Asus Transformer public release by end of July

Asus Transformer public release by end of July

Updated: See official announcement below. Sat down with the folks from Asus Philippines this afternoon to talk about a contest we’re launching for our readers here at YugaTech. So I asked them what’s with the delay of the Asus Transformer and when it will be released to the public.

Apparently, there’s been a huge demand for the Transformer that it pushed back the release of the tablet in the Philippines. Obviously, we’re not really that big of a market to be prioritized.

Still, it’s good to know that the Asus Transformer is finally coming by end of this month (the date July 23 was bounced around but that’s not yet solid).



Manila, Philippines (July 15, 2011) – For all the Filipinos who have been anxious and impatient about the availability of the the Eee Pad Transformer, Asus Philippines officially announced its availability locally. This is the same tablet that immediately sells out in the US upon launch last May. A lot of the consumers buy tablets mainly for the Andorid Apps. The Asus Eee Pad Transformer is not only a tablet for entertainment, but also for productivity and creativity.

Powered by Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor, this Android 3.1 Honeycomb tablet has a unique mobile dock. That’s a full QWERTY keyboard and touch pad with multiple I/O ports 2 USB slots, mini HDMI port, Micro SD and SD slots. This is the tablet for content creation, social communication, HD media playback and smooth realistic game play. If you are currently looking for a tablet for media consumption and mobile productivity, the Eee Pad Transformer is it!

Asus Philippines announced as well that all buyers of the Eee Pad Transformer/Eee Pad on July 20- 23 in any of the Asus authorized dealers in SM Megamall, Mandaluyong can get a chance to win a trip to any Philippine destination!

After purchasing, customers will receive a raffle coupon from the dealer store they purchased the item from. Customer must fill in their name, address, e-mail, contact details and serial # of purchase. Customers must drop off their raffle stubs at ASUSworld Megamall, 4th floor Cyberzone, SM Megamall. Entries will be accepted until 6pm on July 23. Raffle entries will be drawn by an ASUS representative on July 23, 7pm. Log on to or find Asus Philippines on Facebook,

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51 Responses

  1. JmBalicano says:

    Awesome idea implemented by ASUS. I was hoping that Sammy would come up with something similar as all their Android tablets and phones have been hitting the mark in terms of pricing and functionality. Here’s hoping that the 3G version is affordable enough..

  2. Anti RH Bill says:

    Ipad 2 is the king of tablet. With Jailbreak you can download all the paid apps in itunes for free.

    • Troll Food says:

      Thank you for patronizing piracy. Be proud to be able to afford an expensive tablet (just don’t mention you can’t afford apps that cost way less and it will all work out ;-) and flaunt it to the poor masses. They should envy you because while they steal for food, it’s only apps you are stealing. Stealing a can of sardines can land them in jail but not apps. They are hungry and they deserve it. You deserve the greatest gadgets you have. That’s what being human is. Thank you for being a role model and advancing humanity. I am your number one fan.

    • EdwinC says:

      Who crowned iPad 2 king? You?

    • al says:

      @trollfood haha owned! But pirating apps is just a portion of what you can do with jailbreak though, I personally do it for extended functions and customization. Anyways great spiel

    • Riko says:

      LOL ignorant Fanboy.. Even without rooting/jailbreaking you can sideload apps on android for free with out piracy. You can even Customize the UIs, Icons, Widgets and other functionalities/features which in truth are too many too mention and Apple is starting to copy. And here you say iPad is the King of Tablets?? LMAO. Its just a big iPod Touch.. and I love my iPod Touch. Genius you are.. WOOT!!

    • daniel says:

      haha you afford an iPad 2 but sad to say not its apps… haha. i cant call iPad the king… it has no MASS STORAGE MODE! haha so frustrating.

    • Jim Lim says:

      to each his own. if the guy says that the ipad is the no. 1 or the king, then ask for proof (which in this case i believe you will all lose as ipad is still the leader in market share). you cant just frackin disprove something with hot air. get your facts straight morons!

      sooner or later android will surpass the ipad or iOS in general due to a wider variety of devices available that runs android but at the moment they(apple) is the clear winner in the tablet category.

      as for the user experience, both has pros and cons so choose whatever works for you and do not fracking argue! damn it!


  3. Calvin says:

    Asusa Transformera!

