Globe WiMax 4G goes Prepaid

Globe WiMax 4G goes Prepaid

So it’s bound to happen — Globe Telecom’s 4G/WiMax Service is now offered in prepaid plans. Just buy the WiMax modem and load it up to get unlimited internet all day.


The WiMax modem starts at Php2,990 (one-time) and all-day unlimited internet costs Php60. Speed is up to 512Kbps.

Reloading is done via Autoload Max, Share-A-Load, GCash, prepaid cards and even through bank ATM or credit cards.

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103 Responses

  1. jay says:

    sir abe, san na ba avaialable ang wimax?

  2. [email protected]â„¢ says:

    i’m sure this will suck!!

  3. yuga says:

    @jay – sabi nila: 60 provinces across the Philippines, covering 365 cities, including Manila, Caloocan, Cainta, Antipolo, Taytay, Plaridel, Cabanatuan, Dasmarinas, Bacoor, Imus, Tanza, Calamba, Batangas City, Cebu City, Cagayan De Oro, and Zamboanga

  4. Markzter says:

    4G delivers a more consistent, reliable speed and low latency..

  5. Lezuric says:

    watta hell.. that will surely sux..
    kung 60php x 30days = 1800php monthly..
    512kbps lng ang speed
    plus unreliable service..
    only stupid will bite this WiMax Prepaid.. tsk…

    kahit pa low latency sobrang baba nman ng max speed! :/

    I hope Smart could offer a better service!

  6. Edgar says:

    Our organization was initially eyeing WiMax to provide stable bandwidth for our in-the-field video livestreams of various conventions. Sadly, our experience with another “4G” internet service provider was a world of hurt, with terrible latency and poor upload/download speeds versus free(!) WiFi and DSL. Hopefully, with the introduction of Globe’s service we can finally get a mature and reliable product.

    If ever it isn’t though, I guess I’ll stick to other infrastructures in the meantime.

  7. Jon says:

    Now, let’s wait for Sun Cellular’s WiMax. Lol. I really don’t get it why they (telcos) hype up this kind of service so much. Well, yes, in theory, it is superior to 3G technologies, but the implementation today does not show any obvious reason to shift.

    Come on, 512kbps? Unstable connections? Capped / metered connections? (Yes, that’s you Wi-Tribe). I suppose they have to perfect this type of service first, before offering it to the public.

    Why not offer it to a few, then slowly expand later on? IMO, people do not need to be further traumatized by crappy service.

  8. baba ng BW – malamang bumagsak pa!

  9. JunAlquis says:

    technically wimax is not even 4G sooo…yea

  10. JC says:

    sir yuga up to 3 mbps yan. Kindly check and correct your post! Thanks..
    here’s the supported link

  11. Teknisyan says:

    For a 512 kbps you need to pay close to 2k, that’s why wired DSL is still the best alternative, then just setup your own Wifi.. more stable than any wireless.

    Just my 2 cents! :)

  12. CRIS says:

    Wait, so you have to carry that sort of large vase to get an internet connection?

  13. ian says:

    ako nga subscriber ng globe wimax nila na 1MBps. Bulok naman may capping pa, ang magiging speed mo is 300 Kbps, di na nga bumalik sakin for 2 months ang 1MBps spedd.tapos browsing na nga lang di pa maayos. Lagi silang may DNS problem. Check nyo yung thread sa tipidpc.

  14. godofredo says:

    We’ll just have to wait for the technology to mature and the prices to fall when competition is arises between network providers.

    I remember when the mobile broadband was introduced with 4k+ unit, that was expensive. However, even with the poor performance at some locations, many got into the mobile broadband connection. And now with the prepaid version and cheap netbooks around, almost everyone I know with a laptop/netbook has a broadband.

    I just hope that the WiMax unit is portable and smaller, although it looks classy and I remember there are skins for that to match your room.

  15. ralph says:

    wimax is not in the 4g category

    -ece guy

  16. mAdden says:

    please update 512kb or 3mb?

  17. jakulito says:

    anu ba tlga 512kb o 3mb? chupol nmn 2 c jc pang gulo.. ang mahal nmn yan mg wawireless nlng aq gnun din nmn pla mas tipid pa..

  18. bokoi says:

    @lezuric sino ba bobo kuha nito 60pesos daily 4 30 days na pwde ka naman monthly arnd 800pesos? basahin mo nga comment mo. stating d obvious na to ha, prepaid nga eh, para sa ngtitipid na hindi naman everyday yung gamit ng internet.

