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Poll: Which point-and-shoot camera are you?

In this day and age where digital SLR are the craze and the entry-level units are becoming cheaper, people are starting to drop the point-and-shoot and move up. They’re still here to stay though.

Our poll for this week is — which point-and-shoot camera are you still using?


  • Sony
  • Canon
  • Samsung
  • Kodak
  • Pentax
  • Panasonic
  • Leica
  • Casio
  • Olympus
  • HP
  • Fujifilm
  • Nikon
  • Vivitar

I personally own an Olympus 1050 SW and a Canon Ixus 80 (both of which I very rarely use). I also use a Samsung T100 and a Sony TX1 for review purposes. I have my eyes set on the Sony Cybershot TX5 though. Despite owning a dSLR, I’m looking at a range finder camera for rugged use (more likely for underwater shooting).

I’ve added the new poll on the right side of the navigation bar but you can leave a comment to share which specific model you currently use.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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42 Responses

  1. i dont understand the dLSR craze?
    what is it exactly?

    i always thought it was for professionals so why is it going mainstream now?

    someone please explain to me…. I use a Canon Ixus 80 btw

  2. yuga says:

    @andre -it’s primarily because the price has gone down within the range of the hing-end point-and shoot cameras.

    Take a look at the prices of the Nikon D40, Nikon D60 and the Canon 1000D. They’re even cheaper than a number of point-and-shoot cameras (like the Canon G11).

    So by going for dSLR, people feel they get a much better deal for their money.

  3. Jejo says:

    I use a FujiFilm FinePix as a hand-me-down from my cousin in the states. However, I wasn’t exactly satisfied with its performance so I saved up for a better point-and-shoot. Ended up buying a D60 as it was way within budget.

  4. Patrick says:

    I have, but rarely use, an Olympus 1030 SW underwater camera.

    Am happily using a Canon S3IS at the moment. More than 2 yrs old and it still meets my needs.

  5. Maki says:

    Panasonic Lumix LX3..perfect blogging buddy. :D

  6. Calvin says:

    abe 1050SW ata yung camera mo.

    i use a panasonic lumix ZS1 and can’t wait for my LX3 to arrive. I also have the 1050SW and just like you wants to trade it for a Sony TX5. i also still have my Nikon Coolpix s10 (swivel lens) camera that i rarely use anymore.

  7. Edgar says:

    Sony. Cybershot DSC-T9. Still using it, enough for my needs for now.

  8. MyMaria says:

    Panasonic Lumix LX3, Sony T700, and Casio S880

  9. arnold says:

    I use a Canon Ixus 100IS for food blogging and sometimes when I’m too lazy for unboxing photos and videos…:-)

  10. iamLorenzo says:

    Sony Cybershot DSC-W70

    Been serving its purpose for years. Always comes in handy when I am not carrying my SLR.

  11. ok but aside from being big and large, what is the advantage of a dSLR over a point and shoot?
    are there no compact dSLRs?

  12. Greg says:

    I’m using a Sony T70 now for more than 2 years already. I’m looking forward to getting a better camera, perhaps a Canon IXUS 120.

  13. Bob Reyes says:

    I always have inside my backpack my Kodak CX6330 3.1MP digicam.

  14. Allan Colico says:

    i use a canon SX200is and i love it! wouldnt exchange it for an slr. with its fantastic features and 48x ultra-zoom capability i cant ask for more (for now). anyway, im not a photographer but capturing moments is my hobby. although i admire slr’s pic clarity over the point and shoot, portability is very important for me as i always have my camera wherever i go. i cant fit an slr inside my pocket :)

  15. taz says:

    i have samsung st550/tl550… i have one word to describe it: awesome!

    ay pwede pang isa: cheap! @12300 its a steal… hehehe…

  16. nikolodeon says:

    Dslr = fast shutter, capable of lowlight shooting, sharp images compared to pns

    Its just bulky

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  17. rico says:

    i have a canon a720 is for 2 years.
    future compact to get: Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7 (leica 25-300mm zoom, built-in GPS, aperture/shutter priority (unpopular in pocketable cams), image stabalization avchd lite (panny is one of the best in video category)

    waterproof camera to get: Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS2 (leica 28-128mm zoom, WATERPROOF up to 32ft, SHOCKPROOF 7ft, DUSTPROOF.

    @andre, these advantages of dslr over compacts

    – instant autofocus. no shutter lag as compared to compacts which are painfully slow.
    – higher image quality coz of big sensor
    – low noise even in in higher iso setting
    – interchangeable lens + option to add ext flash
    – more customization controls

    there are also pseudo-dslrs or hybrid cameras (compacts with feature-like of dslrs..but still laggy with fixed zoom lens >non-interchangeable)

    canon g11 is an example.

    pls do more google search like “understanding digital cameras”

  18. Nemo Trinidad says:

    @ andre:

    Well Mr. Rico has already cited a number of features that a dslr will have over your typical point and shoot. You can google for images taken with a dslr and those taken with compact cams and without even knowing a thing about camera specs or photography, you’ll immediately see the disparity in quality

    There are now compact DSLRs, if you heard of micro four-thirds, olympus and panasonic already have models in the market. you can google it again but basically they’re DSLRs in a much more compact body.

