Galaxy Note 4 & Gear S free on Smart Infinity Plan 5000

Galaxy Note 4 & Gear S free on Smart Infinity Plan 5000

Yesterday, Smart announced it is accepting pre-orders of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Shortly after, they also release he postpaid plans that allow subscribers to get the handset for free.

The expected release of the Galaxy Note 4 is sometime around the end of October, and interested subscribers may submit their pre-orders so they can get it for free with respective postpaid plans.



So far, Smart has just revealed which postpaid plans the Note 4 will be available for free. The lowest we’ve seen is Php3,500 a month for 30 months. Here’s the table oft he current postpaid offers.

Aspire 35000Free Galaxy Note 4 @ 30 months
Free Samsung Gear S & 1 month MSF for 24 months
Prestige Plan 5000Free Galaxy Note 4 & Gear S
Free Galaxy Note 4 & 2 VIP Tickets to Chicago
Premium Plan 80002 Free Galaxy Note 4
Free Galaxy Note 4 + Gear S + 32" TV or 2 VIP Chicago Tickets or GC or MSF

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    Proof read before you post. have a nice day. :)

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    That expensive? Any veracity to this?

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