I feel sorry for this PLDT CSR girl.

I feel sorry for this PLDT CSR girl.

A guy sent me this WAV file, apparently a recording by an irate PLDT myDSL customer talking to one Customer Service Rep. The one who sent me is also from another Call Center too. Can I say viral?

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If indeed this recording is real, I feel sorry for that girl. Looks like her first time on the job.

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82 Responses

  1. elmer says:

    See, even PLDT has problem with their phone lines , maybe the poor girl wasn’t able to hear clearly (baka static ang line) what the guy just said :-(

    But if this incident really happen kawawa naman si Miss ang daming PI ang binitawan ni Mr

  2. Rickey says:

    Paying for something, doesn’t include the “right” to curse people indiscriminantly.

    The girl only aggravated the situation by cursing back. She should be fired, and the customer should be blacklisted — you can always refuse someone’s business, and in this case it’s a trouble-making customer.

  3. Rickey says:

    I just realized something: isn’t this a training recording of some sort?

  4. Noemi says:

    I think this was to show a classic example on how to handle a cursing customer. From what I know of customer service the reply to Raul should have been “I’m sorry but I cannot continue with this call.” and hanged up. That’s why whenever an irate customer emails me in cursing language, I choose to ignore it.

  5. Alfie says:

    Cute your boses nong girl ha. hehehehe…..

  6. Joseph says:

    Whatever the caller says, the agent must not take that personally. Be professional. Don’t be affected by the cursing of the caller. If I were the customer I would have done the same thing of complaining the bad service of the telco.

    I think the agent lacked training in handling irate callers. It’s the agent’s fault why there were more cursing by the second half of the call. Plus, there was no process of taking down information. I was an agent before and we have a script in getting information. She should have been more assertive (at least through the quality of the voice). She sounds so kawawa. If I were the agent, I would have said, “Sir, if you would continue using foul words I would be constrained to disconnect this call.” And then I would tell the caller what I will do to address his problem (file a report, blah blah). I will ask the caller if that would work for him.

    It’s no longer our concern where the customer would use his internet access.

  7. KK says:

    I’ve been a customer service representative of an ISP and thankfully, I haven’t been in that kind of position before. I have handled difficult clients but it never got to that point.

    I’m now a subscriber for Internet connection and whenever there is a down time, the company doesn’t make me pay for time that I didn’t have the connection. As a subscriber, even if I’m paying for services– I still have to respect the person in the other end of the line.

    I think this situation could have been avoided thru proper procedures and training. Example: There should be a policy in place to give the subscriber a credit for down time(It’s a pretty simple concept, don’t pay for something you can’t use). Then the Customer Service should have been trained to handle these kinds of customers.

    I can understand the client’s situation and he was just so irritated but still doesn’t excuse him for cussing out the CS.

  8. Jasper says:

    I don’t think it’s a training recording. Training calls are filtered out by the Trainers. They also show examples of this situation but of course not to this extent.

    In my perspective, the recording is indeed real and the CSR might be taking her first ever call. :)

  9. Migs says:

    So, how did this recording leak out?

  10. sylver says:

    sira lang talaga siguro yung mute button ng call master or ng amplifier.

    as ang agent, you can curse anytime you want…just make suer it’s on mute ;)

  11. kutitots says:

    I think she DID forget to press MUTE :P

  12. The girl is wrong here. Her job is “Customer Support”. There’s no excuse for what she said to the customer. She deserves to be reprimanded.

    point #2: Where is their Shift-supervisor? They MUST have Shift-Supervisors on duty, what kind of a service is that?

    Point #3: NEVER PUT someone who is emotionally unstable.

    Point #4: NEVER PUT someone who is not patient enough.

    Point #5: NEVER PUT someone who doesn’t know a single thing about being a “CUSTOMER SUPPORT”.

    So what kung murahin ka ng customer? By retaliating back to the customer and by stating what your rights are to the customer, you as the Call Center Agent just blew up your rights to file a case against that customer.