  19. mr. bogus says:

    sus kahit iprepaid pa nila yan!!!

    ang bagal ng wimax ng globe…..!!!

    kung one day unli mag sun ka na lang kayo..!!!

  20. ocean16 says:

    the question is.. Is Philippines ready for this 4G?

    coz, seriously, the network providers are surely holding this down to totally push through, with what’s rightful for the users, of course.

    this way they could always come up with an ad saying that they’re revolutionized their technology.. blah blah blah..

  21. nagwimax ka pa tapos 512kbps lang speed.. hahaha

  22. countocram says:

    Php60 for 1 day unlimited? tapos 512kbps lang? Duh!

  23. RaGe Einzeln says:

    sigurado may IronPort nanaman to so shared IP…useless in downloading filesharing sites..

  24. Melissa says:

    Hi Yuga,
    I just wanted to ask if you know which Business center I can go to avail of this. The last time I visited a Globe business center they just took my phone number and told me they will call. It’s been like a month almost and I have not heard from them. Thx :)

  25. JunAlquis says:

    again wimax is not 4G that is false marketing from the telcos.

  26. jc says:

    FAQ in Globe Wimax Prepaid
    Whats new with Globe Wimax?
    • PREPAID: Globe Wimax Prepaid 4G is the only Prepaid internet for the home. All other wireless prepaid internet services are for mobile or outdoor use.
    • FAST: It is super fast at 3Mbps
    • No network congestion

    Do I need to submit anything to avail of Globe Wimax Prepaid 4G?
    • No, need to submit any documents.
    • Just pay P2,900 for the Globe Prepaid WiMAX kit.

    What’s do I need in order to start surfing?
    • You will need at least P60 to be able to avail of the 1-day unlimited surfing.
    • You will be given a virtual number just like a prepaid mobile number. This is stickered on the box.
    • You can load your device through the following using this virtual number:

    • Globe Load retailer or Autoload Max
    • Share-A-Load
    • ATMs
    • GCASH

    How does the 1-day unlimited surfing work?
    • The 24-hour period starts after you click “Start” in the User Portal. Note that you will only be able to click Start if your unit has at least P60.

    Can I load an amount that is worth more than the value of 1-day unlimited surfing, e.g. more than P60.
    • Yes, you can. When the first day pass ends, you will have to press “Start” to begin the next day pass.

    How do I reload my Globe Wimax Prepaid 4G Kit?
    • You can reload through:
    • Globe Load retailer or Autoload Max
    • Share-A-Load
    • ATMs
    • GCASH

    Can I use my Globe WiMAX-4G in other places?
    • Yes, it is portable. You can use it in other places where Globe WiMAX is present.

    I am a current Globe WiMAX Postpaid or Globe DSL subscriber. Can I shift to prepaid?
    • Yes, if your contract period has lapsed.

    There are 2 types of Wimax modems available, the small and big one, which one is best for me?
    • The type of modem you should get depends on your location.
    • After checking the coverage maps, if your area is more than 800 meters away from the Wimax cellsite, you should get the bigger modem. If you are less than 800 meters away from the Wimax cellsite, you can get the smaller modem.

    How much does the big and small modem cost?
    • Small Modem (Model: UH235): P2,900
    • Big Modem (Model: BM622): P4,500

    What if I am not happy with my Globe Wimax Prepaid 4G kit, can I return it?
    • If you are not happy with your Globe Wimax Prepaid Kit, you can return it within 7 days from the date of purchase.
    • Requirements:

    • Kit must be complete and in good condition
    • Official Receipt

  27. JP says:

    Same crappy reception now made even more affordable thru prepaid!

    Seriously, I may not be a rocket scientist, but Wi-max must indeed be the first, biggest failure of Globe. It doesn’t deliver what it promises (the entire country is my witness). Good thing it has a 30-day trial.

  28. Winziph says:

    anyone who tried this one?

  29. diablo3 says:

    im so sure this will suck and will be unreliable on the signals….

    paputol putol nnmn ung connection for sure

  30. Holy piece of crap. If you are in Manila, just use Sun’s 3.5G broadband service for 799/month and youll get super reliable service and reach up to 2Mbps…
    Im using the sim in my Smartphone and it never fails to impress me.

