Globe bares GoSurf at 5GB Mobile Internet + LTE

Globe bares GoSurf at 5GB Mobile Internet + LTE

Due to that Unli-LTE or Unli-Data brouhaha from the last couple of months, there has been a lot of complaints regarding the Fair Use Policy implemented by Globe. To address this mis-information, it looks like they’re now calling it the way it should be.

So instead of the Unli-Internet or the Unli-Data being offered as a base service to mobile postpaid plans, they’re placing the data cap right front and center.


Hence, the previous Unli-Data which has been redefined by their FUP as 3GB of LTE then unlimited access to the 2G network is now a standard.

Subscribers will be offered a GoSurf plans which is basically 5GB of LTE plus unlimited access to the EDGE network after the allocation is consumed. It’s still basically unlimited access to their data network, only that you’ll be transferred to the slower network once you’ve consumed 5GB of data.

This move has been bared along with the announcement of the full Samsung Galaxy S5 postpaid plans.

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72 Responses

  1. phonebuddy says:

    Ayos na nasa tamang timpla. 5GB on the go is decent enough bsta tama din sana ang speed.

  2. hays says:

    ok sana kung mabilis yung 2g nila.. eh ang website di mag load.. di ka man lang makapag update sa social network.. USELESS din yung 2g nila..

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      Never namang bumilis ang 2G ah. It’s a standard that defines wireless mobile technology that can deliver up to 120kbps of speed.

      Yung perception mo sa 2G ang mali.

    • Abutroll says:

      Max speed for edge is 384 Kbps and if you’ve tried a solid 128 Kbps DSL connection in the early 2000, you can still do a lot of things. The 2G speed in most areas nowadays are useless since it can not even do a quick google search. That was his point. You didn’t get do you?

    • Mmafighter says:

      Mahina talaga pumick-up yang si suncell. Wag na kayo magsayang ng oras kakaexplain.

    • Mobiline says:

      Sasabihan lang kayo nyan ng what’s the argument.. Haha

  3. mutt0mbu says: T.erm E.dge for the F.ckd U.p P.lan!

  4. sinned says:

    Sounds good to all new subscriber.How about the existing ‘unli data’ postpaid subscriber? Will they offer this or force it to all? And it only says “LTE”, how about my 1yr Note 2 3G?

  5. futuristic globe says:

    Is there a way for them to tell the remaining data that is left with these offerings? Transparency and honesty still count in this modern age even in big business like this.

    2G speed in the PH? much better pa dial up network during the 1990s usable sya noon………. haaaaaiiiiisssttsss

    to the executives of Globe and Smart, hinbi ba kayo nahihiya sa ibang telco sa ibang bansa? are you aiming for the BEST o pwede na sa inyo yung “pwede na” or basta kumikita kayo ok lang? malamang ganun na nga. hostage naman ang mga pinoy sa inyo….

  6. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    should be 5gb LTE then unli 3g. 2g is quite pathetic ~_~.

  7. Lester says:

    Buti pa ang smart. naka prepaid ako unli999 wa to sawa sa download. super bilis pa!

  8. roldan says:

    I call up globe telecom about this and they know nothing about it.

  9. kickers says:

    nde nmn ito ung nsa contrct n inavail nmin dati. kung alam ko lang n mging gnito pla dapt iba nlng ung plan n kinuha ko. pwde sana to kung ibaba din nila cost ng plan….

  10. Hay… I think this is a good option as long as Globe will assure us that superb LTE speeds will be maintained and more places will be covered by LTE.

  11. Mir says:

    ung Cap b sa LTE lng? minsan lng kxe ngging LTE ung akin sa Globe palagin H+ at consistent 5-8Mbps minsan nga nsa 13mbps pa. at nsa 30+GB data usage na ako. from march 7 hanggng ngaun lng un. dti nga buong feb e 50GB

  12. roiji says:

    5GB LTE.. So if you stay in only in 3G, you won’t eat up your data cap?

  13. Lito says:

    Ang title, “Globe bares GoSurf at 5GB Mobile Internet + LTE,” then sa baba, ” 5GB of LTE plus unlimited access to the EDGE network .”

