu
    $ 0,100 casing
    $ 0,112 hsf

    TOTAL: $ 6,582 or over PhP 300,000

    wow nearly impossible and unbelievable setups in short, show us some pics or it didnt happen :D

  33. renmx says:

    grabe na yan ky kenneth over 300k pag sa labas ng pilipinas ka bumili pgdito magiging almost 500k.

    post kaya ung rig mo. pra makita namin:)

  34. mourtss says:

    did it happen? or just a dream rig? show pix nalng po.. i heard i7 980x could reach 6ghz oc’d with LN2.. wafak na talga yang mga ginagawa nang mga benchmarker.. liquid nitrogen pde na pang dexter’s laboratory :-)

  35. mourtss says:

    oc’d @4.5ghz pa ha!.. labo naman nyan..oc’d with linquid nitrogen nga na subzero temperature na, 4.7ghz lng ang stable system.. piliin nyu na laht ng top of the line hardware tapos angkinin nyu..

  36. erwin says:

    sir saan kaya makakabili ng core i7 980x dito sa Pinas? maraming salamat

  37. paulkev09 says:

    wow, the scores of this one is near-perfect!!!
    (note:the highest score that can be obtained in windows experience index is 7.9)
    i want to have a system like this one.

  38. Roche Carlos says:

    @kenneth – that’s cool if it’s real.. but there’s no mobo that supports 2 i7-980X (unless you build one). and the EVGA sr-2 is made for 1366 socket mainly Intel 5520 series.. (http://www.evga.com/forums/tm.aspx?m=663175&mpage=1)

  39. Skept says:


    show us the pix or get the “fake” out

  40. criscore says:

    Binili po ako ng tatay ko galing sa abroad na cpu intel core i7 extreme 980x din po siya saka po casing niya talagang walang mahahanap po dito sa pnas kasi casing palang pang future na eh ito po pic nung inassemble po namin:

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