5 Apps To Help Prepare the Perfect Valentine's Day Celebration

5 Apps To Help Prepare the Perfect Valentine’s Day Celebration

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away. Perhaps some already have plans and some don’t, but whatever your game is, you deserve to have the perfect day possible. Here are 5 apps we know that can help you have a memorable February 14th.


It’s a fact that road traffic around the Metro is a pain in the ass. So, outsmarting it is definitely a good move to start off any day, especially when you’re going on a date. That’s what Waze is for. It’s known to be a good road companion for the past years, helping everyone to avoid heavy traffic and discover new routes. You can’t afford to be late, right?


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Don’t have your own place? For sure there are a lot of hotels around ranging from cheap to fancy ones, but staying in a hotel is a mainstream idea. Why not check out what Airbnb has to offer? There are a number of good rooms offered in Airbnb and even cheaper than most known hotels. Around Manila, you can stay at a premier condo, or check out some rest houses for rent out of town. Possibly, what makes Airbnb stays apart from usual hotels is the freedom of cooking, if your place has a kitchen. Isn’t it sweeter to cook for your loved ones?


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Prefer to eat out? Want to try out a new restaurant around the corner? Be sure to check it out at Looloo first. With Looloo, you can browse from a number of restaurants. There are listed categories to help you choose which type of place you’d wish to eat out. Also, Looloo is not limited to restaurants. You can also read reviews of places like salons, cinemas, night spots, and more!



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Maybe you just want to stay at home and watch some Netflix (or iFlix or Hooq) but eating fast-food is out of the question. Restaurants don’t offer delivery services, or do they? With Foodpanda, you can choose from a wide selection of restaurants. It could be Thai, Chinese, Italian, Filipino, etc. Just search for what you want and Foodpanda will have your desired food right at your doorstep. A usual delivery fee of P30 is nothing compared to squeezing yourself out in the traffic.


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Still don’t have a date for Valentine’s? Well, Tinder could be a help with your single status issue. For those who are still now aware of such matchmaking apps, Tinder is a place where you judge people from their photos meticulously swipe through photos. These profiles are Facebook connected which makes users less likely to be a poser and lets you see how both parties are well acquainted. Swipe right, swipe left and swipe up away.


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If you have any particular apps you want to share, hit the comments section below. Here’s to wishing everyone a pleasant and happy Valentine’s.

This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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