    RH Bill: actually android has its fair share of games including HD ones thanks to gameloft. no need to jailbreak. ;) and you can play NES, SNES, NEoGeo, Sega, GBA or what have you ROMS by using a single emulator made for Android.

    • Fleeb says:

      He is a troll. He starves for attention that he cannot get IRL.

    • Grar! says:

      Fleeb, you on the other hand is an a$$h0le who waits for every opportunity to use the word troll. also an attention whore

    • Fleeb says:


      Because he is a troll if you still did not get it. I thought at first this poster was just another fanatic. Not only that he posted something that has nothing to do with Asus Transformer’s release this end of July, he just posts there. It’s like the Jiro Yan guy where in the topic was about if you were to prefer a physical keyboard instead of an on-screen keyboard, he just said he loves his iPhone. He did not even elaborate or connect what it has to do with physical keyboard or not. Similarly.

      There are people who has their own preferences and I am okay with that. I can discuss merits and what not.

      You did not even defend the guy why he is not a troll and you just called me attention whore. You should have called me Captain Obvious instead and I would understand.

    • Grar! says:

      Dear Fleeb,

      GAWD! get over yourself. It’s the internet!

      since you asked for it, then the reason why I think the guy is not a “troll” (which i believe your definition is loosely based on impulse – oh off topic, troll!)is because the iPad is a direct competitor of Asus Transformer so it has something to do with the topic. I don’t need to place OT on my post just to alert the administrator that it is OT, because if it is completely OT then he will delete it anyway. The admin won’t even delete your post even if it is about you selling candies as long as you are not offensive.

      You are in a world where people live together with other people who have completely different opinion with the other. Just live with it and i believe the word troll already received its retirement benefit. Sorry if I called you an A**hole. Peace ha? :)

    • Grar! says:

      Hi Again Fleeb!

      I think that that Jiro Yan guy whoever he is, answered the question quite ambiguously but nevertheless answered it correctly. When somebody answered that he likes his iPhone when asked the keyboard question, that pretty much equates to liking the virtual keyboard on his iPhone. no offense but you need to learn how to read between the lines sometimes.

      The way I see this though is that you understood the statement clearly but just tried to invalidate his answer because you don’t like how he answered it. You don’t like iPhone. You own an iPhone or an iOS device but you just can’t stand people who brag about their iPhones.

      I don’t know exactly where the hatred is coming from but you have to live with it. There is just too many things to like about the iPhone or iOS in general. By the way, I am an Android user too and things that I like about Android are widgets and notification implementation. Hate it whenever I swipe to the next page of apps, one app accidentally opens. That’s all! Thanks mate! :)

  4. Emman says:

    Any idea how much will this transformers will cost once it reaches our shores?

  5. Haroh says:

    As per the ASUS branch here in Davao, it will be available at Php 29,995. You have to pre-order it though.

  6. Messie says:

    It should be around $450 w/o the keyboard right? Sana tulad din ito ng Apple who can pretty much sell their stuff at a standard price across the globe.

    • Messie says:

      Having checked some articles (one of which is here at yugatech) 23k ang w/o keyboard while 30k ang meron. Is the additional 7k worth it?

    • Name: IC DeaDPiPoL says:

      the keyboard also pack an additional battery pack so it seems worth it.

    • 7k for that?! says:

      wait, 7k for the keyboard and battery is worth it?

      7k.. really?

      usb keyboard + power pack = less integration but much cheaper

      i love the idea and i’m sure people will buy it anyway but seriously, the word to describe that dock would not be “worth it”

    • Messie says:

      I am still hoping that this will come at a more reasonable price. lets say 20k w/o keyboard, and 25k ang w/ keyboard. If ganito ang price, i might get one. Big let down and 30k price tag IMO.

    • Messie says:

      Ngek. bakit kaya naka auto link and word na “pri.ce” na tag for moderation tuloy iyung comment ko because of excessive link siguro.

  7. dre says:

    What?!?! Another delay! Move ng move yung date from mid June to mid July. Now it’s end of July. Next they’ll be saying 1st week of August or mid August. I was really excited pero nawalan na ako ng gana.

    • Ry says:

      hahaha!! Napabili na nga rin ako ng SGT P1010 dahil sa super tagal neto eh. Opportunity Cost lost for them :P

  8. ice says:

    The asus pad sells around 1700SR here in KSA around 19900php.good deal, and the build of the unit is very good.I’ve read reviews about this device and they said that it’s the cheapest android tablet available; cheaper than acer iconia

  9. Very nice, I like the idea and the style.

  10. Jepotski says:

    May pre-ordering na ba? Saan at paano?

