BlackBerry Max on Globe Super Surf

BlackBerry Max on Globe Super Surf

When I first got the news about Globe’s Super Surf on BlackBerry Max, I was a bit confused since there’s already Super Surf for BlackBerry for some time now, just like on any other handset.

Maybe it was just a re-branding of sorts but the pricing schedule seems different and the one for BlackBerry Max is more expensive by at least Php300 per month.

Turns out, the two are different from each other and this is explained best on their FAQ:


Both Super Surf for BlackBerry and Super Surf for BlackBerry MAX offer unlimited data plans that will enable you to email, chat and browse as long as you want on your BlackBerry handset. However, Super Surf for BlackBerry only covers surfing on BlackBerry APN which limits surfing to BlackBerry-connect sites and does not cover video streaming or using the service as a modem. Subscription fees are P1,200/30 days, P220/5 days, P50/day.

Super Surf for BlackBerry MAX, on the other hand, covers unlimited surfing on both BlackBerry and Internet APN. It covers unlimited access to internet and unlimited BlackBerry access (using BlackBerry messenger, push email etc.). Subscription fees are P1,500/30 days, P300/5 days.

The Super Surf for BlackBerry MAX will be available starting May 21, 2010 – August 18, 2010.

Regular Postpaid subscribers may just text BB MAX ON (Php1,500 for 30 days) or BB MAX 300 (Php300 for 5 days) and wait for the SMS confirmation with terms and conditions. For My Super Plan subscribers, just text MYBB MAX ON (Php1500 for 30 days) or MYBB MAX 300 (Php300 for 5 days) and wait for the SMS confirmation with terms and conditions.

To opt out, just text BB MAX OFF (for Regular Postpaid) or MYBB MAX OFF (for My Super Plan).

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20 Responses

  1. BlackBerry Max on Globe Super Surf is Php1,500/month unlimited:

  2. whats the difference? really?

  3. yuga says:

    @andre – you can use your BB to tether to your laptop for free with BB Max.

  4. ed says:

    Wow to be connected 24/7 comes with a hefty price already, oh well that doesnt matter much with bb users i guess:)

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  5. Jon says:

    Really costly. Ouch. I was expecting much lower prices for data plans, due to the introduction of a horde of affordable smarphones, but heck, they just seem to go north.

    I’ve been ranting about this here for quite sometime now. lol. I just really see a huge market that needs to be explored. I mean, there are quite a number of people who have at least GPRS or EDGE phones, why not capitalize on that.

    Leave DSL, Cable, or maybe WiMax to take care of residential connections. Focus more on mobile internet access to be more affordable.

  6. markmarcelo0210 says:

    BlackBerry is so cool!

  7. anj says:

    i’m on super surf for blackberry.
    will i be charged in addition if im using google maps?

  8. Miguel says:

    @anj Should be no extra charge, Google Maps uses BIS (BlackBerry APN for the tunnel through RIM’s servers)

  9. dongv says:

    no BB Max for prepaid users?

  10. nero says:

    nu meron sa blackberry na wla sa ibang phone?? pa answer po. (i mean, ung best features nito)

  11. Smart’s free plan has a BlackBerry APN also not limited to BB Connect sites…
    tethering i dunno, sounds like a plan to charge more for whats already available

  12. eldie21 says:

    ang gara naman. mas mganda pa ata un smart e. sa globe limited ang gamit, di pa pwede mgstreaming.

  13. WOZNIAK says:

    I hope that there will be a cheaper SuperSurf for my iPhone 3GS…

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  14. tonimarie says:

    so im just wondering, this is just cool when youtube is on the side. so how am i going to switch from my super surf to this super surf max thing?? im w/ bb9000..

  15. Maye says:

    could it be one of the reasons why i cant open videos in youtube? it was perfectly fine when im using OS4. but after upgrading to OS5, videos won’t play anymore…

  16. Maye says:

    So ayan… di ako nagbasa ng mabuti. Dahil sa pesteng APN na yan… yung bill ko nasa 5k. Ano ba naman malay ko sa APN? Pesteng Globe.

  17. ettenoj says:

    sana meron rin sa mga ibang mobile like samsung galaxy s. kahit yung supersurf+call and text unlimited for 1 month s mga prepaid suscriber.
    they wont allow more than 1k naman kasi for postpaid sa mga students eh.

  18. nitz says:

    Ano dapat ang APN settings kung Blackberry supersurf lang ang gamit? ba? ngayon lang sinabi ng globe kung kelan mataas na bill ko.. :s

  19. bartoiul says:

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