Samsung outs R440, R480 laptop line

Samsung outs R440, R480 laptop line

Samsung Philippines introduced their very first line of 14-inch laptops (R440, R480) in the Philippines yesterday, including a refresh of their netbooks (N220P, N150P).

Samsung R440 specs
Intel Core i3 350M @ 2.26GHz
ATI Mobility Radeon HD5145 w/ 512MB DDR3 VRAM
Super Multi-Drive
6-cell 4400mAh battery
Windows 7 Home Basic (32-bit)
Price: Php39,900

Samsung R480 specs:
14″ display @ 1366×768
Windows7 Home Basic (32 bit)
Intel Core i3 350M @ 2.26GHz
Super Multi Drive
6-cell 4400mAh battery
Price: Php44,900 (Php54,900 for the Core i5 and 4GB RAM)


Meanwhile, the Samsung netbooks also got some upgrade and now running an Intel Atom N470 @ 1.83GHz processor as well as a variety of colors – black, yellow and pink.

The rest of the specs are the same with the N150P (see here) while the N220P bumped the CPU to N470 1.83GHz. The suggested retail price is Php21,990 and Php24,990, respectively.

When Samsung expanded their product line to notebooks/netbooks back in March, they even got someone from Acer to head their laptop division.

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14 Responses

  1. Teknisyan says:

    nice… I wonder when will they release (if ever) the Samsung R580? (i5 procy and Bluray Drive)

  2. chintoguy29 says:

    I’m aware of Samsung’s announcement of the debut of these notebooks. The Samsung R440 has nice specs but its pricetag of Php 39,990 is a bit expensive for me. I would rather buy Dell, Asus or Acer notebook with the same specs.

  3. leeto says:

    correct ka dyan chintoguy29

  4. Vance says:

    been waiting for this!!

  5. Vance says:

    The price is really close enough with the US one.. Dell, well, I won’t say Anything..

    The prices are quite good cmopared to acer and Asus.. remember that the GT 330 is a little faster than ATI 5470 that ACer and Asus has for a lower price..

  6. Vance says:

    and Samsung is brand! like the Sony line.. You don’t pay for the specs but you pay for the brand!

  7. Paul says:

    55k for the Core i5 + Geforce GT 330M build? Yeah, it’s expensive… but worth it especially if you’re comparing it with other premium hardware like Apple.

    At 13-inch white macbook prices you get something similar to 15-inch macbook pro internals.

  8. Arnel says:

    can i ask something , do you know how to change the background of samsung R440?

  9. jrfroze04 says:

    little bit difference I have Samsung R440 Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit w/ Intel Core i3 M370 @ 2.40GHz 4GB DDR3 Ram Dual-core(4CPU) Intel HD Graphic 1.6GB Graphic Ram 320GB SATA HDD…
    [email protected]

  10. jeff says:

    i got one ! last week!, im so satisfied with this kind of laptop !!it has a capability to play any high graphics game, so for the gamers out there!!try this one!!

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