Manny Pacquiao knocks out PLDT WatchPad

Manny Pacquiao knocks out PLDT WatchPad

My brother kept on begging me for a week to set up PLDT WatchPad on the laptop so we can hook it up on the LCD TV for the Manny Pacquiao vs. Miguel Cotto fight today.

Being on a 2Mbps Plan 1995, I thought the PLDT WatchPad might be a bearable option to watch the big fight. PLDT was also promoting WatchPad a lot and promised subscribers can watch the Pacquiao-Cotto fight for free.

I was scheduled to fly back from out of town around that time so I shrugged off the possibility of seeing the fight live.


Fortunately, our Cebu Pacific flight from Legazpi came in early (a rarity) so I got home just in time for the first round. But alas, we settled for radio commentators as the PLDT WatchPad set up didn’t work. It was slow, choppy and completely unbearable to watch. More angry comments from WatchPad users here.

I was hoping PLDT would shine this time around by bringing the Pacquiao fight for free to hundreds of thousands of its subscribers. This would have also set a precedent and would prove that PLDT is ready to do some sort of an IPTV service. Now, if they are planning to charge subscribers in the future (and that’s the whole idea here) for the live streams, they might as well re-think it first.

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65 Responses

  1. Ian says:

    yeah soobraannggg bagal. Promote sila ng promote ndi nman ko nman mapanuod. sana nanuood na lang ako sa sinehan. malaki pa screen at tuloy tuloy pa. aircon pa.

  2. dylim says:

    A lot of crap Watchpad is… we did not even gotten past “Buffering 5$…”, not to mention numerous responses of “Connection was lost..”

    PLDT – Pure Lies Devoid of Truth!

  3. Ian says:

    Swerte pa pala nmin 2hrs na pag rereconnect tpos magpeplay ng wla pang 30sec tpos magrereconnect ulit. sobrangg bagal.

  4. Ian says:

    ndi pala 2hrs mga 20 mins bagal prin un. sobrrangg laggy

  5. Troy Samia says:

    yup. totoo nga.

    dami kong friends na na-convince at nag install ng watchpad. lahat sila wala akong narinig at nabasa today kung hindi puro reklamo. tsk tsk

    buti na lang at di pala ako napasama. kung hindi kasama ako sa mga nainis. ;-)

  6. Patrick says:

    It is filled with promotional crap. I wish I didn’t bother registering. Thank God for sopcast we were able to watch the live stream. Yun ang totoong NO commercial breaks.

  7. dylim says:

    Ano plan niyo Ian? Kami yung 1299… pinagyabang pa nila na pwde pa mag-HD sa plan na yan…


    PLDT – Puro Lies Di Totoo

  8. Ian says:

    sobranngg bagal talaga..sana sa sopcast nalang ako. sa huli na akong nagdecide mag sopcast eh. masmalinaw pa

  9. dylim says:

    Kami naman sa ESPN annotation na lang nagtiyaga.

  10. a.cantos says:

    i knew it… one of the reasons i didn’t even think of trying it… good thing it’s always FREE live telecast in Dasmarinas Cable in Cavite.

  11. lance says:

    Mine was good even though its not clear, I was able to watch 8 rounds! :D Here’s the link:

    Also, I heard smart also offered a free streaming on mobile 3G. Anyone?

    PS. For unknown reasons the host took the site down immediately after the match. :) But man it was awesome! hehe Goodluck to PLDT!

  12. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    Pacquiao Matches = the best stress test for digital streaming video XD

  13. francis says:

    another inefficient utility service provider, oh well what do u expect……. di na sila nahiya

  14. dylim says:

    Whatever happened to truth in advertising? This is pure panloloko…

  15. Kuya Kevin says:

    My experience was awful. PLDT should have thought twice before advertising this as a way to watch the fight.

  16. ukay says:

    yup pldt watchpad is laggy

  17. Verrafabb says:

    Sobrang nakaka-inis 1995 din me! Grabe promotion with matching announcement pa na if you register before Nov. 7 “you might not be able to see the fight”! Eh kahit pa nga umpisa pa lang nag commercial ang watchpad eh nag register na agad ko pero hindi pa rin ako nakapanood!!!!!

    Thank you for posting this blog! I really hope PLDT will make a statement about this!

  18. iTechMe says:

    ganda ng coverage sa SOPCAst knina! haha ganda ng quality and walang lag! gling ni pakyaw!

  19. ewancooo says:

    I knew PLDT would fail once again!

