PLDT upgrades myDSL Plan 3000 to 5Mbps

PLDT upgrades myDSL Plan 3000 to 5Mbps

Good news to all PLDT myDSL subscribers on Plan 3000 — bandwidth upgrades have been rolling to all subs as early as first week of this month. The plan was bumped up from 3Mbps to 5Mbps.

Subscribers are getting offers of the free upgrade as long as they continue their subscriptions and lock it for another year. So far, only the Plan 3000 are being offered the upgrades while the lower tiers have not been extended the same.

pldt mydsl

This move might have been prompted by the recent offerings of other competing ISPs that offer 3Mbps and 5Mbps at prices between Php899 to Php999 (although the bandwidth is capped for these plans).


It’s a good proposition that should show what customers will be willing to shell out. Here’s the round-up:

up to 3Mbps @ Php899 with 15GB bandwidth cap {see story here}

Sky Broadband
up to 5Mbps @ Php999 with 15GB bandwidth cap {see story here}

PLDT myDSL Plan 3000
up to 5Mbps @ Php3,000* without cap

We should note that the PLDT myDSL Plan 3000 also comes with a free land-line and WatchPad account and free NDD calls for 1 year.

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51 Responses

  1. jun says:

    hope they will offer upgrade on lower plan.. para every body is happy :)

    • Jun says:

      hmmm pero damot paren ng pldt.. sila ang leader.. dapat man lang 10mbps.. :) para hataw..

    • daniel says:

      oo nga… 5.05mbps per second na ung internet namin! astig talaga. no wonder bakit sila ang pinakamalaking telecom company sa philippines pati smart. haha

  2. Erik Gatmaitan says:

    Yuga: what specifically happens after the user reaches the cap for both Bayan and Sky?

    • Arvee says:

      Sorry if this reply is not from Sir Abe. :) But I would like to try answering that.

      1 TipidPC member and 2 PinoyDSL members subscribed to SKY’s 5Mbps plan already confirmed that their speed has slowed down to around 700-800Kbps. There’s no fine print where this slowed down speed came from but they assume that this is based from SKY’s plan 999’s (uncapped) speed which is 1Mbps. There’s still no info on their billing statements, though.

  3. Noir says:

    Any update on other Plans like 999 1999 ????

  4. JunAlquis says:

    i thought the 3000 was only for landline then you still pay for the landline w/c is 700 making the dsl+landline 3700

  5. Jayvee Melendez says:

    “We should not that the PLDT myDSL Plan 3000 also comes with a free land-line and WatchPad account.” —–

    “Your DSL High Speed Plan’s Monthly Service Fee (MSF) is billed on top of your Landline’s MSF.”
    —- —-

    Which one is true about the landline fee?

  6. manaka_junpei says:

    gusto ko sana yung plan 990 na internet+landline eh mahigit sa 384kbps, like 1mbps na sana.

  7. Oni says:

    maligaya n ako sa speed ng plan 999 basta wlang bandwidth limit

  8. Steve Jobs says:

    I love Globe Tattoo SuperStick Plan 1299. Super bilis 5Mbps with NO CAP.

  9. Jon says:

    Oo nga, sana yung lower tier plans ay magkaroon ng upgrade. That would be sweet, and I would even consider going back to PLDT as my ISP.

    However, this is still a sweet deal. I hope PLDT does not do this gimmick just to get more subscribers, then over-subscribe eventually. Sulit na rin to for download junkies.

  10. Bri says:

    Our PLDT landline bill is 700 on top of the 3000 mydsl so yea its 3700

  11. Ben says:

    I got this plan not realising I was getting ‘bumped up’ to 5mbps from 3! In practice I am getting well over 5mbps at certain times of the day … which is excellent for my torrent downloads, however I am finding the ‘old’ 2 mbps was far more stable as far as web page loading and refreshing is concerned …

  12. chinitoguy says:

    This is good news! I hope they could upgrade other plans like Plan 1995 which currently has 2Mbps that I’m with right now.

  13. JM says:

    WOW!! I wish they will upgrade lower plans such as 1999 and 999 :D
    1999 2mbps – 3mpbs
    999 1mbps – 2mbps
    1299 784kbps – 1mbps
    for bundle plan 990.
    from 384kbps to 784kbps that is not bad!!

    I LOVE PLDT if that will be the case..ahahaha

  14. Andre says:

    why dont they just upgrade us automatically…
    i know im paying landline on top of the internet, dati pa to. but really, they should just uncap the limit for 3K subscribers.

  15. troy says:

    i just called 172, and they mentioned that our area is currently not on the Next Generation Network. So I guess Marikina will have to wait for the speed bump.


  16. Arvee says:

    This is a good move for PLDT. A good reward too for those who have been loyal to their Plan 3000.

    I hope PLDT finishes their NGN roll out on Baguio so I can try this 5Mbps goodness :)

  17. Totem says:

    Sana pati yung plan 990 i-upgrade din nila. Super bagal ng 384 kbps. Parang yung ino-offer lang na speed ng Smart Broadband like 3-4 years ago. Dapat maging competitive mga companies :D

  18. wow ok to ah, pwede ko na pa-upgrade yung internet connection namin.

