Viliv X70 Atom Mobile Internet Device

Viliv X70 Atom Mobile Internet Device

We had a couple of days with the Viliv S5 last week and this time around, we got the bigger version, the Viliv X70 MID.

The Viliv X70 is, more or less, just a larger version of the Viliv S5 but with a few minor additions. The X70 has a 7-inch touch screen display with a resolution of 1024×768 pixels.

The mobile internet device is powered by an Intel Atom Z520 1.33GHz processor and Intel GMA 500 with 1 GB of RAM running Windows XP. Storage comes in a 32GB Sandisk Solid State Drive.


It’s even got this internal TV antenna but I am told that it does not work here in the Philippines (apparently, the DMB TV tuner is a Korean standard).

The touch screen display is resistive so you’ll need to use a stylus but the’re also a virtual keyboard for text input as well as a joystick on the upper left side for additional navigation.

The Viliv X70 has built-in 3G/HSDPA modem, WiFi 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth 2.0 w/ EDR, SiRF Star3 GPS, and an SD card slot. Viliv promises 200 hours of standby time and up to 6 hours on video playback on a single charge.

The unit retails for Php56,990 in stores.

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24 Responses

  1. Ardz says:

    For that price, I’d rather get the Lenovo Ideapad S10-3t!

  2. lolipown says:

    For that price you’re better off with a smart phone like the Nexus one + shipping

  3. idookee says:

    …or an iPad
    …or Joojoo
    …or Wepad

    what an insane price!

  4. yuga says:

    @ardz & lolipowm — I think the Viliv is a niche product so the target buyers are those who already own a netbook, laptop or smartphone.

    I’d compare it to the Audi — you can always buy a Honda Civic, a Harley, a Vespa and a Mini all for the price of an R8.

  5. Sanctuarian06 says:

    Again this something about MOBILITY. Not just a MOBILITY but how you can put in your own POCKET. So do not be shock at the price, the chipsets are super small just like the molecules. Remember, the smaller the device, the larger the price. :)

  6. Ridiculous price! I agree with the first commenters, I’d rather get any of those devices or an iPad.

    And I won’t compare it to an Audi. Audi is an established international luxury brand thus the expensive price while I’ve never heard of “Viliv” until now :)

    And if it’s an issue on mobility, the Archos 9 would be a way better option feature and cost-wise if it becomes available here though you have one shipped from an online retailer.

  7. paul e. says:

    i’d be nucking futs to buy this. i’m sticking with my 900HA.

  8. carlo says:

    rico – once Viliv becomes an established international luxury brand, the price is okay with you?

  9. Carlo – the price will be justified so it’s ok although that would take them how many years to reach that status. 10? 20? 50? With the Audi analogy in mind, their first car was produced in 1910 (via wikipedia) so you’re backed with a hundred years worth of technology and experience when you buy an Audi. Also, features will still count, a lot, not just the brand. And besides, I only drive a cheap Toyota, not an Audi so I probably won’t buy Viliv even when it becomes a luxury brand :)

  10. yuga says:

    @Rico – niche products like the ones made by Viliv tend to be more expensive because of a couple of reasons. One is supply and demand. Since fewer units are produced, the cost of producing each unit is more expensive.

    This is also true with other niche products like the Segway, the Toyota Prius, and them AVTs (all-terrain vehicles).

  11. @Abe – that explains it. So it’s safe to say I do not belong in their niche market :) Though they could’ve beefed up the technology behind the device a bit especially in the processor end as well as improved on the aesthetics to make the price a little more palatable. Something that would concretely differentiate the device among the sea of other devices out there and not just differentiate based on the notion that it’s for a small niche market. Just like with the other devices you mentioned, the Segway differentiates with the novel application of gyroscope technology, the prius with cutting edge hybrid engine and AVT’s with their ability to cover all terrains :)

    On the contrary, maybe it’s the TV antenna and the GPS that’s driving the price up as well and differentiates this device among the rest. It could also be the 32gb solid state drive, the built in 3G and the 200 hours standby battery.