  31. Jaime Orlanda says:

    I’m a Globe WiMAX 1Mbps subscriber here in San Fernando, Pampanga and after the first trial month experience with its service, i haven’t got anymore reliable signal everyday. Whatever happened to their big advertisement claim of their WiMAX service quoted:

    “Internet Na Paputol-Putol (targeting other Telcos)
    Ultra Fast, Ultra Reliable (claimed by Globe for their WiMAX service)”.

    It seems that their claim has gone the way of the dinosaurs. 3 months later, I’ve experienced more downtime with the service and even frequent inability to connect and get a consistent connection speed after the first month trial period. I’d hope someone from Globe will be able to read this and take it as a constructive critizism and improve their services regarding this matter.

  32. maxxi says:

    How much does the big and small modem cost?
    • Small Modem (Model: UH235): P2,900
    • Big Modem (Model: BM622): P4,500

    Guys, abangan nyo ang promo, magiging 995 yan with preload pa. pero baka mainip kayo sa December pa.

  33. John Carl says:

    Hi guys. I’m an ECE student in UP. After reading this article, to be honest, I got pissed off with Globe.

    Let me point out some things.

    1. WiMAX is under the 3.75 generation of wireless comms. “In the US,” it pegs at a maximum speed of 144 MBPS for both stationary and mobile users. It’s a highly reliable technology.

    2. WiMAX is not a brand name. For all what it’s worth, I am disappointed by Globe’s strategy — marketing the name for user deception. Max sounds good, doesn’t it?

    3. 144 MBPS minus 512 KBPS equals a large number. Where did it go? If you know what I mean.

    4. What’s the POINT of subscribing to a technically high-end technology if its serviced speed is just 512 KBPS??? To have a fast and highly reliable speed — this is the main point of the international body why it approved WiMAX.

    Don’t be deceived by the marketing strategy, folks. Be sure to know a service and compare it with others before falling into infatuation.

    Please Globe and NTC, give us a break.

  34. bokoi says:

    @john carl
    I’m also an ECE. From La Salle.

    How much will you pay for 144Mbps internet connection?

    for 795 monthly payment, Globe/Witribe will give you 144Mbps? The speed you stated is even theoretical.

    even HSDPA theoretical speed is upto 84Mbps and yet we only have 2Mbps from Smart/Globe/Sun…

    think out of the box. if you know what I mean…

  35. John Carl says:


    Hi fellow engineering student. I understand what you’re pointing out, bro. However, there are some erronous assumptions you’ve stated.

    1. Philippines’ formula for wireless service is

    Service = engineering economics + politics (on its basic framework)

    2. In Asia, Philippines has slowest wireless (blame NTC for the 1dBm minimum power transmission standard) and the most expensive services.

    3. 144 mbps is theoretical, yes. But have you read iEEE papers explaining the almost contant bandwidth and gain it could render for stationary and moving people? It’s more reliable than 3G.

    4. Sun/Globe/Sun’s services are all slow, period. If you look at your device’s settings, you’d see a WCDMA preferred option as the highest you could pick. WCDMA’s theretical speed is 2 MBPS. In some spots in Metro Manila, i have reached an exact download rate of 2MBPS.

    5. 795 and 999 pesos for 512 kbps and 1 MBPS WiMAX, respectively, is expensive. WiMAX. Again compare Phils with SEA countries. Been in Singapore and I could attest that paper speed is at par with the actual speed — with price not at par with ours.

    WiMAX is designed to have a LOW POWER transmission, with high gain and wide bandwidth, and low bit error rate compared to 3G.

    Although it maybe visible that Phil’s wimax is relatively cheaper, it’s still expensive.
    On the average:
    999pesos for WCDMA (3G) 512KBPS
    999pesos for WiMAX (3.75G) 1MBPS

    Out of the box? I have extensive bases and reasons for my points bro. And i have explained them enough, not just mere conclusions.

    Sir Yuga, thanks for informing us. My comments are just for information. :)

  36. poche says:

    paki forward nga sa globe lakas talaga ng topak nila.

    60pesos = 512kbps?? samantalang 50pesos lang yun supersurf50 2mbps ng globe tattoo nila.

    ang galing naman ng marketing nila.

  37. bokoi says:

    @ John Carl

    Clearly you did not get my point. You gave lot of details on your post without analyzing what I am pointing out.

    1. I never disagreed with your points regarding WIMAX technology. You are technically correct, for most of it…

    2. You are not thinking the way ISP’s think beyond the “technical” aspects of the service.
    2.1 1Mbps internet connection irregardless of how you get that 1Mbps is still 1Mbps.
    2.2 transmission you talked about refers to WIMAX modem to WIMAX BTS. You ever thought of WIMAX BTS going ASN?

