The 2009 YugaTech Traffic Stats Report

The 2009 YugaTech Traffic Stats Report

Exactly a year ago today, just before the year 2008 ended, I posted the blog’s traffic stats as a sort of reminder to myself and to set higher goals for 2009. In the same tradition, I’m posting my 2009 traffic stats report hours before the New Year.

This year, all expectations were exceeded as the blog hit over 6 million pageviews (6,298,815 to be exact) from 3.48 million visits (over 2.5 million absolute unique visitors). That’s a a 133% growth in traffic alone. Time spent on site went a few seconds longer at 2:15 with 73% of the visitors discovering YugaTech for the first time.


As for RSS readership, numbers grew from 4,900 subscribers last year to 16,600 this year — a 239% growth in subscriber base.


This year, we also introduced the YugaTech iPhone App and in the last 35 days on the iTunes App Store, it has been actively used in more than 330 iPhone/iPod Touch devices. I’m hoping to bump that number to at least 3,000 by end of next year.

The gadget reviews continue to be the biggest crowd drawer for the blog. Here are the top 10 gadget reviews for 2009:

  1. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic: 123,945 pageviews
  2. Samsung Star S5233: 104,506 pageviews
  3. LG Cookie KP500: 90,979 pageviews
  4. HP Mini 2140: 32,092 pageviews
  5. Acer Aspire One AO751: 24,506 pageviews
  6. Sony Vaio P: 23,320 pageviews
  7. Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2: 19,705 pageviews
  8. LG Arena KM900: 19,230
  9. HP Mini 1109TU: 17,387 pageviews
  10. LG KS360: 17,210 pageviews

Top referring sites include, Facebook, Twitter, then StumbleUpon. There’s also, TipidPC, Plurk, PhilMug and TopPhilippineWebsites.

I hope that I’d be able to continue this growth in 2010. My personal goal is 1 million pageviews a month. *hehe*

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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39 Responses

  1. whaâ„¢ says:

    congrats sir yuga!!! your the best.. keep up the good review. happy new year.

  2. paynjo says:

    Woohoo congrats sir Abe! Great way to end the year; A lot more to look forward to the next. Happy new year! :)

  3. jerb says:

    Congrats abe. You’re one of the country’s most successful blogger. How much did you earn this year? Balato naman jan,lol:)

  4. Jeff says:

    Congrats! More power to you for 2010!

  5. -anton- says:

    Naks! Congrats! Great things happen to good people!

  6. marvin says:

    wow! kakainggit naman ,”

  7. Slymedia says:

    WOW!!! Stats speaks for itself… In the Philippines you’re the number 1! Kudos!!! ^_^ \m/

  8. NemOry says:

    wow auz kpla tlga mg run ng site mu sir my iph0ne ako o ip0d cgur0 matatry q na ung yuga app.hehe.hapi newyear

  9. Onynz says:

    Congrats Sir yuga!

    Wish you all the best and the most page views this coming 2010…

    Happy New Year!

  10. chok says:


  11. frocks says:

    congratulations! and a very happy new year!:)

  12. laurence says:

    congrats sir yuga..we’ll continue to support you..happy 2010…….=)

  13. Bless says:

    Congrats! God Bless

  14. jojo says:

    Happy New Year

  15. Pedro says:

    Happy New Year Sir. More power…

  16. MannyV says:

    Congrats, Abe!

    Want more traffic and pageviews? Try adding a podcast to, then submit your RSS feed to podcast directories. :-)

  17. simplynice93 says:

    Happy New Year sir! Sana more cellphones and netbook reviews. More power yugatech!

  18. Mat says:

    Well deserve ang stats, congratulations!

  19. Sanctuarian06 says:

    Congruatulation! A good look forward for you and for your website. Godbless! Keep it up Sir Abe!

  20. JeffZ says:

    Congratz master yuga.. lolobo pa yan in 2010.. :D

    Cheers to future gadget reviews.. Sana may reviews na for other AV electronics and DSLR’s.. :D

  21. Vic says:

    Congrats Abe! Happy New Year! :-D

  22. Edgar says:

    Well deserved, sir Abe. Gadget reviews are all over the net, but you have an advantage since your page has a local pulse. Remember the RFID? That drew a lot of comments, not about the device – but the way it was forced on us. That Bureau of Customs issue was an interesting read also, with all the flak thrown in by the readers to the Bureau.

    This only shows that all of us can relate to your blog, tech/gadget geeks or not.

    Congrats, sir Abe! Happy New Year to all!

  23. iCE says:

    your the best yuga! hope i can reach that traffic :D Happy New Year!!!

  24. Nice to see how topblogs sends a lot of traffic your way, its definitely a good source of qualified traffic :)

  25. i wonder when you’ll start posting revenue stats to show how and how much you earn vs traffic :)

  26. bax says:

    wow…just discovered this site last 2009. Looking forward for great reviews this new year. congrats.

  27. Patrick says:

    Congratulations sir Abe! Always been a loyal follower of your blog. Hope you get to achieve your goals for 2010. Happy new year!

  28. hello po sir! great stats! sana aku din magka-stats ng ganyan :)

  29. Shoeb says:

    I hope your RSS viewers will go up, but as an expat from North America.. I can tell you that if the carriers are as shoddy as Smart/Globe with data connections, that number will not go up.

    So, rally for proper data connectivity on the cellphone carriers, and then even BlackBerry will introduce it’s App World along with a host of other mobile connectivity applications.

    Till then, this future looks bleak.

  30. fjordz says:

    congrats sir! More for 2010!

  31. wow… di malayo yung 1 mil views per month… your site is still growing… baka nga mas madami pa ang page views mo sa ibang big portal dyan.. :)

    If I can even reach just 10% for your page view per month… then masaya na ako!!! :)

  32. wow… di malayo yung 1 mil views per month… your site is still growing… baka nga mas madami pa ang page views mo sa ibang big portal dyan.. :)

    If I can even reach just 10% for your page view per month… then masaya na ako!!! :)

  33. Cendrick says:

    Hi Sir Abe! Congrats!!!
    I regularly visit your blog and was inspired to have one too. I started this last Nov09 at your ploghost.It’s not about gadgets,technology but about accounting(CPA Profession). I wish I could have the same traffic as yours. hehe..

    Again, Congrats po!!!

  34. christian says:

    wow! very nice!! I always see you on TV!! You’re a certified cool blogger and a celebrity too! :D

  35. bigjoe says:

    I love my LG Cookie

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