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Olympus Pen E-P1 is World’s Smallest dSLR

Although Olympus is not that very popular in the Philippines, they still have a handful of loyalist here and there. It’s also made name for itself as having the world’s smallest and lightest dSLR — the Olympus Pen EP-1.

How small or light? Just 335 grams for the body and 35mm in thickness — that’s like half the thickness of the Canon 450D and 40% lighter.


Specs of Olympus Pen E-P1
12.3 megapixel Live MOS sensor
3″ display screen
3fps sequential shooting
6400 ISO max
60 – 1/4000 sec. shutter speed
LiveView Autofocus
14-42mm M.Zuiko and 17mm F2.8 pancake (kit lenses)

Olympus uses the micro four-thirds technology with this model. Unlike other dSLR from Canon or Nikon, the Image Stabilizer of the Olympus E-P1 is built in the camera, not the lens. It also does 720p HD video recording (1280×720). One obvious drawback is that this camera does not have a built-in flash and no built-in viewfinder (sold separately).

Suggested price is $800 with the kit lens.

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30 Responses

  1. Josh says:

    The best thing that’s happened in the camera world in the past few years.

    We need more compact camera’s with large sensors. In fact, the only thing like it is the Sigma DP1/DP2 I think. I mean you have the old Sony R1, but that camera was huuuge. Plus the Sigma’s only had a fixed, non-zoom lens.

    I have some major issues with the E-P1, like the lack of a viewfinder and the low-res LCD – but considering it’s size + interchangeable lenses + large sensor, it could be well worth it.

  2. benhur says:

    i still like the pro look of the big black chunky dslr. parang expert ang dating kahit hindi.

    pagpasok ko ng room sa may birthday, kodakan na agad!

  3. Mike says:

    Hey you, the one who keeps spamming his link. Stop that. It’s annoying.

  4. Teknisyan says:

    wow… this is really small!!!

    Are other lens for those large Olympus DSLR compatible with this one?

    hope fully they are!!!


  5. noone says:

    Olympus Pen E-P1 is World’s Smallest dSLR??????

    It’s not a dslr… it doesn’t have a reflexive mirror inside.. but I do think it’s a hybrid between a dslr and p&s camera. And I heard that the image quality of this camera can be compared to a dslr camera.

  6. john says:

    nice camera.. but i will chose canon dslr camera than this..

  7. john says:

    nice camera.. but i would likely choose canon dslr camera than this.

  8. boo says:

    this is nice, retro rangefinder ang feel.

  9. vince says:

    not a dslr as it doesnt have a mirror box! ok n sana but the deal breaker is the lack of a viewfinder!

  10. Adrian says:

    wow astig. yung style nya old school.

  11. jdGONEMAD says:

    parang laruan ung itsura. and oo nga, parang old school din ang design.

    let me check my supplier kung meron kaming available unit for this item.

  12. juju says:

    its not a dslr, and it doesnt have a big sensor. it uses a micro four thirds standard which is smaller than what nikon and canon use on their dslrs. hit this link for the size comparison of a micro 4/3 sensor.


  13. Vince says:

    This Olympus does not possess a compelling look… It looks old and lo-tech. Though behind it, it is already competitive enough for a regular camera.

  14. carla says:

    san n po new post kuya yuga?


  15. go says:


    That’s the whole point! Olympus came up with this to resemble its old pen cameras. It has that retro look and feel but they did it on purpose and not because they are running out of ideas. jeeez!

    competitive enough for a regular camera?! are you serious? it has everything a point and shoot camera has plus more! it has manual settings! it competes with canon’s G series! research ka muna

    and yuga, this is not a dslr.

  16. emz says:

    i am sooooo lusting for this camera! T_T

  17. hahaha. nice one emz. “lusting”.. =p

  18. august says:

    emz copied the term “lusting” Engadget used on their site for this particular product.


    how could you not rewrite the whole article where you committed mistake? IT IS NOT A DSLR for crying out loud! why not correct yourself with this rubbish?!

  19. Vanilla21 says:


    yep agree with you there it’s an effing micro four thirds…

    but still looks pretty slick… drool worthy… :P~
    i have an e-620…
    but i think i’ll buy this one too…

  20. Kenneth says:

    I was wondering if this baby would ever hit the Hidalgo streets at Quiapo? :-D

  21. mund says:

    how much is this in the philppines??..
    i love this thing ..

  22. vahnlegend says:

    This will be about 50-60K in the Philippines

  23. Neo says:

    Mga tol saan sa hidalgo madaming olympus dslr cameras…pran panay nikon at canon lng?

  24. Jayrome says:

    Di to SLR. Interchangeable lens pero wala ung yung mirror at pentaprism kaya mas maliit.

    San pala makakbili nito dito sa Pinas? :D

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