    3. how much is 1Mbps DSL offered by Pldt/Globe?
    I believe its about 1k per month. How much is WIMAX 1Mbps? the last I checked is still about 1k per month. Now if Globe offered WIMAX at only 1k per month with a speed of 8Mbps, wouldn’t it kill the DSL?
    No point comparing 3.5G to WIMAX as we both know the advantages of the latter to the former.

    Perhaps in the near future, we will really be experiencing speeds the way it should be at the price much more affordable than it is now.

    no need to get pissed at their service offering as per Yuga’s post, save it when you actually experienced the service itself.

    Got DSL, WIMAX and tattoo by the way. Lately, Globe has shitty internet connection…

  38. ece grad says:

    hehehe, ang tatalino naman ng mga istudyante ng ECE!

    pagkagraduate wag kayong mag-aapply sa mga telcos ha? magsisisi lang kayo :-)

  39. John Carl says:

    Hello @bokoi.

    Nice, we’re getting on the same page now.

    1. I agree with your explanation that ISPs are thinking far beyond the technicalities. They are capitalists, anyway. Even I would not equate marginal cost with marginal revenue.

    The following should be addressed to Telcos. Btw, I have worked for San Miguel’s wi-Tribe as a trainee. I get what they are doing.

    2. Since WiMAX is much better than 3.5G, why not utilize it the way it should be? Let’s include AS, okay. How much from the original speed will its factor cause?

    To Globe:
    If WiMAX gives high speed, why offer it with the same level of 3G standards? If WiMAX is highly reliable in other countries, why do a lot of people say it’s shitty? Why is it more expensive with your service than in other countries’.

    3. With the existence of WiMAX and LTE, yes, DSL can be ruled out. Yes agree with you, it may take a long time due to politics (not that of the public officials).

    4. It’s always good to ask questions extensively so that others may be well-informed. So I ask the Telcos, why can’t our speed be at par with other countries if we are using standards as set by IEEE? NTC should make up its mind and hire fresh graduates to understand the new wave of technology. LOL

    I’m sharing this article

    With the new wave of technology, NTC’s current standards are in a way obsolete.

  40. bokoi says:

    @ John Carl
    well said.
    work in a telecom company, and you will understand the reason behind…

    you have worked as a trainee. I work as an engineer…

    who knows we might cross path someday, yun kung telecom field talaga mapapasokan mo after the board exams. Good luck.

  41. Teddy Curtis says:

    Pampanga din ako, medyo naisahan ata ako ng globe, kala ko dikuna maririnig ang “try nyo po ulit mamayang madaling araw, madami po kasi gumagamit sa oras na to”. Pwedi po bang magmakaawa na ayusin po ito?

  42. Jaime Orlanda says:

    @Teddy Curtis

    Ilan beses na rin akong tumawag sa customer service nila sabi pupunta yung technical staff nila para i-check kung saan ang problem pero naka 3 job order na ako wala pa rin pumupuntang tao from Globe dito. Na-eexperience ko naman ngayon talagang NETWORK CONGESTED ang connection. Akala ko ba sabi ng Globe Advertisement, “NO NETWORK CONGESTION”, WTF. Matagal magconnect at napakatagal ng latency. Umaabot sa 1000+ ping time sa Yahoo at Google madalas ganun at pati sa DNS may problem din. Full bar connection ko at 100% sya pero talagang hindi ako satisfied sa speed at consistency ng internet. Hindi lang tayo may problem, pati ibang mga taga rito sa San Fernando at Santo Tomas ganun din experience. Always excuse ng mga telcos… “Technical Difficulties”. Hay naku!!!