  19. jane says:

    I just got the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1 last year and I must say the quality is great in terms of HD video capture and underwater shots. Now I’ve learned this year there is a TS2 out and even better. :)

  20. m0jCraig says:

    i own a Sony Cybershot W220.

    i personally don’t take full advantage of the 12.1MP… i find it good at rush shots and the focus was enough to blend with the image. The noise on enlarged image is one big fail on this camera.

  21. Jam says:

    i super love my Cyber-shot T900! Not only does it take great photos, I can also take HD videos.

    Videocam and camera in one in this little fashion body! love it! :D

  22. jojo says:

    i use canon powershot A560 (almost 4 years w me already) and now i am waiting for the SX20IS i have ordered for my wife…

  23. odnid says:

    i’m still using my sony DSC-T2 touch screen very compact… but im planing to bu DSLR Nikon D5000 bcoz very cheap here in korea..

  24. wentot says:

    I’ve using a Nikon D40 for 3 years now. I am planning to get a smaller camera (Canon G11 or Lumix LX3 or Olympus Pen).

  25. Casio = Cheaper
    Sony = Style
    Canon = Features
    Kodak = Name
    Samsung = Expensive

    So I will go for CANON. They have the best sensor in a dSLR today so I bet big on this company.

    @@@ If ever APPLE will produce a camera in future, then I will really2 to call them FEELERS. Think they got an innovations on their products, especially on their iPhone 3G? No they didnt, they are USING CCD sensors, only Apple uses these today, CMOS are on the run.

  26. MIKE says:

    In this day and age, most of us don’t need separate camera because smartphone like samsung i8910 has good quality cam already. 8mp wl high definition cam len can produce quality pics. So, you can save money & besides convergence is buzzword these days. Smartphone is all-in-one device and we always carry around while dslr cam is very incovenient and hassle for us.

  27. Ton says:

    Canon s90. Looks good. Think manly ixus.

    Used a canon s60 with underwater Canon housing to 120ft underwater. The camera worked. The housing worked. The photography didn’t. Like anything else in photography; gear is one thing, skill is another :)

  28. @bi3L says:

    I’m using a sony CyberShot DSC-W55, which I rarely use. Still trying to learn the full potential of a Canon 50D. :-D

    If you want a compact camera that has a DSLR feature, you can go for what they call hybrid like canon G11 or the new Samsung TL500, which at first glance looks like the Canon G11… hmm…


  29. melardenio says:

    I have my kodak 1085IS…yun lang kasi pwede kong bilin pero ok naman yung mga shots HD na din naman sya.

    I like the dSLR kaso wala pang budget kaya sa point and shoot muna ako nag mamaster..

  30. asuseroako says:

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 and Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35

  31. Im using Olympus digital camera, fast and with very sharp pictures

  32. JohnLloy says:

    Lumix FS4 user here :)

  33. Kenneth says:

    Sony DSC-T300 owner. It’s been with me for I think two years.

  34. Doodles says:

    I can’t bring my Nikon d60 everytime so I rely mostly on my Sony T9. Very handy. Could shoot video as well for those casual moments. For macro shooting, I rely on a very old Olympus C-750, circa 2004 camera. It’s only 4megapixel but it shoots supermacro. Can bring the camera lens an inch close to the subject. That would do until I get a macro lens for my D60.

  35. 1timnatupa says:

    sony w300. takes excellent photos and i’ve thrown it and dropped it but it still works and nary a scratch on it’s titanium body.

  36. Jeremiah says:

    sony w110 with underwater casing and sony hx1 for great panoramic shots =)

  37. rod says:

    g11. High quality photos without the size of a dSLR.

  38. marcpodi says:

    sony cybershot t90… ok yung touch focus nya..

  39. teri says:

    its my first time to get my lumix ts1 on the beach&pool this week and shots are great, bad side is it went dead on me on my last day, and when i inspected it, droplets of water was visible inside the battery door.. anyone knows a service center for panasonic? please help, just had this for 2 months :( thanks alot!

  40. karissa says:

    I don’t know if this is true for everyone..but it’s really not the camera..it’s the one taking the pictures..^_^
    I use a canon powershot a1000is..still not a high end point and shoot cam but i can still produce photos that are dslr like.
    it all comes down on how you maximize the potential of your handy-dandy digital cam ^_^
    though i’d still go for nikon when it comes to dslr..have a d60 for special events ^_^

  41. ervie says:

    i’m searching for a nice dslr not more than 40k what’s the best dslr for beginners that you can suggest to me so far. i do have my pentax point and shoot and its good also. i want a pentax slr but i’m looking for something comparable or way better than pentax.

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