    Keep quiet. Pass the call to another more experienced agent and/or the SHIFT-SUPERVISOR must take over already.

    Kahit muramurahin ka pa ng customer, keep quiet. Do not fight back lest you want to void your right to file a case against that customer.

    Secondly, you are only going to give your Employer a reason to fire you.

    tsk. tsk. tsk.

    And seriously, where the hell is their Shift-Supervisor?? What kind of a call center is that?

    Very bad, very bad indeed.

  13. fionski says:

    Totoo ba ito? Natatawa ako, pareho sa CSR at sa caller. Masyadong makulit ang customer tapos ang CSR naman parang hindi dumaan sa training ng pagiging CSR. Pareho yata silang nakainom ng tubig ulan ng Milenyo! Hehehe!

  14. Starirai says:

    Sa mga nagsasabi na hindi dapat minura nung customer yung CSR, I understand you because it is not a morally upright thing to do. Ang ipinapakiusap ko lang sana sa inyo, intindihin natin kahit na paano ang mga PLDT DSL customers na sa totoo lang ay ninanakawan ng PLDT sa bawat minuto na meron o wala silang serbisyo. Pag merong internet connection, hindi yung binabayaran mong speed ang makukuha mo kundi kadalasan ay less than 50% lang nun. So in effect, kung nagbabayad ka ng isang libo bawat bwan, serbisyong halagang limandaan lang ang ibinibigay nila sa iyo. At pag wala kang serbisyo, yan ang pinakamalupit. Dahil nagbabayad ka ng isang libo, wala kang makuhang serbisyo, at hindi ka matutulungan ng mga CSRs nila dahil they are just there as a buffer separating PLDT DSL bigwigs and the numerous customers who should actually expect bad service kasi nga, PLDT rolled out a service they cannot support and on top of that, they are using the money that the existing subscribers pay them so that PLDT can advertise and get more poor customers para lalo silang kumita even if it means lalong papangit ang serbisyong hindi inuupgrade, minamaximize lang. So if you look at it from the perspective of a PLDT DSL subscriber, hindi nakakatuwa ang serbisyo ng PLDT.

    Sa mga call center agents naman ng Infocom, napakarami nang call centers dyan. Kung magtratrabaho ka sa Infocom para lang kumain ng walang katapusang mura ng mga nanggigigil na customers, maghanap ka na lang ng iba. The money they are paying you is not worth it.

  15. PLDT_BULOK says:

    Buti nga siya 2 days lang… ako 3 weeks no phone line , no dsl conn… then may bill na kami in advance …

    I called them if i have to pay for the ‘MONTHLY SERVICE’ fee both for the phone line and DSL conn… even I wasn’t able to use it for 3 weeks… sabi nila ‘YES, because it wasn’t their fault kung masira daw yung line due to Bagyong Milenyo’.

    Don’t get the logic… so pwede palang in 2 months wala kaming phone line and dsl dahil sa bagyong milenyo dapat parin namin bayaran yung SERVICE FEE kahit wala kaming nakuhang service…

  16. baklang_raul says:

    bakla ung caller (DSL customer) pumapatol sa babae, eh kung mron ngang ginagawang updates pra s line nila eh hindi pa nghintay kawa2 nmn ung girl ginagawa nmn un instructions s kanya ng management g**o lng talga ung caller..! d marunong umintindi… d cut mo ung subscription mo..! g**o

  17. irate las pinas cubscriber says:

    amp nmn pakingan nyo mabuti sinabi ng caller: sabi nya “tang ina hassle nmn”………sinabi ng csr:putang ina mo…..so minura ng csr un caller…..keep in mind na call center yan dapat sila ang umintindi sa customer….not the other way around…oo nakakaawa ang csr pero it comes with the job namn dapat di nya minura…..pero bastos din un caller….ny way…un lng hehehehehehe…. na xperience ko n din kasi un paligoyligoy ng mga csr….kaso sa smartbro ako…..namura ko n din ang csr nila dun….