    So ano ba talaga?

  14. daytrader says:

    It’s not exactly BARED if it’s in FINE PRINT.

    And tumawag ako sa Globe, WALA daw ganyan chief.

    • Chrismun says:

      expect mo na medyo may katangahan ang mga CSR ng Globe. Sir Abe you should report this to Globe. Dapat updated iyong mga CSR nila. Minsan kasi subscribers pa yung may alam kesa sa kanila,.

    • Epstein says:

      you can’t blame them kasi third party company din may hawak ng call center nila

  15. vince says:

    so essentially this is what happened

    globe the chicken farmer was caught selling a container with the label “dozen eggs” at the price of a dozen eggs, but it only contained 6 eggs. They responded by changing the label to “half dozen eggs”

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      Which is technically correct. Eh ano pong pinaglalaban natin dito? haha

    • Abubot says:

      @suncell – di mo nagets yung point nya. Ang engers mo!

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      As I said, it’s technically correct na palitan ni Globe “the chicken farmer” yung label ng egg trays niya to the correct amount of eggs inside.

      But is it ethically correct to do that? That’s another issue. Di mo ako madadaan sa ka-conyohan mo. Engers? Well ikaw, engot! :p

    • Abubot says:

      @suncell – you still didn’t get it. You’re hopeless!

    • Hainaku says:

      Ang bobo nung suncell. Ang simple simple ginagawang kumplikado.

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      ^ Then make me get it! Where’s your argument? WALA, ZERO, NADA, NGANGA! hahaha

    • MagPASIKAT says:

      @Suncell bayaan mo na yang mga yan. bumabaril pero wala namang bala. lumipat nalang kayo sa Suncell haha!

    • Abubot says:

      Hopeless case na to…

  16. linton says:

    Here in Zamboanga we dnt have LTE. We only have 3G, after we use the 5G data, we have to endure being in the 2G Bandwidth. No LTE, only 3G then 2G?

  17. consumisyon says:

    isunod na to sa meralco , ireklamo na to sa NTC at DOJ at DOE para malaman natin kung tinatamad na naman ang gobyerno….

    mag ingay tayu lahat…

  18. poop them says:

    kaya pinaterminate ko na ang plan ko sa globe na yan kahit di pa tapos kesa mag suffer hanggang mag finish contract ako. favor sa knila un kasi may pretermination sila.

  19. Mirror says:

    i think what was mentioned above in a simpler context is that unlimited LTE will be offered for the first 5GB of data for a month, and when it’s already consumed, then 2g kind of speed will then be offered. I guess this is worser than the 1 GB/day allocation. I hope it’s 5GB/day and not for a month. The “period” mentioned in the article didn’t specify of the duration of time.
    Which is it? a month or for a day? if it’s for a day, then it’s already a great deal!

  20. Ernesto says:

    Sa ads ng Globe for iPhone 5s ang linaw ng nakalagay na Unli LTE hindi Unli Internet. There’s a big difference between the two. lTE is actually pertaining to the speed so pag ngthrottle ma sila ng speed misinformation na yan False Advertisement. Do you agree with me Abe?

    Here’s the ad that I’m pertaining to

  21. Nick says:

    Unfair pa rin. Whats the point of having unli data when we are limited by the amount of data we are downloading? When Globe upgraded its infra, it should have anticipated this amount of volume: higher speeds mean more data at as shorter span of time.
    This is the cost that we have to pay as consumers because of almost a monopoly in our telecom industry.

  22. MgaPasikat says:

    5GB is enough for mobile computing. Pag nasa bahay ka may DSL naman for heavy download, pagnasa office ka may wifi naman dun. Wag mo sabihin isa kayo sa mga pasikat na nagiinternet at nagyoyoutube pagnasa byahe? Maholdap sana cellphone nyo!

    Intindihin ang practical application ng mobile internet. Sana nga lumipat na kayo lahat ng abusado sa Smart. Im sure ung mga gumagamit ng mobile internet for work related na mga bagay mas matutuwa pag wala na yang mga pasikat na mga abusadong yan!!!