  43. teddy curtis says:

    Tapos nag prepaid pa sila, ano na nangyari? 9 months pang pahirap sa mga subscribers? Sana naman bago nag prepaid ay inayus naman nila ang postpaid subs nila. Medyo nakakapikon pero parang wala tayong magagawa kasi daw hindi nila sinabi na 1mbps ang mukuha yun ay peak lang kahit 10kbps lang makukuha mo di ka pwedi magreklamo.

    may virus daw pc ko :)

    – computer specifications (software/hardware specs)

    – viruses/spywares/worms/

    – website congestion (number of people accessing the site)

    – the number of subscribers using the service line in the area in any given time

  44. Jaime Orlanda says:

    @teddy curtis

    Nakakadisappoint marinig sa customer service na sasabihin nya as an excuse “the number of subscribers using the service line in the area in any given time”. Globe advertised it to be “NO NETWORK CONGESTION” at we are expecting it to be that way. Ano ng nangyari sa “ULTRA RELIABLE” Wimax statement nila. Katatawag ko palang sa customer service at pare-pareho lang sa mga excuses nila. 3 months palang ako sa Globe WiMAX hindi ko ramdam ang promise nila. Pagdating sa billing, mabilis pa sa 100mbps internet connection ku dumating.

  45. Charles says:

    Kahit 100mbps pa i-offer ng Globe wag maniwala. They use outdated infrastructure, too many subscribers in their ports that leads to congestion up the wazoo, and their customer service sucks.

    I challenge anyone with a Globe account to fake a problem and then ask for a Supervisor and see how long it would take the representative to “accidentally” drop your call.

    Subukan niyo lang ng maniwala and the fact is, alot of these people dislike Globe service for a valid reason. At least sa Smart, tatangatanga lang ang customer service nila unlike Globe, the reasons, excuses, and yung pagsisi pa nila sa computer mo seems like its scripted.

    Been calling them to fix my internet connection dahil intermittent connection nararanas ko for almost a month now. Mga technicians nila pupunta sa bahay, magping ng Yahoo tapos mag Youtube tapos sabihin “Ok na sir”. Tapos an hour later wala na namang internet.

    Dapat sa Globe makasuhan na talaga kahit lang Class Action Lawsuit para tumino.

  46. Jaime Orlanda says:


    Guess what… i just called their hotline again. The result: “WASTE OF TIME” for the 4th straight time. They’re always saying the procedures on checking and again telling me that their technicals would come to my place to probably fix my internet connection problem… I doubt they will. Its been 3 weeks now and my SmartBro HSDPA USB modem connects and transmits data faster than my Globe WiMAX up to 10 or more times better. Wanna bet? I have recorded a video on it. I’d probably upload it to YouTube and share it on Facebook. I’ll update all you guys with the video link later.

  47. trickz85 says:

    guys, you are all right! customer service of telcos sucks! but i’m not referring to representatives because they just doing their job… scripted and controlled! kaya never call customer service … fix at your own risk! hehe

    @John Carl and bokoi, well-explained! tnx for the information you shared with us!
    “two-thumbs up”

    i hope you guys contribute more here for better!

  48. adam says:

    Guys post ko lang ito if I’m not sure if this is still applicable Globe WiMax Plan and Coverage Area. Regarding making wimax prepaid I think part yan ng strategy ng globe mind setting na mas makakatipid ka pag nag prepaid kasi nga kung kelan mo lang need saka ka lang mag load.

  49. adam says:

    I also had bad experience with globe although in a different scenario kasi I’m using DSL and landline bundle. My experience with Globe broadband DSL share ko lang ulit.

  50. 4G is very nice..
    but the company who is using this is not maximizing its capability

  51. wafak says:

    badtrip n globe tumawag ako kanina kung bakit mabagal ang internet sabi sakin marami daw globe wimax user sa location namin at dahil heavy downloader daw ako hinahati daw un speed sa bawat user para patas daw maghintay daw ako matapos un ibang user para bumalik sa dati un internet speed ko tama ba yun at sabi pa nakasulat daw un sa pinirmahan agreement nun nagpa kabit ako ng wimax kahit anung isip ko hindi ko matandaaan na naipaliwanag un pwede ba natin ireklamo 2 sa senado kailngan dba hatiin din un bayad ng user dapat meron clang maximum user sa bawat tower para naman lahat makakuha ng 1mb dba pwede rin 2 dalin sa dti kc d mo nakukuha un produkto n binayaran mo

  52. Mike Jordan Maestro San Pascual says:

    hahahaha natatawa lng ako sa GLOBE! Unreliable sila. Kala nila walang alam ang mga PINOY sa US improvements. They have 4G and Sprint Telecom ang nagstart nun. Iam a Sprint Agent! Ang 3G merong 1.3MBPS at ang 4G ay 10X faster than 3G, it means 10MPBS. Hay naku Globe bkit sa inyo 512kpbs eh kitang ang 3G ganun din. Same speed? Why switch to 4G den? More money? hahahah

    Ang 3G hati2 ang mga users. Ang 4G sa US ndi sya nahahati. Naku nmn.

