Sky Broadband offers 200Mbps at Php34,999

Sky Broadband offers 200Mbps at Php34,999

Sky Broadband has announced this afternoon its ultra high-speed broadband internet service reaching speeds of up to 200Mbps at Php34,999 a month.

Sky Broadband is offering four plans for its ultra-high speed internet access:

Plan 24Mbps for Php9,999 a month. Bundled with free 1 HD Box with 1 Digital Additional Outlet Installation, free Gold Subscription, free HD Innovation Pack, and free 1 Additional Outlet MSF (Monthly Service Fee).

Plan 48Mbps for Php12,999. Bundled with free 1 HD Box with 2 Digital Additional Outlet Installation, Free Gold Subscription, Free HD Innovation Pack, and free 2 Additional Outlet MSF.


Plan 112Mbps for Php19,999. Bundled with free 1 iRecord with 3 Free HD Additional Outlet Installation, Free Gold Subscription, Free subscription of 17 HD channels, and free 3 Additional Outlet MSF.

Plan 200Mbps for Php34,999. Bundled with free 1 iRecord with 3 free HD Additional Outlet Installation, free subscription of all HD channels and over 100 other digital channels, and free 3 Additional Outlet MSF.

The 200 Mbps broadband service will be initially available to residents in the following villages: Valle Verde 1 to 6, Corinthian, Arcadia, Acropolis, Greenmeadows Subdivision, Blue Ridge, White Plains, La Vista 2, Rizal Tower, Hidalgo Place, Luna Gardens. Amorsolo Square, One Rockwell, Magallanes Village, San Lorenzo Village, Urdaneta Village, Bel-Air Village, Palm Village, Wack-Wack Village, Ayala Heights, Loyola Grand Villas, Philam Homes Subdivision, New Manila, Rolling Hills Subdivision, Xavierville, North, West, East and Northeast Greenhills Subdivision, Alabang 400, Ayala Alabang, Alabang Hills, Ayala Southvale Village, Hillsborough Village, Tahanan Village, Forbes Park, Dasmarinas Village, Multinational Village, BF Homes, Executive Heights, Merville Subdivision, Park View, Sun Valley and Better Living.

Sky Broadband is expected to further expand its services in more areas in the next couple of months.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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41 Responses

  1. UnknownDevice says:

    ang mahal naman. kaya sa mga mayayaman na area lang available. bias ang mga ISP d2 sa pinas. sobrang mahal na nga puro ‘up to’ lng ang connection na binibigay.

  2. Ramon says:

    Hmm nah, it’s good that they’re offering this, but it’s still too expensive, and it’s almost guranteed that it won’t reach it’s advertised speed =/

  3. Mitee de la Cruz says:

    may mobile broadband ako na sun at DSL sa bahay na pldt pero lage ko naman naabot yun speed na binabayaran ko… kaya minsan nag tataka ako bat yung iba sinasabi nila hindi nila abot yung sa kanila…

    pero sir abe meron ba to bandwidth limit or unli to?

  4. grayscale says:

    bandwidth cap?

  5. JustAThough says:

    Damn! That’s pricey.. I wonder who will subscribe to this.

    They could’ve increased the speeds of their current subscriber base instead of looking for a niche group. Also with sky broadband, with the way their network is made, you have a hard time downloading from direct download sites like hotfile etc..

    Also, a more accurate speedtest would be to use a server outside the country of origin :)

  6. garz says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay overpriced!!!

  7. Cocopako says:

    2mbps okay na sakin,,,

  8. ChrisP says:

    Wew.. Pricey much! OK na ko sa 1 Mbps. :)

  9. Pundit says:

    Wew, pricey much!

  10. icerkx says:

    Bakit hanggang ngaun mahal parin ang presyo ng intenet,999 parin nila ay 1.5mbps, subalit dito sa singapore naka 100mbps kami ay abot 3500 lang. nang aabuso lang sila

  11. wako says:

    is this unlimited?

  12. Suarez7 says:

    Bibili na lang ako ng bagong sasakyan. haha
    Ang mahal!

  13. jhepoyski says:

    naka sky broadband ako dati and since naka proxy lang sila laging shared yung connections and you wont be able to download sa mga file sharing sites (mediafire etc.)

  14. JustSayin says:

    it would’ve been nice if they updated the speed of their bundles to get more subscribers,
    rather than go for a niche market.

    also a more accurate test for speed would be to test it on a server not located in the philippines.

  15. mcometa says:

    Kaya ang target market nila nasa executive villages eh. Dayum! OVERR PRICEDDDDD!

  16. Harold says:

    Aanhin mo naman daw ang 200mbps sa bahay.

  17. meh says:

    USA is about 20Mbps for $60 or 3000php hummm

    How can sky justify these prices? Is the equipment made of gold and enchanted by magic fairies?

  18. Badong says:

    Tapos may capping na 10GB a month


  19. Emman Malaman says:

    The more of this offers, the better! Competition kung baga kasi ang pinaka-aggressive ko pa lang na naririnig na pwede lumaban dito is PLDT Fibr. Wala naman na akong balita sa Globe.

    And yes, merong mga makakaafford nito sa mga mentioned subdivisions lalung-lalo na yung mga anak ng mga executives or CEOs earning half a million a month of paycheck tapos mga spoiled brat mga anak nila: “Daddy, I want the best of the best Internet connection”.