  11. Bullet says:

    Wow,splendid! Been waiting for Asus Transformer from the time I read about it when it was first posted at Yugatech..Great!!!

  12. alain says:

    at last. ive been waiting for this. i can finally buy the keyboard dock and usb adaptor.

  13. JoMi says:

    It looks very promising, I just hope that it won’t be that expensive.

  14. janvier says:

    napanood ko na yata lahat ng video reviews nito sa YT, nagsawa na ako sa lahat ng unboxing videos, tagal pa rin ng release, parang hindi ko naata maaantay, sawa na ako… kung 30k din lang bili nlang ako ipad.

  15. eman says:

    mahal nga lang talaga ugn transformer compared to acer iconia. pareho sila ng proc at RAM tama?
    Sir Abe, can you do a comparison of specs between iconia and transformer? salamat

  16. mike says:

    give me a break. do people need stuffs that overlaps in purpose with a laptop and smartphone? please make a survey

  17. newbie says:

    Bought the transformer in Taiwan. I already sold my mbp and happily moved on to android. Haven’t looked back since.

    About the transformer, the screen is crisp. Waybetter than what I’ve expected. Battery life is A+ having used the original ipad. Apps and everything else does overlap with apps I commonly used and was the same reason why I let go of my laptop. Any actual work like Photoshop is desktop material, naturally, but 95% of my work is emails and spreadsheets so I’m happy to use a tablet with a keyboard option.

  18. delecroix says:

    i found this Asus pad Transformer review, I think its from an Asus Philippines staff.

    • Eason says:

      Yup, that’s me

      I’m the Technical PR Specialist of Asus for


      I do reviews as part of my Job, but don’t worry my review of the Transformer or any other products in my blog isn’t bias to Asus as its my personal opinion over the product itself.

  19. Raphael says:

    I’m anticipating one of my rich friends will have this product by the end of July. Haha!

  20. iMaldita says:

    Meron na nyan dito sa Taiwan.. Mabigat sya….

  21. Maynard says:

    Gusto ko yung Asus EP121.. kelan ba irerelease yun dito?

  22. Gene says:

    This is interesting!

  23. watrboy says:

    ayon sa fb ng asus..

    22,995 Pad Only
    29,995 Pad and Mobile Dock

    hays mahal paren.. sana man lang mas mababa ng 3k sa IPAD2 para masarap bilhin..

  24. Bryce says:

    Even at that price, I’d still buy this instead of the iPad

  25. Jepotski says:

    Just bought my eee pad today!!!

    • Red says:

      Where did you buy it and how much?

    • Jepotski says:

      Asus sm north. 30k with dock 16gb.using it now in posting this message.

    • Red says:

      Thanks! Hopefully there still some left tomorrow when I go there. A lot of people are looking forward on owning one…

    • Jepotski says:

      I advice not to buy from ASUS store in SM North, instead buy from Electroworld in SM North Annex also, they are offering it for 29k flat in cash basis (with dock). Sayang nga nakabili na ako sa ASUS, sabi kasi nila limited stocks lang kaya inassume ko sila lang meron kasi inaannounce nila sa July 23 pa release pero July 17 pa lang ngayon merong available na sa ibang stores, (mga 2 shops ang nakita kong nagbebenta), kaya I bought it for 30k cash ayaw na nila magpatawad, nakakainis sayang din ang 995 pesos, sinamantala nila ang pagkasabik ko. BTW, if you have found a good leather case for Transformer please tell it to me, inikot ko na kasi ang buong SM North wala akong makitang compatible para sa Transformer.

  26. Bizman MTC says:

    Sold one of my iPad2s for this. Hopefully by Wednesday I will be posting from the new Asus Transformer. The name sucks. Asus Assasin, Asus Switchblade… better names. Why call it after a movie? Transformer is so Jologs.

  27. lukin says:

    Yes, but they don’t have the eeepad transformer 32gb with dock available here in the Philippines.

  28. pong says:

    The pricing for the 16GB is all hyped up, that should be the price of a 32GB, also this model is about to be phased out pretty soon due to Icecream sandwich. People who’ll buy this will be crying pretty soon.

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