    Guys think twice bago magswitch! or try their 7days return option…

  53. Toni says:

    It’s a bit pricey. No it’s veryyyy pricey.

  54. amie says:

    grabe…I’m sure walang kwenta yan. Yung Globe Tattoo nga e hindi ko magamit sa bahay…ang mahal pa ng bili ko.Hah…mag aaksaya lang tayo ng pera. Inuuto lang tayo ng commercial nila. It’s gonna be a waste of money.

  55. Peter_dbest says:

    wala kwenta a globe wimax….Mag tiyaga nalang tayo mag online sa mga commercial internet cafe….

  56. RONNIE says:

    Globe speed is just a hoax
    just try globe of your friend b4 buying globe
    is just a friendly advise…

  57. jean says:

    anu ba talaga ung magandang gamitin?…globe tattoo sobrang hina…i have it walang cgnal sa bhay.. is this wimax prepaid really work? im welling to pay as long as satisfied ako sa service…. any advice there???

  58. ATC says:

    the reason why globe 4G is super slow, is becouse they put it in 3G lines. well they upgrade theire antenas to 3.5. but its still 3G. NOT 4G. wimax requires 4G towers. which globe doesnt have. wimax can go high speed with 4G towers. imagine a cow riding a small skateboard. the cow is wimax and the skate board is 3G. so Txt + Call + existing 3G internet + wimax internet = CRASH . . . .

  59. petelikefins says:

    ang tatalino nyo.. sana mapakinabangan natin yan d lang sa salita para d mag mukhang BULLSHIT.

  60. Daryl Campomanes says:

    Bakit kailangan limitahan ng globe ang pagdodownload ng 1gb per day para sa tattoo prepaid. 1mbs na nga lang ang connection hanggang 3 hours na lang tuloy ngayon ang internet di ba sabi ng globe 1 day unlimited surfing?.Ano kaya yun? Dahil kaya ito gusto ng Globe na kumagat ang customer nila sa wimax4g? Eh ang bagal nmn. Walng kwenta talaga,mukha lang talagang pera.Hayz…

  61. Daryl Campomanes says:

    Globe: “We would like to let you know that your usage is more than the consumption of an average postpaid Wimax subscriber. Hence your account has been subject to the fair use policy which is why you are experiencing a slowdown in your connection. If you often download or stream movies, songs, series, or use peer to peer applications like napster, Gnutella, limewire or torrent.
    Then you should minimize from doing so. Globe’s fair use policy is implemented to regulate cyber traffic ensuring that big downloaders do not slow down the broadband connection of other responsible users. This policy is designed to protect people who might be affected by the excessive downloading of a few subscribers. For Wimax 1mbps connection the average download ranges from 21GB to 25GB in a month”

    kahit postpaid may capping na…hayz..

  62. kat says:

    Gosh… and to think a interesado pa naman sana ko.. balita ko nga maganda ang SUN kaso mo naman dito sa place naman wala talagang signal ang sn.. nasa siudad naman ako.. hahah! pero ngaun naka tattoo naman.. ok naman sya…

  63. edz says:

    maglagay namankayo ng wimax dito sa san manuel isabela parang awa nyo na!

  64. flintstones says:

    wimax bulok! 1st month lng malakas. pagkatapos non wala na bulok na ang speed………..STONE AGE

  65. free says:

    weeeeeeee may butas nanaman ito…. pwede nanaman mag net khit walang load FBT

  66. darkmannwindow says:

    hehehe tambay nalang aq s likod ng mall libre pa my wifi aman….

  67. Roader says:

    Wala na ring palang kwenta talaga pati Globe ngayon? Kasi Smart wala talagang kwenta noon pa (example: magnanakaw ng load na binili mo), sayang puro sistemang bulok na magkapera lang kahit mangloko ng customer na nagbabayad naman. Malulugi at babagsak din mga kumpanya na yan. At yung mga buwayang nag papatakbo dyan.

  68. Solid Snake says:

    Bulok na telcos! ang bullshit niyo!