    • huh? says:

      then what’s the point having a LTE technology kung ganyan lang din gagawin mo.

      Youre talking bullshit here. Kugn ganyan lang din yung analogy nila, they should stick to 3G and improve it. 3G pa nga lang eh palpak na sila. And they also stop producing smart phones (no phun intended) kung basic data services lang gagamitin mo. Then they intoruducing pa yung LTE na hindi naman nila ma maintain sa sobrang dami ng subscriber nila. Worst pa yung GPRS/EDGE nila halos hindi magamit.

    • Lolz says:

      @Huh? For business users voice & video conference, skype, gotomeeting, webex, faster turn by turn navigation.

      All of which needs a smartphone and fast internet connection but does not consume 5gb month even if used regularly.

      Lipat ka na lang sa Smart tutal mukhang isa ka sa mga pasikat

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      @huh kasi lagi mong iniisip “para saan ang LTE” kung ganito, ganyan. Hindi mo inisip yung “para saan ang DSL” “para saan ang FTTH”.


    • Ngi! says:

      So ganun na lang? Di na nila iimprove services nila? Tayo ang mag-aadjust dahil di nila kayang mag-improve, ganun?

  23. Siphone says:

    Smart CSR said na pag na-reach na yung cap sa LTE, it will be one-step down to 3G or H+.. Meaning unlimited ka na sa 3G or H+ and not in 2G…

  24. MrPhabletBulacan says:

    So asan ang plan para sa UNLIMITED 3G ONLY. huwag na mag 4G LTE tutal piste ka oras na maubos mo yung ALLOCATED DATA. Para sa mga heavy users na kailangan ng true unlimited service kahit di masyadong mabilis yung tipong 3Mb sapat na basta continuous. LTE is stupid, lahat ng bansa cay capping! Anhin mo mag drive ng mabilis na ferrari kung sampung kanto lang wala na gas, balik na lang tayo sa honda city na madaming gas at kahit ilocos mararating mo.

  25. SunCell Subscriber says:

    What’s ironic is that SMART was the first to set its deadline for their Unli LTE (which of course, got pushed further due to competition), and GLOBE kept on promoting that Unli LTE will stay and should cost no more than 3G.

    Now, GLOBE officially ends their own race by unveiling the “GoSURF” plan. Susunod naman kaya ang SMART? We’ll see :)

  26. Critic says:

    There’s no such thing as unlimited. Lahat may hangganan. The real issue here is how much do we really need and how much they can really provide.

  27. Abubot says:

    With unlimited, it’s the physics that breaks it. If you allow unlimited usage, you will eventually run out of gas.

  28. lala says:

    si Suncell taga-globe yan kunwari lang yan…
    Di pa kagad magiimplement ng FUP si Smart kasi nakikinabang pa sya sa mga naloko ni Globe.
    Pero atleast ngayun tama na offer ni Globe pero syempre malay natin after 3 months gagawin nya 1Gb yang 5Gb offer nya pag may nabenta na sya.(ehehe bitter lang pero may possibility)

    PS: inooffer naman talaga ang “unlimited” services and products like unlimited rice ng Mang Inasal. Wala na silang pakielam dapat dun kung may matabang taong malakas magrice na sasabihan nilang hanggang 10 extra rice lang pede kasi abusado na sya!

    • Abubot says:

      I disagree, magooffer lang sila ng unlimited extra rice while they have their resources so kung magstay ka dun ng 24×7 and wala ng crew, stop na ang unlimited rice mo. Also, pag wala na silang rice sa storage di sila oorder ng rice just for you. The keyword is as long as they have resources. As far as I know, there’s no such thing as unlimited resources. Lahat may hangganan.

  29. curious says:


    Gusto ko lang po mag-comment na mas maganda i-confine ang “unlimited” context to something intangible since that is the scope of what globe really offers.

    I think Globe (and any other telco) can indeed offer unlimited data services since that service is basically just an interface to the “theoretically” unlimited data that one can consume from the internet. So, I think included challenges for any telco, not only Globe, are the proper and sufficient equipments to offer unlimited data services, and proper technological knowledge of how to optimize said equipments according to intended purpose.