  20. Erwin says:

    Watched it on my wife’s phone. Its just one of the free channels smart offers to users with a tv function, not 3g (unless the tv shows are streamed via their 3g network, but I assumed not since the phone doesnt show a 3g connection when you watch the tv channels). Bit choppy, but hey, its free..

  21. Oni says:

    wla kayo maasahan sa pldt s plan 999 k nga hnd umaabot ng kalahati yung speed may nalaman p silang watchpad watchpad i totally agree with the acronym given to PLDT

    Pure Lies Devoid of Truth

  22. anonymous says:

    this is bullcrap, i felt bad for those who opted not to watch the fight thru pay-per-view, umaasang mapapanood sa Watchpad na wala naman pala.

    Bufferring…. 0%… zero!

  23. Buti na lang dito sa saudi sopcast kami nakakapanood

  24. petken says:

    Sopcast din kami no lags very smooth ang playback. Kinabit din namin sa lcd tv via hdmi. Free pa!!! PLDT Watchpad Subscribers magpadisconnect na kayo kasi yung sa terms and conditions patay kayo nagkaroon na ng bayad ang watchpad automatic kayong masusubscribe at magkakaroon na kayo ng fee for your subscription.

  25. yeah… keep getting disconnected and the verification error… I guess.. it’s too much for PLDT to serve all the people who signed up for the service… With this downtime… I don’t think PLDT will be promoting their WatchPad service anytime soon!

    Too bad!!!

  26. anonymous says:

    Well my fellow friends, diskarteng pinoy, panlalamang at isip tsinoy perahan. We all gonna live with that since we are filipinos and we are on the Philippines.

    ~in short walang libre dito, walang discounts, lahat pang gagayuma lang para kumita at lumobo ang bulsa nila.

  27. chris says:

    sayang oras.. pinanud nlng sa cnhan ang galing mgpromote ng product pangit nmn an service.

  28. Rickmor says:

    I think I deserve an apology. PLDT apologize to me for wasting my time!!!

  29. whaâ„¢ says:

    akala ko ako lang ang may prob naganito…

  30. Agrimensor says:

    IMO the fight didnt last even a second.It was over before the bell rang.

    PLDT Watcpad vs Sopcast…whatta joke!

  31. kcvelasquez says:

    wow.. swerte ko pala dahil nakanuod ako sa watchpad ng walang putol.. mababa nga lang ung resolution.. T_T

  32. Stephen says:

    Good fight. Well done Manny

  33. I love how this post was titled… Its brilliant!

  34. itpinoy! says:

    unfortunately, the “manny p” of pldt failed (again)… good thing, “manny p” prevailed over cotto!

    headline bukas – Head & Shoulder Knocks Out Cotto!

  35. Vance says:

    What’s new hahaha..

  36. Wala says:

    wala talagang kwenta itong watchpad ng PLDT…niloko lang lahat tayo…. cge lang… naniniwala naman ako sa karma!

  37. very disappointing service indeed!!!

    So much for the heavy promotion that they are doing… before the fight!!!

  38. Another one down for PLDT. Aren’t Smart and PLDT sister companies owned by the same person? Both companies are already getting a lot of flak!

    Please correct me if I am wrong though.

  39. Edgar says:

    Glossy adverts usually fall short on the performance side, more so on tech issues. Flak on the “speediest” mobile broadband, and now this.

    Bad press totally deserved!

  40. Calvin says:

    what a booboo. sinayang ng PLDT opportunity to showcase how good watchpad could be. tsk tsk.

  41. jackdsniper says:

    ang tagal na nga magragister,ang hirap pa naka connect,round 8 ko na tuloy naumpisahan,pa dead line dead line pa sa registration wala din wenta,next time sa laban ni pacman vs. pretty boy,hindi na ganon

  42. nanayMo says:

    What happened? Haven’t they thought before they pushed this service that almost the whole nation would use it on the Pacquiao-Cotto fight?

    Quick, PLDT – promote something more reliable to save your faces. XD===XD…

  43. Jeff says:

    blessing in disguise na rin pala na I was not able to register for this.. Mas okay pa ung mga free streaming websites.. ung iba naka HD live stream pa.. tsk tsk tsk .. nice marketing strategy, sino nga naman ang naagrabyado, eh di subscribers.. PLDT should address these complaints accordingly..

  44. berkano says:

    CRAP PAD is a must better title

  45. skagen says:

    usually sa sopcast kami nanunuod pag may laban na ganito. mabilis with no lag pag nanunuod. :D marami naman reply eh. you can even download the fight. hehe!