  20. negro says:

    kupal ang mga ISP natin dito sa pinas, buti pa sa ibang bansa ambibilis ng internet connections

  21. tbone says:

    I think the reason behind this is hindi subsidised the government ang network infrastructure. Kailangan maglatag ng smart at ng globe ng sarili nilang infra. Sa ibang bansa, isang infra lang gamit lahat ng provider dun dadaan, kaya mas mababa ang cost. 34K medyo sobra yun kasi sa ibang bansa may 20 or 30Mbps ka na na fiber pero max of about Php 10k Lang ang babayaran

  22. Mr. Curious says:


  23. nikko says:

    bat may ping pa sa PLDT 0ms na yan 50mbps download 30mbps upload….

  24. Ave.Uzer says:

    I am paying for the up to 1.5 Mbps plan…
    I AM REACHING 1.8 Mbps so fuck you Skyhaters, eat shit and suck dicks you fucking faggots!

  25. Jherwynne Javier says:

    I just hate it when an ISP is making excuses and taking advantage of the “up to….” scheme.

  26. Mag Dungo says:

    Sky is crazy! Who in their right minds will pay P35K a month? For an intermittent Sky broadband? We all know Sky’s track record. We’ll probably get 40% uptime and we will never reach the 200Mbps. Yun ma ga-gaurantee ko. In Korea you can get 1Gbps for P2,000 a month, fiber optic pa. Not some low-tech cable. Rip-off!

  27. Edwin P. says:

    ano naman kaya ang data capping nyan? 15GB o 35GB? what a waste of additional bandwidth…

  28. Jessie Bejerano says:

    Is this for real? saan available ang Bandwidth na ito? meron ba kayo dito sa baguio? PM me guys im looking for a bandwidth source…

  29. jessie bejerano says:

    any techy guy from Sky or Bayantel na pwedeng sumagot sa tanung ko? is this the Asia America Gateway submarine fiber na nagland sa La Union? do Bayantel extract bandwidth from this gateway facility? if so then i would agree it would reach this top speed for now..for now, since hindi pa congested ang traffic? i believe philippines will not consume even 10% of the designed capacity of this Gateway facility.. guys try to chek on this link AAG investor ang bayantel sa submarine fiber na ito.. i would love to subscribe on this if its AAG..

  30. Chuck says:

    I must say, Sky made it happen! I’ve been a happy Sky Broadband subscriber for 3 years now, and never experienced any intermittent connection, the trick there is not to subscribe with their Landline and you should be fine. Since they worked with Cisqo, it has been great and harmonious all throughout the way.. If I have some extra bucks, I’ll surely upgrade to that 200mbps! 1 Season of your favorite drama in 30mins? wow!

  31. Felix says:

    i hope and pray Google Fiber will have a country test and that will be philippines imagine their plans

    120$- Free HDTV Channels, Nexus 7 tablet, 2TB Storage, guaranteed 1GBPS upload and download free equipment (HDTV Box, Network/router box, Storage Box 2TB)

    70$- the same 1GBPS speed and 2TB storage except no HDTV and Nexus 7 Tablet

    FREE- you only need to pay 1 time installation but you get free internet for 7 years with a 5mbps download 1mbps

    ALL DOESN’T HAVE A DATA CAP so imagine niyo guys pag yung google naisip nila gawin tayong experimental country naku malulugi lahat ng telco providers dito for sure tiba tiba tayo sa presyo considering kahit i 10k nila yung may HDTV connection atleast sigurado yung speed natin

  32. Enzo says:

    Oh, come-on BAYANTEL, your speedtest is pointing to SKYBroadband server…You so bias. Why don’t you test it out with servers in the US where majority of world’s websites are hosted.

  33. I wanted to thank you for this excellent read!! I absolutely loved every
    bit of it. I have got you bookmarked to look at new stuff you post…

  34. kamote says:

    cable dsl speed is total speed over N of subscribers so 200mbps / 200 subscribers paying 35k a month = 1mbps trololo

  35. adrian says:

    200MBPS. Thta’s ridiculous. that 200mbps is only avilable for webhosts in the philippines. if the website is outside the philippines, that’s probably only 1mbps.

    why don’t you test it using servers outside the philippines if it’s really 200mbps.

    MG, thay are charging 1000Php for 1 mbps (philippines pmly, server speedtest outside PH is probably .0001 kbps), in other less advanced countries in asia, 6mbps is less than 1000PHp a month

  36. Joean says:

    Too much for too little.

  37. Luis says:

    I have had internet providers all over the world, and by far SKY is the very worst. No other company comes anywhere close of having that distinction. THEY DISGUST ME!

  38. Andreia says:

    I’m talking to my friend from the Netherlands.
    and he said that the internet there is only euro 90 for 150 mbps that’s equivalent to:

    90 Euro equals
    5379.56 Philippine Peso

  39. D says:

    I’m a regular person looking for an awesome internet connection, due to my… I might say hobby of downloading tons and tons of stuffs on the internet… And I might say, this is a pretty rip off Plan… True, because, we can really possibly reach that 200mbps or maybe even more in a much cheaper price… The answer for us to have that is, “DO NOT CONTROL THE INTERNET PROVIDING, LIKE WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO THE RICE CROPS.” And for the record, YES! We are TOP ONE! for having the SLOWEST internet connection in the ENTIRE WORLD.

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