  19. vince says:

    not sure if the speed bump is automatic for old customers. Some reports say that you need to wait for it to be offered (coz not all areas have the upgrade yet) and if you do, you get another year lock in. Worth it IMHO

    As for lower plans, as of now there is no plan to upgrade, probably since a lot of the competition does not have the same price range like globe tatoo lamborghini. Maybe next year

  20. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    was thinking of applying for that PLDT Mypad since subscribing to it would bump my speed from 768kbps to 1Mbs but hate the extended lockdown time (and the terms you don’t get to own the tablet itself).

    Hoping we PLDT MyDSL subscribers will get the upgrade soon at no extra cost

  21. Karl Mac says:

    I am subscribed to the mydsl plan with 1 mbps but I am getting 3+ mbps. What’s up with PLDT?

  22. leadman says:

    beggars cant be choosers. dont expect much if you pay peanuts.

  23. raph says:

    what’s the minimum speed you get out of the ‘new’ 5mps plan?

  24. obiwan25 says:

    No matter how good it is. They’re lack of technical support!

    Ok lang yang pag starting… kapag marami at nag congested na yong line. wala din sila may ipaliwanag!

  25. 21 says:

    AW, we’re using SMARTBro speed 1Mbps. PHew compared to this.. What can u say,

  26. keemo says:

    Just got upgraded to 5mbps but speedtest showed 3.24 mbps only, dsl rep advised me to monitor within the day.

  27. Dong says:

    I’m current 3mb subscriber ng PLDT. As of now, may problem ako sa stability ng connection. Around 3 weeks na akong ganito. Ang sarap na nga basagin ito modem nila. Hayz!!!! Walang kwenta ang 5mb nila kung di naman stable, yung palaging napuputol ang internet connection. Sakit sa ulo kaya yun, lalo na kung may client ka na kausap sa skype tapos napuputol. Nakakahiya di ba?! Put*ang In*! na lang lagi ang nasasabi ko araw araw dahil sa PLDT na ito.

    • thony says:

      pag ganyan yung connection mo, ipa-waive mo yung bill or wag mo bayaran. kasi sayang ibabayad mu. :)

  28. Alchoholicsementhrow says:

    Throw in a free android tablet and it’s a done deal!

  29. xio115 says:

    Called regarding this so called upgrade. And was not available for me. It seems that they are offering this to subscribers whose contract term has expired already. Since mine is not over will not be able to get the speed boost.

  30. LongIslandIceZ says:

    kalokohan to eh exclusive lng to pra sa new user!!!

  31. LongIslandIceZ says:

    tsaka kpg magpromo sila di nila sasabhin sa ad nila kung kailan hanggang may deadline pla

  32. tintin says:

    saw on PLDT DSL’s website that the 2mbps plan is now 3mbps.

  33. xio115 says:

    Well after lots of complaining they finally agreed to upgrade me to the 5mbps. So far been two weeks and no change at all in speeds from when I was under the 3mbps. It seems like a ploy to get you to stay for another 12 months

  34. fata1ity says:

    free upgrade nga tataas nmn ang bayad mo nag inquire na ako nito libre daw pero di na 3000 ang bayad mo 4000 na kalokohan talaga to

  35. pathetic. .i was informed this upgrade of bandwith is not available for us since we’re still under PLDT broadband’s old facility..isn’t that they should offer this more to old subscribers like us who’d been loyal to their company for so many years?

  36. nene ting says:

    pag luma na mother board mo at gusto mo i-upgrade connection mo …bibilis ba 2

  37. PLDT BULOK says:

    If only the ZTE Broadband deal pushed thru guess what 1,000 niyo is probably 10mbps by now not exagging here trabaho ba kamo ng pinoy at labor hindi naman magdadala ng container ng mga intsik ang ZTE dito magkakatrabaho pa nga reg labor fee tingi niyo ba mataas sweldo ng mga empleyado ng PLDT ofcourse don’t count the higher ups. Kayang kaya naman ng PLDT babaan yung fee pero baka mangayayat yung mga nasa itas… Pwe! Kadiri kayo!

  38. rommel says:

    At least di sila nangscam katulad ng bayandsl
    “upgrade to a higher speed with the same monthly fee.”
    sounds good right?
    but you have to pay the installation fee + 1 month fee +1 month advanced fee on the next billing. reset pa yung lock in period.

    naghihirap na ba bayantel. dati autoupgrade sila a. sumasabay lng sila sa mga speed ng competition nila. believe me even if you dont upgrade they’ll still upgrade it kasi mapapagiwanan sila ng kompetisyon. yung 1.5 mbps ko autoupdated sa 2 mbps nung nagupdate yung pldt. yung pppoe to dhcp convert libre lng dati yun ah. this is a money making scheme. kailangan talaga nila madalian pera. so yung nascam nila ay yung 1 month advance fee saka installation fee.

    yung mga di naupgrade. papayag ba ang bayan dsl na you remain at 1.5 mbps for 1500 pesos if pldt has upgraded to 3 mbps for 999 pesos. believe me they’ll try to match pldt. kung hindi mawawalan sila subscriber.

    yung rebate palpak rin. yung technician even if they arrived 2 days later merun na agad dun report from technician that they had arrived at your house within that 24 hour period. ikaw pa tuloy labas na sinungaling.

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