Poll: What's the verdict on IE9?

Poll: What’s the verdict on IE9?

I’m sure a lot of you have downloaded the newly released Internet Explorer 9 from Microsoft and probably have decided to switch, stay or add it to your browser line-up.

IE9 has gotten all the bells and whistles it promises to bring but if you are coming from Firefox or Chrome, I would not say there’s anything new and significant that would make you switch over.

If you’re a heavy Chrome user, you’d probably notice that IE9 has adopted a lot of the great features of the browser (which is a good thing but somehow an admission that IE is still behind).


IE9 is definitely better… than IE8, that is. Too bad IE9 doesn’t work on a Mac, yet.

So what’s your verdict on Microsoft IE9?

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56 Responses

  1. Bob Reyes says:

    IE9 remains to be my alternate browser (Firefox is still my default).

  2. chinitoguy says:

    Internet Explorer 9 is nice to use but I prefer Google Chrome still.

  3. YOPINTECH says:

    The browser wars has always brought good stuff for us: All new set of features and significant speed improvements.

    Chrome is my favorite Browser

  4. dan_md says:

    Google chrome for me. Simple and straightforward interface. Powerful engine that runs tabs as separate apps. –> This can be a pain however for inferior-specced PCs.

    IE9 has been simplified and made user-friendly BUT there are things that need improvement:
    1. page tab headings should be positioned BELOW the address bar
    2. opening a new tab should show page preview (rather than text-only) for instinctive recall
    3. incompatibilities with some webpages
    4. should have less items/options the right click-shell

  5. Jeric says:

    Google chrome parin but its a good start and much better than IE8, plus the fact they have support gpu accelerated sites. As for the page tabs, good thing you can set it below the address bar and not on the sides, i also agree regarding the right click option – too many cluttered stuff there. Nevertheless a good start.

    • dan_md says:

      Ah oo nga. Got it. Right click top bar of the browser and tick “show tabs on a spearate row.” They should have set it as default. One more thing I liked about IE9:

      Hovering over taskbar icon shows page previews.

  6. Jay says:

    No thanks. Will stick to Google Chrome & Firefox.

  7. cirrus says:

    I just wanna say… IE 9 Rocks!
    gpu utilization + html5 + faster performance = a whole new web experience!!!

    I bet you have the beta version of ie 9.

  8. papao6 says:

    chrome user here, super ok ang chrome sa akin. pero nung nadownload ko yun IE9, ok din naman cya, mabilis din, pero sanay na ako sa chrome kaya parang secondary browser ko nalang ang IE9

  9. deuts says:

    Okay tong IE9. Meron na akong bagong browser na pwede gamitin pang download ng Firefox at Google Chrome!

  10. manaka_junpei says:

    yung IE9 may awful problem sa akin kaya ina-uninstall ko, pero I prefer Google Chrome is the fastest and best there is

  11. henaryo says:

    for now I’m using IE9 as me default browser and Chrome as secondary.Firefox started failing me!

  12. henaryo says:

    for now I’m using IE9 as my default browser and Chrome as secondary.Firefox started failing me!

  13. Parang kinopya ng IE9 ang simpleng design ng Chrome. But I’m a Firefox user :)

  14. Carl Ordena says:

    Google Chrome is my preferred browser. IE9 is what we say “delayed.” Firefox is my secondary browser.

  15. Les says:

    I don’t mind using IE9 coz it looks very nice on a windows machine and it’s fast too. Just don’t use it with dangerous sites. :)

    By the way I also use Chrome(which is unstable w/Java games) and Firefox(which sometimes pauses while scrolling).

  16. Night says:

    For me Chrome > Firefox > IE

  17. I’ll be using Google Chrome as my default browser. Why? Because it renders JavaScript faster than other browsers while having those great features like sandbox,etc. Though, i have no plans switching to IE9. I’ve included IE9 as my TOP browser for testing on some of my web projects. I’m also interested in future versions of safari, if it happens that safari would beat current GC features. Then i’ll make a move.

    P.S: Webkit browsers are fun. BTW.

  18. E says:

    im still using google chrome, then IE9 then Firefox… di na masyado maganda firefox… pero google parin then next lang ang IE9…

  19. 21 says:

    it’s not compatible on SP1 VISTA.

  20. Gumz says:

    Go for firefox4 then Chrome as alternate.

  21. Teknisyan says:

    I did download IE 9.0 and so far it’s performing better than the previous version. But I only use IE when working, since other browsers cannot be configure to use our tools in the office.


  22. YOPINTECH says:

    IE9 was already released for desktop PCs in a final form, which might suggest that the mobile flavor could be near as well.


