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Acer Aspire AS4553: Triple Core for Cheap

The latest entry about sub-Php30k laptops gave us a tip from a reader about the Acer Aspire AS4553 running an AMD Phenom II N830 triple-core processor.

This is the first triple-core laptop I’ve seen in recent years and looks pretty interesting.

Acer Aspire AS4553G-N832G32Mn
14.1″ display @ 1366×768
AMD Phenom II N830 2.1GHz
ATI Radeon HD5470 512MB
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth, HDMI

Price: Php29,995 (regular cash price) or Php32,995 @ 0%

There’s no OS included here but it still qualifies in our under-Php30k round-up. See more about it here.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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35 Responses

  1. Game Rumble says:

    Whoah! This should be fit for gaming. Right, right?

  2. Jiron says:

    Whoah rin! Sana kung mas malakas sana na graphics card.

  3. @Jiron

    Actually hd5470 is good enough for descent gaming… compared to Intel graphics.

    Plus it’s a switchable graphics mode to hd42xx for power saving i think — better than Intel graphics used by MSI CX420.

  4. Game Rumble says:

    Pwede na siguro compared to my Dell 1525. Lolz!

  5. Yup, i bet this will rock your P30k!

    I remember netbook cost 25k few years ago =)

  6. Mon Bangi says:

    AMD for laptops = fail

    There are so many pathetic posters here who say “whoah!” without don’t understand anything about laptops

  7. Numlocker says:

    This is a great laptop with triple core processor, its graphics card is 6400 3DMark05 points!

    Why buy a netbook with the slow atom/dual atom processor if it will not use for mobility.

    This will beat the hell out of Intel’s built-in video cards.

  8. Lezuric says:


    the question is.. how about the battery? will it last long?

  9. Garri says:

    Specs are good but I don’t like AMD and ATI… sayang naman..

  10. lolipown says:

    You can get an equivalent Intel + Nvidia combo but it won’t be at the same price point.

  11. topeng says:


    As with most products it is a very harsh generalization to say that you don’t like AMD, as quality and performance is and always will be based on the specific model and not solely on the company as a whole.

    Actually, AMD/ATI has been a very competent competitor that has kept Intel and Nvidia prices in check.

    For laptops, aside from looking at the specs, the overall built/construction (battery,lcd,keyboard,palwrest) and price from the laptop manufacture contributes on how good the laptop is.

    So before buying a laptop, I always make sure to find a decent review that will satisfy my needs and wallet.

  12. manong says:

    saludo ako sa amd! sana nga lumakas ang p ang sales

    laptop o smartphone? grabe mas mura pa ang laptop! halatang tinataga tayo ng apple & htc… just compare the manufacturing cost!

  13. lolipown says:

    this is actually the first time I’ll be agreeing with you. Add LG and Samsung to that list :D

  14. Ang Iyong Konsensya says:

    price tag at pc_corner at tipidpc.com is only 27.5k
    way to go AMD, according to the review I read on the net, the performance of the AMD triple core is more powerful than the core i5 that they are offering in most of the laptops now and comparable to the old intel quadcore due to lack of L3 cache

    mabuhay ang AMD

    if they will release the quadcore at the same price with ATI 5650,yayay talaga ang intel with that price point

  15. Paul says:


    Obviously this is for gaming, so the usual complaints of battery life and heat can be alleviated since it’ll be (1) plugged in and (2) have a laptop cooler attached if need be.

    Heads-up to the other readers: the poster I’m replying to is not the real GM Tristan, he’s an impersonator -_-


  16. fr0stbyte says:

    Ganda nang specs. Ang hindi ko lang gusto sa Acer eh ang dami nilang models-sub-models at may variations pa under those sub-models. lol

  17. topeng says:

    @Paul, well that was good to hear. Answers the question why a good tech blogger would comment something untechie like.

  18. Game Rumble says:

    Thinking of selling my laptop for this stuff… But the LCD is too small… All the rest is good though…

  19. Teknisyan says:

    AMD is notorious for heating up rapidly.. I do hope that this laptop has a very very good cooling system or else.. you may grilling your laptop when using for more than 4 hours.

    Hehe… yeah.. there’s a poser amongst us! ;)

  20. sleepygeepy says:

    I think AMD has slowly improved its mobile processors through the years. The Phenom II N830 is definitely not like the old hot running Turion chips of a couple of years back. Of course in terms of heat and battery life, Intel mobile processors are still the leader in the notebook space.

    One good thing about AMD is that they are always competitive in terms of price. Many of their products are just straight out “bang-for-buck” offerings like the Acer Aspire AS4553G.

    With this notebook you get a triple-core processor, dedicated Radeon HD 5470 graphics, AND integrated Radeon HD 4250 graphics at the unbelievable price of Php 27.5K(!) You’d be hard pressed to find an Intel based notebook with the same specs at that price. In fact one of the shops in Gilmore already sold out its inventory of this particular notebook model.

    Ok it probably runs a bit hotter and has less battery life, but for those on a tight budget this notebook offers superior value :)

  21. lawrence says:

    badtrip nman kakabili ko lang ng MSI cr400 at the same price point,, waaaahhh! I should have waited for this!

  22. Jhay says:

    Not bad, perhaps it’s time that I try out AMD-powered laptops for a change. They’re cheaper compared to Intel-powered ones.

  23. bruns says:

    amd laptops – good value over price point. I have one myself. satisfied naman. its just that battery could have been better. but overall – its very good on my experience.

    to make hasty generalization that amd laptops is a failure without a support of empirical evidence is a claim of an ignorant. an all-knowing guy in pretension living in a delusional world, thus making a mockery of himself. a douchebag perhaps. intel laptops are more efficient, yes, but thats another story.

  24. skagen says:

    nice specs! :D

  25. Jm says:

    AMD for laptops = fail

    There are so many pathetic posters here who say “whoah!” without don’t understand anything about laptops

    Maybe your right sir, but the newly released platform is better than the older ones. Better check it out.

  26. 5470 is decent, especially for mobile gaming. My cousin plays Dragon Age:Origins at 1366×768 with that, most settings on high.

  27. rob says:

    is the graphic chip of this unit compatible with direct x 10? sorry for the lame question.

  28. Lucien Tiojanco says:

    Rob | It’s Direct X 11 capable. So yes, it’s also Direct X 10 and 10.1 capable.

    Mon Bangi | Aside from relatively poor battery life, AMD is better at every price range they compete in compared to Intel.

    Everyone else | Don’t even compare ATI’s 5XXX series GPU’s with anything Nvidia has. Fermi (Nvidia’s latest GPU architecture) is inefficient, power hungry, HOT, and expensive.

  29. rob says:

    hahaha i see :) thanks lucien

  30. lolipown says:

    The GeForce 460 says hello (not disagreeing with Nvidia is hot, expensive and power hungry with the GF100 but this one deserves a second look)


  31. Looks good. Any benchmarks tests on this? What about the WEI rating?

    More actual pictures please.

  32. Jenn401 says:

    Whats the WEI?!
    Hmm. Is this comparable to Toshiba L510?

  33. Darryl says:

    Sir Yuga can you benchmark it please?

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