    Very clearly, sa mga factors na yan meron pagkukulang ang Globe. I think it’s correct to say na Globe bit more than it could chew. Marami at mahaba ang mg possible routes sa mga ideas and personal sentiments nating mga subscribers but I just wanted to share my 10 cents.

  30. lala says:

    @Abubot: Kumpanya na pinag-uusapan natin dito at may maraming ISIP gumagana dyan. Inooffer usually ang “unlimited” kasi kaya nila iprovide meaning may resources din. Tignan mo 2G ng Globe, UNLIMITED di ba?

    Better point is lahat may exception, disclaimer etc. (di ko lam tawag usually yung mga may asterisk)
    Sample nga is closing nila is ganito, or sa mga buffet unlimited pero up to 3 hours stay lang and bawal magtira, blah blah blah. Walang masama sa FUP ni Globe ganun naman ginagawa mostly. Yung implementation lang ako nagdisagree kasi nahanapan nila ng butas na pwede sya iimplement dun sa mga existing!

    PS ulit: Hwag mong sabihing bat di ako magDSL kung heavy user ako. First is pagbabayarin nila ako pretermination. 2nd is bago ako kumuha tested ko na hindi bumababa sa 20Mbps dito malapit Makati (noon T_T). 3rd may libreng phone.

  31. Miria says:


    Globe Galaxy S5 = 5GB LTE
    Smart Galaxy S5 = UNLIMITED

    I chose the wrong network.

  32. Greg says:

    I can’t believe the stupidity of Globe! I just got off the phone with a globe rep because I asked if I can avail of the gosurf plan. Guess what? Di daw pwede kasi naka “mybestever” plan 1799 ako with Supersurf 999. Di daw ako qualified kasi di daw pwede terminate yung Supersurf 999 ko and palitan ng Gosurf 999! Tanga!

  33. teemo says:

    yugatech parang wrong yung info na provided nyo
    Subscribers will be offered a GoSurf plans which is basically 5GB of LTE plus unlimited access to the EDGE network after the allocation is consumed. It’s still basically unlimited access to their data network, only that you’ll be transferred to the slower network once you’ve consumed 5GB of data.
    here’s why
    What happens after I use up my MB allocation?

    For Prepaid customers, your succeeding internet connections will be charged P5 for 15 minutes unless you register again to a mobile data promo.

    For Postpaid customers, your succeeding internet connections will be charged P2 per MB. Postpaid GoSurf comes with a no bill shock guarantee that ensures GoSurf customers on GoSurf999 and below that they will not pay more than P1,500 for data monthly. Customers on GoSurf 1799 and GoSurf2499 promo plans will not pay more than P3,000 for data monthly.
    Will I experience slower speeds if I exceed my GoSurf MB allocation for the month?

    No, you will not experience slower speeds if you exceed your GoSurf plan’s MB allocation.


  34. teemo says:

    ito po yung explanation ng csr. Iba po ito sa pagkaka intindi ko but nevertheless ito na po
    yung go surf consumable data na may anti bill shock depende sa plan na kukuhain mo. so parang true unlimited internet at a more expensive price
    so sa
    plan 999 pag lumagpas ka ng 5gb per month is 2 pesos per mb at cap po ito at 1500 regradless if ilang mb o gb ma consume mo,,
    999 base plan plus 1500= 2499 per month para sa unlimited internet, yan po explanation ng globe csr.

    if plan 1799 ka add ka ng 3k para unli net
    if 2499, add lang din ng 3k para unli net

    yung old postpaid under my superplan unlisurf, di pwede mag change ng combo from unlisurf 999 to go surf 999 unless tapos na contract nyo.

    ang galing talaga ng globe pag dating…..

  35. Generation 2g says:

    The unlimited 2G is the new technology just accept it and pay 999 per month lol!

  36. Greg says:

    As of today I’m subscribed to GoSurf999 and GoSurf799 on my postpaid account. I tried to DL and episode of The Walking Dead using Torrent and was surprised that my DL was throttled to 12kbps. Akala ko ba wala nang throttling pag naka Gosurf plan ka?

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