OPPO F9 and F9 Pro to sport more than one rear camera?

OPPO F9 and F9 Pro to sport more than one rear camera?

OPPO‘s upcoming selfie smartphone is not too far away as the F9 and F9 Pro were Bluetooth certified.

In a listing we retrieved from the Bluetooth official website, OPPO has certified the Bluetooth 4.2 technology that are used for some of its recently released smartphones including the F7, F7 Youth, Realme 1, and the R15. In the same listing, the company has also certified in advance the several variants of the F9 and what seems to be an upcoming F9 Pro.


Indian-based blogs dealntech has also spotted what seems to be the F9’s teaser image (posted above) which highlights key features — this time, a dual or triple rear camera setup — in a similar fashion we’ve seen the F7 teasers with. At this rate, the blog deduces that the phone may launch earlier than expected, as early as August, with information it had from its sources.

The F7 series of smartphones featured single-camera setups both at the front and rear, and OPPO releases the F-series of phones on a six-month cycle which is normally during the March-April and October-November season. Will the selfie smartphone brand break its traditional cycle and offer the OPPO F9 (and F9 Pro) earlier than expected? We’ll keep tabs on this.

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