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Fast Five: Top GPS-based Games You Should Play Today

We know you’re hyped up with the new Pokemon Go, and the whole premise of the game is to catch ’em all in any location possible. Want to try this whole radius-based augmented reality concept out? In this Fast Five, we give you more reasons to prepare as we list down the top GPS-based games you can play on your mobile device today.


It’s quite hard imagining the whole premise of the Pokemon Go app on the streets of the metro — you could be catching a Koffing along EDSA, or a Muk near a Poso Negro — the possibilities are endless, we guess. As we share with you the excitement we have with the forthcoming app, there have been other games that bear the similar characteristic of punching blows with your surrounding radius as its main core.

Ingress (Android, iOS)


Niantic Labs isn’t a newbie in making GPS-based games such as Pokemon Go, as it has one awesome game under its portfolio — the acclaimed Ingress. In this game, you become an agent who is given a chance to choose a faction (Enlightened or Resistance) and compete against the other team to hack portals, link them, and create huge fields. This game has a good following here in the country, and you’d be surprised with the number of portals there are around.

Landlords (AndroidiOS)


If you’re one who always win that Monopoly board game, then this is the next step to becoming the next virtual millionaire. Available only on the iOS platform, Landlords is a game loosely based on the board franchise as it lets you purchase establishments you have already checked in with your Facebook or Foursquare account. You can also upgrade your places with additional perks to increase your virtual earnings.

Zombies, Run! (Android)


Running is fun. Running with Zombies? More fun! We don’t literally mean those ghouls literally chasing you off the streets, but rather an augmented audio and trail experience induced by Zombies, Run!, an app designed to enhance your rather boring run off another track. Too bad the free version ain’t gonna cover a longer track, so in-app purchases may be necessary.

Walkr: Fitness Space Adventure (Android, iOS)


If there’s an app that encourages you to run, there’s certainly one for those who opt for slower walks. Walkr uses your GPS coordinates and your steps while with the phone as a way to recharge your in-game energy while creating your own galaxy full of planets and creatures.

Resources Game (Android)


Rounding up our list is a game solely available for the Android platform. Resources uses a bit of your economic skills in scanning deposits and building facilities that would help you create more resources. Sounds boring? It’s a multiplayer game, and other online players can steal from your newly-created areas and even steal your land. With that, you can hire in-game workers to bolster up your defense and, in turn, attack other players’ mines too.

Don’t you want to try these ones, too? Do check them out on your respective app stores for availability. Keep in mind that most of these games do require your GPS coordinates, so you’d probably see a quicker battery drain than the usual. Have we missed out any other great GPS-based game? Do drop them at the comments area, and we (or I) will try them!

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