  18. Ms Good CSR says:

    That Customer Service Representative is not “kawawa”! I am also working as a csr at ICT Marketing Services…. The fact that she applied for a call center work, she must be aware of the fact that there are a lot of irrate callers, especially if she is working in an inbound environment… She uttered the phrase “putangina niyo” first! The customer said ” Tangina Hassle naman” and the csr said “putangina niyo”….. She is poorly trained and her listening skill is not working well…. And girl if you can read this, as an advise the customer has the right to say bad things to you, you should learn how to emphatize, he is cursing the services of your company, it is not pertaining to you…. Until you cursed him, that’s the time that the customer has gone wild and started to curse you as well…. Anyway I believe it’s your fault…. Because you should never give false hope to your customers, and if ever they will be irrate just pacify their anger, and you should never shout at them, and curse them back… and another thing, you should never hung up the phone when your customer is still talking, my goodness , this girl must be thought telephone etiquette and she must attend customer service training 101! I understand the customer because just like him I am also a customer, we may not be a call center agent, but all of us experience being a customer, and if you are paying for a companies services and you are not satisfied you have all the right to be irrate…. To Catherine, I guess you are not for call center industry because you do not know how to pacify the emotions of your customers…. With what you have shown I guess you should be your own boss! Sorry I am just stating my opinions

  19. NaVi KrAm says:

    lam mu, simple lang yan… the CSR forgot to put her avaya on MUTE b4 she cursed the cust… kaya nxt tym, be carefull… awwwww…

  20. ERNEST says:


  21. nightfox says:

    Well, I guess, customer service nowadays seem to be degrading lately.. There are a lot of BIG corporations out there who just keep on gettin customers beside the fact that they really can’t handle all of it 99% of the time. Try to look at Meralco after Milenyo’s fury – they had a hard time satisfying the customers’ requests..

    @Starirai – true true..

  22. zheth and jane says:

    ang msasabi lng nmin dpat may psychological examination specially working in a call center pra maiwasan ang gnitong scenario. we are also CSRs. dapat mhaba ang pcencia. always calm down, pacify, emphatize and symphatize the clients. make sure na always ended the conversation with the closing spiels. of course we cant not meet their expectations but we must. kailangan mtatag ang loob at matibay ang sikmura mo. just listen to them. wag didibdibin. dont take it personally. sa mga mgaaply, gudluck!!!!

  23. LOI says:

    Unethical talaga most people from pldt. Alam mo, di mo talaga masisisi ang caller kung magreact in his own way of reaction like magmura. Common na sa pinoy yung expression na yon whether galit, masaya, or kabado, or excited. Di Ba? Di naman yung CSR ang minura. Ako ang tagal ko na ring nawalan ng dsl. To the one who commented na putulin ang subscription, hindi ganun kadali yon noh. Dahil may lock-in period sila. May contract yon. Di mo pwede again paputol ang subcription.
    What we PLDT CUSTOMERS are trying to say, nagbabayad naman kami ng tama, ibigay naman ang service ng tama. Correct, kulang sa training yng CSR di marunong mag-close. Kung iiyak ka, i off mo muna or i-cut mo yung call.

  24. owen says:

    the girl was a certified IDIOT! i feel sorry for her poor skills on how to handle such a cursing-unbearable moments!!! she doesn’t know how to pacify and empathize with the feelings of the customer..(actually, she knows how to empathize… but on the other way around! the caller cursed her, and she showed her empathy buy cursing him too!)
    she said:”walang po kayong karapatang murahin ako kasi trabahador lang kami dito!”

    i said: DUH! you were just an employer there that’s why you should know how to handle that situation.. don’t tell me CUSTOMER lang din siya! Nahhhh! you were earning money because of them!!!!

    so next time, learn how to listen well to what your customer is saying..in the first place, you were not the one being cursed!!! it’s the company that you are working for…he said:”T*** hassle!”… it’s not you that he’s pointing to!!!!

