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Android for people with less money; iPhone is for the rich?

Mapbox is a mapping software that shows people who tweet using an iPhone come from the rich neighborhood, while people using Android came from the less fortunate spots in America.

comparison NJ NY

The photo above shows Newark, New Jersey with lots of green dots that represent tweets coming from Android devices. Now, I haven’t been there but according to the source Newark is where the less fortunate people live. In contrast, New York where lots of yuppies and business professionals dwell are flooded with red dots, representing tweets from iPhones.

“The rich, it seems, use iPhones while the poor tweet from Androids,” remarked Business Insider.

While that may be the sad case in America, it’s a bit different here in the Philippines. Using Mapbox, you can type in a specific city and country for it to show the stats. The pictures below show the Android and iPhone users in Makati, Manila. As you can see, the dots representing both parties are somewhat even.

Android users

Andorid users in Manila.


iPhone users

iPhone users in Manila.

This just means that the users here in the Philippines are both fans of iPhones and Androids almost equally. You can even try it out for yourself and see the stats in any place of the world — there’s even a filter for BlackBerry and other users so it’s pretty cool to check it out.



Kevin Bruce Francisco is the Senior Editor and Video Producer for YugaTech. He's a Digital Filmmaking graduate who's always either daydreaming of traveling or actually going places on his bike. Follow him on Twitter for more tech updates @kevincofrancis.

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69 Responses

  1. random says:

    I think this only represents users who also use Twitter. But in the Philippines, surely android users clearly outnumbers iPhone users. IMO.

  2. Gno says:

    Yes, the case maybe really different from one place to another just like here in the PH. Not all iPhone users are rich, quite a lot I notice are social climbers/”feelers.” They’re obvious. Being classy/rich should come naturally and that is true. So whether you’re using an iPhone or Android, it still cannot justify your social status. You bet.

    • BeRealistic says:

      I’m pretty sure it can determine your social status. Just like businessmen with their watches; the more expensive, the more successful looking.

      I ask you this, with all the same qualifications and attitudes, would you rather think someone with an iphone richer than someone with something cheaper? YES. Because iphones are expensive = people with money can afford

      I’m not saying it is A TOTAL REPRESENTATION of someone’s social status, but it is definitely one factor.

    • Gno says:

      @BeRealistic Well, let us clear things up first. I said, justify not “determine.” And I guess what you’re trying to say is that, what you wear/have in you could represent where you are in the society. Same qualifications/attitudes of who? You mean “Because iphones are expensive = people with money can afford.” I totally disagree. You can’t actually say that a person who owns an iPhone is rich. Yes you can afford, but what about the other things around you? Is that where you allocate most of your money? I give you a real-life case, in a hospital where somebody begs to release the patient though they cannot pay the bills. (Take note of the high-end phone owned by the person?). There are so much more real-life cases that you yourself have to see. It depends on a person’s allocation of his savings. Well yeah, you have your iPhone, you were able to buy it, but you don’t have your own house, medical insurance, budget for healthier foods etc.

      Another is that, do we even know where you got your “iPhone?” It could be a stolen one and you paid cheaper, just for you to have it. So please, it’s a very bad reasoning/analogy “Because iphones are expensive = people with money can afford.”

      “would you rather think someone with an iphone richer than someone with something cheaper? YES.” Really? Don’t you dare underestimate those people who don’t own an iPhone or who owns something cheaper. You have no idea that they can buy you, your friends and your club.

      Good thing, you said that it is not a total representation and just a factor. Again, a very little factor.
      Affected much?
      Ito lang yan mga tropa, Bato Bato sa langit…

    • Critic says:

      You really can’t say that iphone is only for the rich or social climbers. It is not a luxury device per se. How can you tag someone who uses an iphone as a social climber? What’s their attitude or behavior? Maybe you need to expound on these.

      For me the social climbers are the people who bought fake iphones or android gadgets just to show that they had one. Not those who bought the real thing.