  23. watdapak says:

    safari ako e, , jk peace. i use chrome on my windows based pc :)

  24. Salleh says:

    IE9 is great, now my primary browser, Opera next then Chrome. I hate using firefox.

  25. adam says:

    I’m currently using the Firefox 4 RC. Sige na nga mag dodownload na ako ng IE9.

  26. nivla says:

    still my default browser is firefox… second is google crome

  27. Name: cindy says:

    i’ve tried using that ie9 just this past couple of weeks. I would say that its not fit to me. Its a bit slower than firefox that’s why I’ll still stick to firefox browser.

  28. Raypin says:

    No complaints here. IE 9.0 is stable and fast.

  29. I did not download IE 9….I much more excited with the Firefox 4…release today…

  30. razorous says:

    Chrome and still waiting for the Firefox 4. Can’t install IE9. Booo, winxp kasi

  31. Lowell says:

    Netscape Navigator user until version 9 with IE as my alternate browser since version 1. Due to its demise, switch to IE. IE9 covers compatibility based from W3C standard. Guess that is how Microsoft works, “if you can’t beat them, join them!”

  32. Bob Reyes says:

    Perhaps, the best feature of IE9 is the ability to turn Geolocation OFF (Internet Options > Privacy > tick on “Never allow websites to request your physical location”), hence you’ll be able to to watch those YouTube videos currently “not available” to PHL.

  33. florencia says:

    It’s for Windows 7 and Vista users only. I’m still with xp. Haha.

  34. mr. bogus says:

    my top 3 browser:




    ie9 who…???????

  35. StarMars says:

    They’ve made a big mistake by making IE9 available to Windows 7 only.

  36. In my work i use Firefox but in my personal browsing i use chrome, but when i try ie9 it’s good compare to the previous versions.

  37. PingPong says:

    Why bother downloading IE9 into a MAC? Yuga, please…

  38. idlewild says:

    the more i use IE9, the more i’m reminded of how awesome chrome is. IE9 is a big improvement over IE8 though.

  39. vince says:

    me… I prefer Chrome. sa work Firefox, sa mobile Opera.

  40. markem says:

    i still preferred to use chrome.. no thanks for IE9

  41. Paulcy says:

    It is another heavily OS linked browser from IE. This may prove faster but as hacks and exploits are being very common on MS product line, it is not far away for a root kit virus made available by faulty IE9 security.

    A version of the same browser appearing on a different OS is nearly impossible.

  42. Winziph says:

    i guess IE-X will be next in line.

  43. Messie says:

    Boss Abe, may I ask where is the article on the Firefox 4 release?

  44. g0ng says:

    for me
    1. chrome
    2. IE9
    3. rockMelt
    4. Opera

    before my default was Firefox but lately lag na maxado… then i downloaded Firefox 4RC same pa rin, lag na lag…

  45. Jhay says:

    It’s Chrome and Firefox for me. The last time I used IE was version 6, back in 2006 or 07. There’s a slim chance for me to use IE9 because I’ve switched to Ubuntu Linux since 2009. :D

  46. bennix says:

    I am fan of firefox and chrome:)IE comes next.

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  47. k00k says:

    Currently has bad font rendering under Windows 7/Direct2D. Too fuzzy. Parang Firefox 4 din when hardware acceleration (DirectWrite and or Direct2D) is enabled.

    Its a nice modern browser. Brings Microsoft up to date, but not even close to Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

  48. Jacabato says:

    It escapes me that MS to this day cannot make a better browser for their very own Windows OS. IE9 is their best browser ever, no doubt. But it still crashes more frequently on Windows Vista and Windows 7 than Firefox or Chrome! Example – if you update some of your drivers (especially gpu driver) and try to launch IE9 again on Vista 32bit home premium, it will run into a perennial error cycle. On Windows 7 sometimes it launches in a sluggish fashion and would require a restart. Strange when Firefox and Chrome almost never ever does that!

  49. chacha says:

    Try also Firefox 4, its better and same as Chrome now.

  50. frenchy says:

    This is the first IE browser that I fell in love with. I think the pinning sites feature is a smart idea for a browser. And while I’m having frequent crashes with Chrome lately, IE9 makes a great alternative. It’s still to early to tell if I will set it up as my default browser as Firefox 4 just came out and looks more promising.

  51. slabster says:

    i fell in love with it at first but fell out of it after using opera 11, mozilla FF

  52. Dorie says:

    I could never go back to IE. Sure, I could use it for checking up the sites I am developing, but nothing can surpass my likeness for FF and Chrome.

    But I am yet to test FF4. I have a couple of Mozilla addons and I am wondering if it would function just the same.

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