    you are a certified exaggerated-emo-cursing-back!!!!
    (ooops! what’s that?)

    by the way…sorry for the harsh words…

  25. Angelus Hemura says:

    Mas karumaldumal ang ginawang pagmumura ng customer na un as compared sa kasalanan ng CSR na hindi pagiging ready sa mga irate customers. Napamura sya dahil minura sya, (hindi marahil sya sanay na minumura), and you “professional” CSRs can blame her for not being ready against harsh words, but still you cannot justify what the customer has done kahit gaano pa ka-bullshit ang serbisyong inirereklamo nya.. Hindi na yun masyadong makatao, parang sinaniban na ng demonyo kung magmura, dapat sa ganyang customer nilalamas ng tawas ang bunganga..

  26. junfiguer says:

    call centers trains and screens their agents but how can you answers all the problems if that company are limiting agents informations, and making scripted answers and solutions. somehow we have to remember all people me and you is not perfect at all, but we can be one if we try hard. what we need is a little patients, respect, knowlegde of what we do and tone down of voice, using proper words not bulgar not rude not harmful to others. we have choices we can complain in a nice way, we can raise problems in a good manners, we can communicate in a nice and easy, smooth. if problems still not solve or address im sure companies have remote or local office in your place and you can go and address problems, complain personaly but we dont do that because we are so lazy to do that or we just want to have a easy way that we even notice that we hurt someone or embarrash personality. what we lack is respect and calmness, patients.

  27. Frank says:

    Kawawa naman yong chikas na yon, dahil sa katangahan din ni Raul na maiksi ang pag intindi na sinabi na sa kanya na magkaroon cya nang rebate, kaso kinkulit parin nya. we know Raul has the right to complain but he should do it in nice way. Why? is there no more phone available around to call to US? If he is been in the US then he knows better, how to handle that kind of situation.Kaso hindi pa ata nakarating sa US eh?lol Nagmamayabang lang… Remember two days is nothing . Two weeks is worst, but still we have to pay . I got into conclusion tha Raul is a Fa**t, kasi pumapatol sya sa kapwa nyang sistahhhhh…lol

  28. skeptic ako says:

    call centers TRAIN and SCREEN their agents but how can you ANSWER all the problems, if that company IS limiting THEIR agents TO informations, scripted answers and solutions. somehow we have to remember, NOT all people ARE not perfect, but we can BE one if we try hard ENOUGH. what we need is a little PATIENCE, respect, knowlegde of what we ARE DOING and TO tone down OUR VOICES, using proper words, AND not VULGAR NOR RUDE THAT ARE harmful to others. we have choices, we can complain in a nice way, we can raise problems in a good MANNER, we can communicate in a nice, easy, AND smooth WAY. if problems ARE still UNSOLVED, or ADDRESSED, i’m sure companies have remote or local OFFICES in your place and you can go and address problems, complain PERSONALLY, but MOST DOESN’T WANT TO DUE TO LAZINESS, or THEY just want to GO THE easy way that THEY DON’T even notice that THEY ARE ALREADY HURTING OTHERS or EMBARASSING THEM (OR ATTACKING THEIR PERSONALITY). what we lack is respect and calmness, PATIENCE.

    *sorry, i was compelled to edit the post of jun figuer, whoever he is. disturbing eh. mag tagalog ka na lng sana. TANGINA HASSLE! (ahahahaha!)

    anyway, bastos ung caller na un. as in bastos. walang breeding. mukhang one time big time na pupunta abroad un, kea wlang manners whatsoever. kawawa ung girl.

    pero, may kasalanan din ung operator, in a way. sapat nde siya naging emotional. nde naman siya ung inaatake ung caller eh. ung services ng co. nila. dapat nag apologize na lng siya, tapos ginawan ng paraan para mababaan ung caller in a polite way.

    malamang, nasisante na siya. hay. sayang.