  12. yuga says:

    @Rico – the MID category is super niche. I guess less than 0.1% of those who owns a netbook/laptop will find compelling reasons to upgrade to this product. That could be people with specialized needs in specialized fields — like maybe medicine, geology or engineering.

  13. One: I hate that people keep mentioning the iPad when there are other more worthy products out there. Let’s call iPads iFads instead, people will talk about it but less than 10% of those who do will actually buy it. ROFL!

    Two: Yuga is correct that this is a niche product, and it looks to be a good one for that niche minus the less capable processor (why not the 2.0 GHz Z550?). Viliv isn’t a completely unknown brand. People here just happen to think that Apple is the only worldwide brand and that an Apple-imitation is better than everything else – admit you’ve seen people buy iPod imitations over similarly priced genuine Phillips and Creative MP3 players.

    Three: Yes this is a wee-bit over priced.

  14. Of course there are a lot of worthy products out there. It’s a matter of choice. And where did this magic 10% number come from? If that’s really the case then 10% is still a huge number given it’s a new product. I’m actually having a friend currently vacationing in the US hand carry one for me when she arrives in May so I guess I’m one of the magic 10% :) The iPad, JooJoo, WePad are also niche products. We can even go as far as saying that all products are niche products since not everyone buys a particular product. It’s just that some products have a bigger niche market than the others. So can we all just stop the hate and be niche friends? :)

  15. Gino says:

    I visit again the store in Alabang (ATC), May promo sila sa mga product, S5 = 43,990 X70 = 49,990… I think worth na yung price nila… :D

  16. Magneto says:

    its pricey and doesn’t look good to me… hehe :)

    -makaluma ang design niya..IMHO

  17. idookee says:

    Firsthand, I always buy products that give bang for the buck.

    No need to bash iPad, I just provided it as an alternative, pricewise.

    And 7 inches does not go in your pocket, unless you are wearing something out of this world.

    What I don’t like about this product, resistive touchscreen. My opinion only, I know there are those who favor resistive over capacitive.

    So far, with upcoming products, I’m bent on the HP slate or the Wepad, whichever comes out cheaper with more features.

  18. Herce says:

    What the heck is wrong with all the complaining? This is why we are the last in Asia to get cool tech. We are not all poor! I have an X70 for half a year already. I bought mine in HK.

    If you can’t afford it, then don’t buy it! Stop complaining on a blog that Villiv obviously reads, since they sent Yuga here a review model. Next time they just won’t bring their tech to the Philippines.

    This is a niche gadget guys. If you are complaining about the price, then you are not the target consumer. You need to first buy a desktop, laptop, tablet whatever. This is for people that are interested in an ancillary device. Something small enough to fit in a small bag that can be taken everywhere, do light work on and a ton of interfacing (reading, browsing, watching, etc). Its what I use it for and I really like it.

    It is not going to replace a full convertible tablet or laptop. I still use my Lenovo tablet for the heavy work, but its big and heavy and most days I can just leave it in my office and take the x70 with me instead. if you need a tablet, tis is not for you. Buy the tablet. if you have a tablet and want to lighten the load, be more mobile, unencumbered and want a device that you can take out quickly and use right away, then the X70 or similar product is for you.

  19. It’s not really about complaining but more of expressing one’s opinion. Price is very much a valid point of interest, discussion and evaluation as well, not just device features. I too can afford one of these but I just feel I won’t be getting the bang for the buck with this device. It’s good to know though that you are enjoying the device and getting your money’s worth. At least that shows some promise. To each his own :)

  20. idookee says:

    Thank you for stressing that out Mr. Rico, this discussion section would should not be here if we are not allowed to voice out our thought.

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  23. ayan says:

    hi, how much is Viliv S5 and X7 nowadays?


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