  69. Private_Ryan says:

    Guys… alam naman natin na mahirap ang buhay ngayon.. At mahirap kumita ng pera… Gagawin nila lahat ng paraan para talga kumita, syempre nandyan na ang pambobola para bumili ka or magsubrscribe sa kanila… Kaya nila ina-advertise na maganda product nila.. Parang sa mga tinda lang yan na pagkain… Pag tinanong mo na, “Masarap ba yan? Yes Sir/Ma’am, masarap po yan”. Syempre pag ndi mo cnabing masarap or maganda product mo, sa tingin mo ba bibili ka pa? Un nga lang sana sa mga telecos, kung ano dapat ang inadvertise nyo sana un ang makuha ng consumers… Lalabas talga na nanloloko lang kayo.. Sana magkaron ng batas na pag ndi na satisfied ang consumer sa product mo dpat isauli nalng ung unit at ibalik ung binayad… Hehehehe ^^ Sana ok ung comment ko… ^^

  70. feebee says:

    I am a globe wimax post paid subscriber since June 2010, and I can honestly say since i started using the service- from their internet connection, cust support, tech support, billing dept–“THEY TOTAllY SUCK”

    Globe is very good in marketing and advertising their products but not so much on their actual services. Baka magka Heart disease pa ang mga mamamayan sa kunsimisyong hinahatid ng Globe sa mga subscriber nito. May alam ba kayong anti Globe movement/campaign? kung meron, paki-inform naman–Dyo-join ako jan! hehe

  71. jmy says:

    be wise. check first ur loc if signal is ok for all available wimax or wireless offers by any said telcos then get it! where price cost usually a minimal problem.. an advice folks from a broadband agent just for help po!

  72. crashnburn9214 says:

    Is WIMAX signal available in TUMAUINI, ISABELA?

  73. marvin says:

    wala talaga kwenta globe maging ang wired connection nila, hello overspan daw ang location namin dun sa inaplay naming connection kaya na cancel ang subscription namin samantalang harap lang ng bahay namin ang poste kung saan nakalagay cable box nila. tatanga tanga pa ang supervisor nila ng sabihin ng technician na hindi naman overspan di pa rin naniwala si supervisor sa technician na nasa field palibhasa di niya nakikita. tapos gusto nila try namin wimax ano yon, hay naku sa inyo na connection nyo tutal satisfied narin naman ako sa smart broadbrand.

    PS. Bakit di tayo magtayo ng samahan na pweding kumilos sa mga abusadong telcos na to?

  74. globe owner says:

    you anti-globe are annoying.
    let’s go outside and have fistfight.
    i don’t need customers like u.
    halata kayong bayad sa ibang company
    jan kasi wala silang wimax-4g.

  75. marvin says:

    to globe owner if you are really the owner of globe telecom then why are you acting like that, isn’t that this messages from your subscribers are the things that can help you to improve your services? take it positively and do something about the complains and sentiments of your subscribers.

  76. ocean16 says:

    I agree with what Marvin said…

    Let’s take this positively. We’re not really in total reference to what network is the best, because all do encounter lapses. Plus, I don’t think it can be dealt with in any professional way at all with a fistfight, right? Violence? I don’t think it would resolve anything, other than the fact that it’s a hurting ego you’ll get at the end of the day.

    Sometimes even the mere location of a user has a thing to do with the connection. Now that’s one area to put into consideration here. Because others attest getting a good signal, while others don’t.

    Tama? Tama… Peace!

  77. Juan says:

    Sa start ok yan, pero sa huli babagal yan tulad ang existing wimax nila., kaya kung naka subscribe ka kayo wag nyo ng bayaran. globe owner saksak mo sa baga yang wimax nyo.

  78. Juan Megi says:

    wheeee….kahit 4G o 5G ang network e pang 3G lang ang subscriber unit mo o plan mo is 512Kbps o 1mbps lang…wala rin…gusto mo mabilis at maximize 4G Wimax kung totoo man…you have to pay for it….EXPENSIVE check out plans ng WiTribe mahal…kaya yun…nilalangaw….hahahaha…mabibilis lang sa una mga yan……kasi kaunti pa subscribers….pero pag madami na…..balik blog uli….hahahaha…

  79. Randy says:

    nagpakabit ako ng globe wimax,ang inapply ko is 1mbps.bakit ganun.ang bagal sa downloading,pinakamataas lang nya ay 75kbps sa downloading.ano ba ang advantage nitong wimax 1mbps sa cable din ng globe na 1mbps din.lalo pag naulan ang pagkakabagal.paputol putol pa.pero sa cable nman diretso lang ang flow ng connection nya.

  80. vaiben says:

    pano malalaman kung my 4g signal ang globe sa batangas..!reply nman poh plz..!