    *jun figuer, nde attack sau ito ah. nabother lng talaga ako sa post mo. may you have the PATIENCE to analyze what have transpired.. ayoko ng away.. ehehehe.. ang PATIENTS, pasyente un, ung mga nasa ospital.. tapos nde embarassh, parang lasing. ehehehe. pati ung subj-predicate agreement mo.. ehehehe. peace!

  29. Scoundrel says:

    May i just correct that nobody is perfect,contrary to someone’s comment that “NOT all people ARE not perfect”.

    I pity for the CSR.(she’s a dead meat) She should’ve not do that,it was her duty give quality service.The customer should’ve not say anything like that as well.Nobody is entitled to throw any fowl words to anyone whoever you may be.

    Anyway that was a bad call!!!!

  30. blacknight says:

    i just read all the comments of all and i was amaze.kasi hati ang sides well true na pangit ang ginawa ng babae siguro nga dahil bago lang sya she was not well equipt to handle such case sabi nga dito sa dubai ng mga indiano (you are royally screwed) sabay iling ng ulo.sa akin na experience ko rin once na magalit ako sa customer kasi wala pa akong sahod ay the same time tumatawag na ang family ko back there about the money at may emergency tapos ang alam kong 3-4 day pa bago makarating ang pera.sinabayan pa ng makulit na customer na pilit na nagpapaturo ng pag operate ng computer na alam mo naman na hindi sayo binili at habang may kausap ka pa ay sabat ng sabat hanggang sa iyong taong gusto talagang bumili ay umalis na rin sa buwisit sa kanya maaring ganyan din yan na trigger lang ang babae ng makarinig ng word na masama.tao lang tayo minsan na o over look natin nag mga bagay.actually they deserve each other eh.a customer who could not control his mouth must shut up.ok he has the right agree ako doon pero.babae ang kausap mo.wala sigurong magulang yun na nagtuturo sa kanya ng mabuting asal.dito sa arab country pag nagmura ka sa salesman or customer service lagot ka dahil ang phone mo ay nakarehistro at yung number mo trace ka agad kulong ka agad may latigo pa..hehehe.

  31. Ace says:

    they both wrong that’s all I can say why? it simple if you are a call center representative they should know how to deal to an irate customer if they don’t I think you have to file a resignation why? you’re not suitable for this kind of job if you’re short-tempered person that can easily spill out your emotions you have to step out. and same goes as the narrow-minded customer its a absoulutely true that customers is always right you have the right to complain ok na sana na minura ka ng csr may lusot ka na dun and you can complain directly in supervisor but in the end binawian mo pa ng mura may katangahan ka na rin dun bakit? inisip mo na customer ka and you think that you have the right to say profane languages against her? mali n nga cya dadagdagan mo pa ng mali ano palagay mo sa kanya “robot” na walang pakiramdam? kung ako cnabihan mo yan “SAME TO YOU” ang ibabalik ko lang sau la ng iba because hindi mo sila binayaran para murahin mo ang empleyado tanga.

  32. dyamez says:

    magsilbing aral nlng 2 sa mga nagttrabaho s customer service dun slalo sa gurl.nextym maging maingat kau sa mga binitawan un salita at cguraduhin nyong nakamute un mic nyo…un lng…

  33. Erjay Nepomuceno says:

    Now I know why is there a mute function in a microphone. This is what I was thought during my training. I feel sorry for that girl. But I think she should have listened carefully because it’s not her whose being bad-mouthed but it’s the system. Well, it’s her first time. This is what I needed to learn.

  34. sly says:

    as always –bad words are bad words and should not be uttered at all times.See how both of them invited evil.

  35. alvin says:

    yan bote nga sayong babae ka paiyak iyak ka pa dyan binabastos mo ung customer di tama yan!!!

    sana matanggal ka sa trabaho mo!and sama mo sa customer GRRRRRRRR!!!