  46. bitoy21 says:

    watchpad sucks … strategy ng pldt for its subscribers to upgrade, but who would want to continue using a service provider that’s lies to its own subscribers? Pldt should fire its marketing team in charge of this, heads should roll.

  47. jujajonis says:

    watched it in sandbox and it was good :)

  48. jun says:

    ala na.. wala na mag subscribe sa service nila na yan.. hehehe.. di nila kaya.. plan 1995 ako pero.. di pa nila ma enable yung hq.. ayun tiis nalang ako sa sopcast at p2p4u.. wala naren kasi kwenta sa justin.. sobrang bagal din

  49. PLDT Should fire the team one who make and market this its really a failure …

  50. irv says:

    well, PLDT wanted to know how their WatchPad performs under heavy load.

    And they found out last Sunday. It performs like CRAP under heavy load.

    Try harder, PLDT.

  51. cross says:

    Pure Lies Devoid of Truth
    i totally agree with that shit buti na lng i got to see some streaming link PLDT lol i am paying to much for them for plan 1995 and still i got 550kbps? and they sed it’s normal daw lol as soon as contract is over putolin na.. watchpad from machine call here and sed i can watch on the stupid pag lol in the end i fail.. low quality of service

  52. andy says:

    heavy load di kinaya…
    naglaro nlng ako ng flashgames para di uminit ulo
    buti naka connect ako just in time roun 3…
    pasalamat kayo me palipas oras kayo….

    pldt watchpad shoutout fix it,

  53. marvs says:

    “heavy load di kinaya…
    naglaro nlng ako ng flashgames para di uminit ulo
    buti naka connect ako just in time roun 3…
    pasalamat kayo me palipas oras kayo….

    pldt watchpad shoutout fix it,”

    @andy ako round 2 nakakonek. it’s hard to connect at first maybe kse sabay sabay nag-log-in. but it’s ok kse once i connected diretso na ung feed. i run at 1.5Mbps. sana madevelop pa further tong watchpad na to kse sayang. wala ko cable dito lng ako nakakanuod ng cable shows.

  54. che says:


    me too, late round na din nga makaconnect! ilang times ako nagtry lalo na ng morning grabe, ayaw talaga… but thank goodness naka panood din ako,at least di pa na aanounce kung sino ang panalo.

    Sana naman by next time ayusin nyo na ang watchpad, this is the start of new technology here in the Philippines, we subscribers are expecting alot so next time kung me ganyan sana ready na talga.(^^,)

  55. berto says:


    I still believe na nag overload load lang yan sa server nila, of course di nila yan gusto no! pero un lang many users are not satisfied with the result,like me buti nalang me sandbox, galing galing, watchpad? sana yes next time ausin naman mga pips. hirap umasa pero pwede pa naman bumawi di ba guys? next time kung meron. everybody deserves a second chance.

  56. Trixie says:

    I am one of the MyDSL subscribers, ever since PLDT has a promo I never stopped patronizing it, of course I used Watchpad for Pacman-Cotto fight, as an individual I am voicing out my gratitude to PLDT, I have watched the fight with not smooth (with buffering most of the time) but at least it gave them a lesson that they would never forget, most of the users have different complaints, as well as me, I AM HOPING THAT IN THE FUTURE IF YOU STREAMED AGAIN A BIG EVENT IN WATCHPAD, PLEASE BY THAT TIME BE PREPARED ENOUGH EXPECT THE WORST NO. OF SUBSCRIBERS, I KNOW AS AN AVID SUBSCRIBER OF PLDT, YOU WILL NOT LET US DOWN AGAIN. MORE POWER! Thanks. I am still looking forward with those future events guys.

  57. mikemiz says:

    naka11 rounds kami! hahaha pero grabe kasi nung simula kala ko hindi ko mapapanood dahil tagal ng buffer sa undercard..tapos derederecho na nung fight ni pacman. problema lang, bago magstart ang round 12, pinutol na ng pldt! amf dun pa naman tumaob si cotto! dapat nga ayusin nila to

  58. Pinoy-PC says:

    PLDT subscriber ako, plan 999 pero ok na naman ngayon ang watchpad. pero nung una plng download, wala tlga every 5 sec tigil tapos hintay matagal. tapos ngayon biglang bumilis ang net ko, nakaka nood na aq ng mabuti, 1 click lang watch na agad

  59. empoyduck says:

    woooooooooooot pldt is just like this website

  60. thats the sad part of PLDT… they wanted to be the first, they wanted to be innovative but some products are horribly poor and inferior.

  61. zion says:

    Mga lintik kyo kuha kaya kyo ng ibang isp!!

  62. edle says:

    how to download ba the watchpad?

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