  81. Bert says:

    WiMax nga yung subscription, pero kung 2G lang ang signal na binibigay nila, wala rin…

  82. Johnnnn says:

    mabagal? i don’t think so.

  83. jean says:

    Im with u Marvin…
    I went to globe to apply for the connection i want…always says ,no vacant, not available or overspan…im using globe tattoo now for almost 7mons… it sucks,im always pissed when using my laptop very slow speed and download…
    Im thinking of using wimax but seems like no good feedback im hearing and reading in this site..

    Im welling to pay everymonth…buy load every day…as long as im getting a good service from globe….

    To Globe Pls pay attention with our concern…

  84. Sanctuarian06 says:

    Under ba ito ng GLOBE FAIR POLICY? May limit din ba to?

  85. brix says:

    pano malalaman kung may 4G sa isang place??

  86. Nick says:

    globe should be fair enough on their fair policy…we should propose 2gb or higher BW!!! and higher connection speed… tama na ang gulangan ;)

  87. ryan says:

    WiMAX has a theoretical maximum bandwidth of 75Mbps, within this network. pero yung binibigay lang na connection s internet is around 3Mbps. similar with 3G network. 3G is around 3mbps theoretical maximum bandwidth. kaya kung s isang cellsite ey nasa 1,000 kayong nakaconnect, talagang patak2 lang ang net nyo. sa wimax, pwede IPTV with High Difinition TV channels around 50 of it with 3mbps internet and VOIP telephone in one wimax modem. wimax is considered as 4g network, it is the combination of of 3g, 3.5g and wi-fi technology. wimax has lower base band frequency compared to 3G kaya ang range ng bawat antenna any 60KM radius at naka2 penetrate s wall or s mga city buildings. kabaliktaran nun ay 3G at 3.5G network. isa p, smartbro and globe uses dynamic shared ip kaya mabagal ang net at para mkatipid sila s bandwith at registration ng IP addresses s APNIC.

  88. putang inang wimax yan…sayang pera…tangina ninyo…mamatay na kayong lahat dyan sa globe..

  89. globeslow says:

    i planed to upgrade my wimax connection to wimax 4g p795.00 worth. is this really faster? because my current connection is so slow. only 40 kb/s download i paid for 512 kb/s. can anyone give me some tips bfore i upgrade becauxe i also planed to terminate my connection . im from zamboanga.

  90. rebeljinx says:

    ou nga tama kayo guy’s dapat nilang pagtuonan ng pansin ang mga concern naten.. at dapat kung ano ang inaadvertise nila ehh yun yung makuha naten… sa una nga lang mabilis ang wimax.. after a month wala na.. naka 3 wimax na nga kame pero ayun wala pa din.. sobrang bagal at umulan lang ng konte wala na signal.. sabi nila pag heavy duty of downloads ka daw tlgang babagal ang connection moh.. ehh ang apply nga natin is 1mbps pero nakukuha q lang is 300kbps.. tas babagalan pa nila? unfair naman un.. karapatan namin magreklamo lalu na kung hindi maganda ang serbisyo na nakukuha namen.. kaya sana masolusyunan to kaagad.. ng hindi tau lahat nahihirapan.. tama na ang gulangan… kailangan namen ng good service…

  91. bong says:

    huwag! kayong mag bayad ng bill n!yo sa globe, walang kuwinta wimax yan! lolokohin kayo ng globe ha! 1mb 999 a month, ang toto-o .10mb ang speed ng globe or error reload try again, bulshit!!! globe. cdo, pabayo hayes.

  92. xtian says:

    for sale globe wimax 9G

  93. lawrence says:

    what can you say globe tec.?

  94. kriz umali says:

    what can you say globe tec.? !!!!!!!!

  95. Mico says:

    Dapat talaga ayusin ng Globe na yan ang Wimax nila, kami dito sa Laguna, gapang ang speed ng Internet namin dahil sa Wimax na yan, dami ng nabiktima ng mga sinasabi nilang UNLIMITTED INTERNET PERO CHECK NIO SA FAIR USER POLICY NILA!

  96. litocustodio says:

    ang binabayaran ko price ng 1mb peo nku2ha ko serbisyo wla p s klahati wag nman ganun di ko pinupulot ang pera sa kalsada dugot pawis ang puhunan ko dito kau lumagay s ktayuan ko bka maghumerantado na kau kya fix the problem blik nio pera katumbas lang ng serbisyo nio…

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