  36. alvin says:

    dapat sayo babae ka nakukulong :P

  37. ccboi says:

    wawa naman ang girl..kulit naman kasi ng cust eh..kahit naman ata magreklamo xa sa phone buong maghapon d naman maaayos ang system..offer na nga ang girl na bigyan xa ng feedback pag naayos na ayaw pa nya..hindi naman robot kausap nya na hindi natatamaan sa mga pagmumura kahit indirect..kaya yun.. naging fault lang ng agent ai d niya na mute! hahahaha wawa naman..

  38. jose luis zapatero says:

    por que no te callas!!!!!!

  39. ash says:

    we must admit that the caller is a bit harsh, but based on what i have heard it is at first the initial feeling of the customer to feel inconvenient with the service of pldt. Any ways, to the csr, i know it feels awful to hear cursing words, but emphasize first before making an unnecessary response. please try to hold your feelings… and to all the customers out there please be a man of patience it doesn’t mean you pay for the service… eh pati dignidad ng kausap mo ay binayaran mo na rin!

  40. ash says:

    we must admit that the caller is a bit harsh, but based on what i have heard it is at first the initial feeling of the customer to feel inconvenient with the service of pldt. Any ways, to the csr, i know it feels awful to hear cursing words, but emphatize first before making an unnecessary response. please try to hold your feelings… and to all the customers out there please be a man of patience it doesn’t mean you pay for the service… eh pati dignidad ng kausap mo ay binayaran mo na rin!

  41. Dolores says:

    This is a FOB conversation! Fuck all FOB’s. Speak fuckin’ English not barbaric Tagalog.

    Typical FOBS can’t understand a damn thing!

    FYI, Filipino nationals (aka FOBS) are known to be cheaters and swindlers in the U.S. The gentlemen caller is how Filipino-Americans view Filipino FOB’s.

    The lady reacting and crying is so stupid…A typical FOB woman. FUCK YOU ALL !

    FOBS make Filipino Americans ashamed to be Filipino.

  42. Roberta says:

    Dolores, girl you are right!

    First of all, honey, if these people were in the U.S. of A., they would be laughed at.

    A Filipino man – from the Philippines – is a cheating scum anyways. They have no business ethics or morays. He probably isn’t even circumcised.

    The caller, acted like a damn “weak” housewife. All she had to do was hang-up. Crying please! What a disgrace to all women. Typical F.O.B. And their English pronounciation, oh my god, gag me with a spoon!

  43. edron says:

    i cant hear thier conversation. wala nba ung file? gusto ko din mrinig un XD

  44. ryan says:


  45. D_V_Dx14 says:

    agent> catherine
    >una hindi dapat murahin ang customer
    >pangalawa sya ang na una
    >pangatlo CCA ka ibig sabihin may manga bagay na dapat di mo ginagawa sa trabaho


    karpentero, hindi pwedeng tabingi ang pako kasi hindi matibay

    CCA, hindi pwedeng pumatol sa customer dahil yun ang dahilan kaya ka binabayaran…

    >kung dimokaya sumunod umalis kanalang kaysa mag kalat ka


  46. pag gagantihan ang customer, BE SURE na gamitin ang MUTE button….!!!!!!!!!

  47. tandaan mo pangalan ko! says:

    eh putang ina pla yang lalake n yan, kya k hnd mkakapunta ng amerika dahil wla kng asal, kala mo kung cno k! hnd k marunong mkipgusap..wg nmn snang murahin din ang asawa mo o nanay mo ng mga lalake dyan…putang ina mo!!!wlang ganyan s states. nakakapangulo ka ng dugo ang sarap mong kulamin.

  48. tandaan mo pangalan ko! says:

    s putang inang lalakeng un gayundin s mga sumasang-ayon don, sumpain kyo sa demonyo nyong pangunawa, mga taong nabubuhay ng wlang diyos…mga MANGMANG s kabutihan.

