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The 2008 Blog Traffic Stats

It has been a great year on YugaTech and I saw steady growth in traffic, subscribers and advertisers on the blog for the whole of 2008. Here’s hoping I’d be able to do the same if not better effort this 2009.


For the whole year of 2008, the blog attracted close to 1.2 Million absolute unique visitors and generating 2.7 Million pageviews with an average time spent of 2:06 minutes on the blog. That’s a 200% growth in visitors and 214% in pageviews compared to 2007.

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Realme Philippines

Of the lot, 21% of the visitors are returning and 79% are new ones with 62% of the readership from the Philippines. RSS subscribers hover around 4,900 and though I can’t remember what the number was 12 months ago, I’m pretty sure it was more than double. It could have been higher had I not lost about 1,200 subscribers when I migrated to Google from Feedburner.

(Updated) Since some of you asked, revenues from this blog has more than doubled from last year. Income from AdSense had a 12% increase despite a 45% drop in CTR. The lower CTR was due to additional banner ad placements. The biggest improvement is in direct ad sales — we booked over a dozen corporate sponsors which added 118% more from the AdSense revenues. That makes direct advertising on this blog as the main source of income.

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My largest traffic referrers this year were from forums like PhilMug, TipidPC, EeePH and PinoyExchange. This is mostly due to my gadget coverage and reviews.

2008 was a great year for this blog and I have to partly thank my readers and sponsors for that. I hope 2009 will present itself as a much better year. Happy New Year to all!

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Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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13 years ago

I’m planning to apply for Google Adsense. Any tips you can give me? I will really appreciate it.


13 years ago

Oo nga, cguradong malaki ang kita.

Sana mas lumaki pa yung kita ngayong 2009

I Blog All

13 years ago

Wow! That’s is very huge traffic in there. Congrats!

13 years ago

Wow, great stat. very impressive. I hope I can make it too. :)

Bryan Karl dot Com Earning, Blogging, Tips and More
13 years ago

You are very successful in what you do. You are truly a Pinoy blogger’s inspiration.

13 years ago

Congrats! Now, who can say that this year is not good for an online business? Your amazing stats will be a great motivation for all of us next year.

Keep coming!

13 years ago

Congratulations Master YugaTech!

13 years ago

Woohoo nice! I was one of the major posters who linked to yugatech from EeePH.

More power!

13 years ago


Andre Marcelo-Tanner
13 years ago

pssst how bout earningswise? :)

13 years ago

nice yuga!! you deserved it!

anyway how about your Adsense earning? for sure it grows rapidly!

Happy New Year!

13 years ago

Cheers for a better year on technology in the Philippines and beyond! :)

13 years ago

Astig! ang laki siguro ng kinikita mo. More power and luck sa 2009.

13 years ago

Awesome! Happy new year master Abe!

13 years ago

Nice stats. Happy New Year Abe!

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