  49. "putang inang RAUL" says:

    bakla kang putang ina ka!! kung snay k s murahan lamunin mo mura namin…hnd mo alam ang galit ng babae at ng mga nakarinig d2 pag bumalik syo un pra kang gumawa ng sarili mong multo…pero wg ka magalala mr. siraulo, may panahon p apra magbago! magsisi k n habang hnd pa huli ang lahat.

  50. siRAULo!!! says:

    sayo miss! wg k n magalala panig syo ang diyos ,smantalang si satanas nmn ang kay raul.. ganun tlga mga ugali ng wlang asal tapos may balak pang mag-abroad! don ka sa impyerno mag abroad…fuck & damn u RAulo.

  51. siRAULo!!! says:


  52. siRAULo!!! says:


  53. siRAULo!!! says:


  54. siRAULo!!! says:


  55. How Sad says:

    Awwwwwwwww, it brought tears to my eyes. Seriously, parang nangiyakngiyak ako. Pero, tama si Raul. TANG*** is what he said. walang MO.

  56. arman says:

    haay.. call centers.. smart bro has that problem and it irritates me. it took us 3 days and suggest for rebate. i apply for the rebate and checked it on my bill at hindi naka appear. shocks.. i called again and csr told me na it was not rebatable. shit and i argue high blood me. and then it ended na pwede naman pala.

  57. dionisio cruz says:

    ang katotohahanan sa usapan ng 2…..KUPAL ang raul baklang reklamador na tang ina

  58. funny! hahaha. let me repost this!

    kakatawa ung CSR konting mura lang ganun na. naku madaling matatanggal sa trabaho yan!

  59. nothing says:

    dapat ang ginawa nung girl inasar n lang ung guy kasi kupal ung RAUL masydong ngmamagaling edi dapat ung raul pumunta ng site ng pldt at sya ang gumawa ang mali lang nung girl is hndi lng nya narinig ung mura nung raul pangit naman din kasi makikipagusap ung raul sa ganun na magmumura pa kung galit sya wag syang mgmumura nakapa non-professional ung guy tapos hahanapin pa nya ung supervisor para ako murahin din ang masasabi ko lang dun sa gurl na dapat bago sya pumasok sa ganung trabaho dapat tanggapin nya ung mga bulyaw ng mga tao. i feel sorry for her nakapaka non sense ung usapan ” ito lang masasabi ko sa RAUL ako n lang murahin mo wag ung babae bakla ka ba pinapatulan mo pa ung babae” un professional ka pare… pasabugin ko ulo mo eh gs2 mo… RAUL

  60. Nix says:

    the unethical customer vs. the unprofessional CSR

  61. Jr says:

    FiLe couLdn’t be found… This must be interesting…

  62. pldt is bad says:

    after listening to the conversation, gago yung costumer rep, nagulat ako at minura rin nya yung costumer bigla, napamura lang sa inis yung costumer kasi gago naman talaga ang pldt. NAUNA nga ang costumer pero addressed sa pldtgago hindi sa girl pero yung mura ng girl adressed sa costumer.

    kaya ayun napamura na ng husto yung costumer. gago yung pldt pero gago rin yung girl. pag ako nakausap nun mumurahin ko rin.!!!!!!

    isipin mo ikaw na nga ang naperwisyo ng pldtgago, tapos iaangal mo lang sa call center mamumura ka pa.
    gago ang pldt and lahat na magdedefend sa kagaguhan ng pldt ay gago rin. fuck that girl. and fuck you all that actually sided with the shitface.

  63. RauLgay says:

    eh putang ina pala nyang raul na yan eh.. kung ako nakausap nyan malamang lahat na mura nya sa akin babalik sa kanya.. bading ba yang gago na yan?? putang ina.. suntukan nlng taung bading ka eh.. gago.. isa ka pa “pldt is bad” putang ina mo.. isa ka din na bading na gago ka.. putang ina ka.. shitface ka pang nalalaman na gago ka.. putang ina mo.. mamatay na kaung mga walang modong mga bading na pumapatol sa babae kau.. mga putang ina nyo.. ano pakiramdam nga mga gago kau?

  64. RauLgay says:

    subscriber din ako ng PLDT.. oo nakakainis nga ang serbisyo ng PLDT pero di un dahilan para murahin mo ung kausap mo na CCA.. kahit na ung pagmumura mo eh hindi patungkol dun sa babae.. di ka dapat nagmumura.. malamang kahit ikaw pag naiirita ka.. kahit hindi patungkol sau ang pagmumura pero ikaw ang kausap malamang mangigil ka din diba? kaya putang ina ka.. gago.. magpaka lalaki kang gago ka

  65. Zephiroth says:

    hai parehas noob..both impatient and uneducated..lalo na ung guy, panu kea nabubuhay ang mga taong kasama nun..kung ako dun ibibigti ko xa sa cable ng tel para xa ung maging ground

  66. Al says:

    After listening to the audio file hindi ako nabuwisit sa pangit ng serbisyo ng PLDT kungdi kay Raul!

    Tama lang na magalit ka sa service pero not on the girl, wala naman siya magagawa kung palpak yung service nila, she’s just working there.

    Kahit naman nagmura ka nang tangina na walang mo, kahit ako yung csr magagalit ako e.

    I just subsribed to PLDT Call ALL, 1 week na di pa rin naactivate yung sim ko, been calling them everyday, up to now wala pa rin. Kinukulit ko sila Im showing them im frustrated with the service and the same answers i get everyday. I just hang up the phone after dahil wala akong magagawa di naman boss ng pldt ang kausap ko e, tanong nagtatrabaho lang.


    Both of them are wrong….If you are working in a call center, don’t ever fight back to the irate crocodile customer even customer’s have no any rights to explode some foul words taking against you. You should always empathize & pacify the customer promptly and well-manner because you are there as a customer service. To Mr. Raul, he already know the status of his complaint and he already informed that Field Technician are already working on it because of upgrading facilities on his site, why he still insist to have his internet back on in a minute? What a JERK customer…! There are more customer in the Philippines that I’ve always encounter with same attitude to Mr. Raul (Impatience, JERK, Stupid, uneducated, worst, Sarcastic, and IDIOT). Please look the mirror first and say it those fetid words and you will feel what the impact those toxic words to yourself.

  68. agentdinako says:

    i think the only problem here is the agent forgot to press on the mute button. :)

  69. agentdinako says:

    i’m also an agent from an ISP but there was never a time that i said something bad to the customer.

    because whenever i say something not good, i’m on mute… :p


    i think the girl just got confused with the mute button. there was a quiet moment while the customer said his so called “expression putang-ina” before the agent cursed back. it seems that she’s already on mute but just pressed the button again just to vent out.

    remember that the agent’s best friend is always the mute button. :D

  70. paranoia says:

    hahah… yea.. i think she just forgot to press mute.. every agent has the right to curse but be sure to press mute.. when i was an agent, the mute button was my bestfriend..ahaha

  71. yung guy pa-cute,gustopamagmukhang goodboy.Teka walab sya iba means para tumawag sa states? Hehehehe ngpa-cute sya kc cute yung voice nung gurl.hahahahaeh kaso namura. hay walang kwenta to,pero ok n rin kasi may dalawang tanga n pinagtagpo ng tadhana. hahahahaha

  72. jacqui says:


    Is that how PLDT agents are trained? Di sya dapat in that work.

  73. Torian says:

    Lol, the agent caused the misunderstanding. Almost everyone who’s in a hassle nowadays will swear/curse, but that doesn’t always mean that it’s always gonna be directed at someone. That’s just bullshit… if I were to say oh fuck, I’m screwed.. then someone hears it out, that doesn’t mean that I’m already swearing at someone.

    Although Raul was being bitchy, she should have know how to deal with those type of customers… since there’s a lot of customer are getting pissed because of PLDT’s great customer support (Sarcasm just in case you guys didn’t know)

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