    • carla says:

      Pag naka iphone social climber agad? di pwedeng bitter ka lang? chos

    • lolwut says:

      You guys have good arguments here and I wanna share another view of opinion. I believe that Apple didn’t actually started this concept of having the best gadget equates to better social status. Remember the days when Nokia’s phones were made of titanium even when it has monochromatic screen? Even before that when cellular phones was as big as a brick(literally, people who sees you using one in public revered you as elite. It may not be the intention of the company to embed to us that having the best and most expensive gadget makes our social stature as elite, but it has automatically developed because of human nature. As with all analysis of phenomena, there are two sides. It’s just that people will believe what they want according to what suits them. In the end we are all passive recipients of technology.

  3. suigeneris says:

    I think so too. Not for anything, but there are a lot more android users than iPhones because statistically there are a lot more android phone manufacturers and only one iPhone manufacturer. Factor in the cheaper cost of owning an Android Phone vis-a-vis an iPhone.

  4. Michael says:

    iPhone has some limitation while Android is boundless, yet probably more powerful than any mobile OS.

  5. Justin says:

    Android is for techies; iPhone is for idiots.

    • Bieber says:

      Ok you’re the techie one, what do you know about iphone?just say it, you can’t afford to buy an iphone..

    • Bading ka! says:

      @Bieber, What if Justin tells you na Xperia Z2 ang unit nya? which is around the price of a latest iPhone model?
      Anung hirit mo ngayon? Nde nya parin kaya bumili ng iPhone?

      Ano ba ang mga nagagawa mo sa iPhone na yan maliban sa magsend ng spam messages kung kani-kanino, asking for load ha!?

      Ipalunok ko sayo yang iPhone na yan eh.

    • aha says:

      @bading ka!

      napaka-pang-engot lang naman ng argumento mo.

      what if lang pala eh. eh what if cherry mobile pala phone nia, ano hirit mo mamaya?
      pustahan tayo, malamang naglalaaway ka sa iphone pero di mo lang kaya ang presyo, kaya bitter ka! haha!

      sa post mo pa lang, halatang bengol ka. di mo din ba kaya ang presyo ng iphone? haha!

    • exag says:

      So naka android phone ka lang feeling mo ang techie-techie (x100) mo na? Pathetic! Ito ang totoong feelingero!

    • Justin says:

      Nexus 5 user here. Yes, hindi kasing-mahal ng beloved iPhone ninyo, pero just as powerful.

      Bottom line, ano nagagawa ng iPhone ninyo na di nagagawa ng N5 ko? Answer: WALA! Pero you spent P30K++ on your iPhone while I spent P18K on my N5. Sure, Apple has more apps. Walang argument dun. But do you really need all those apps? Meron naman lagi katumbas ang Android.

      Any knowledgeable tech person would know this… hence my initial post.

    • wew says:

      @Justin but it doesn’t mean nexus 5 is better than iphone.sa personality mo,oo lamang ang android, pero sa iba hinde.

  6. Jay says:

    It’s a matter of preference. I get my music from itunes,so im stuck with iphone

  7. Mirror says:

    I guess it’s a balance of preference and priority. I prefer iPhone over android because I think iPhone has better camera and it’s easier to use than androids. But since I’m tight in budget, it is less of my priorities so I settled with an android. Maybe if I get sufficient budget, I may buy old iPhone models.

  8. Kevlar says:

    iPhones are expensive so they are for the oldies, can-affords and can-loans.

    Androids are for the young generation like students, techies, low-incomes and the rich who can afford an S4, S5 and Experia Z’s…

  9. Ngangot says:

    Its not about who can afford what.
    Android phones are also expensive, depending on the brand and model.

    It’s all about who tinkers alot with their phone, thru rooting and what not.

    So iPhone would be for Non-techy people.
    Android is for Geeks/Nerds.

  10. Karl says:

    It can be one indication but cannot pain the whole picture. I have three ios devices but I still prefer Android as my main gadget for browsing and even doing online banking transactions. I don’t tweet as much as I do with Facebook and G+

  11. abuzalzal says:

    si Inday nga at si mamang barker naka iPhone…does that mean their rich? hehe

  12. rj says:

    Some people just buy iPhone para sa “status symbol”. Ok lang kahit 3GS sa kanila basta iPhone. Yung iba kine-credit card installment pa para lang ma-afford.

  13. abuzalzal says:

    Fandroid : ”iPhones are for people na walang alam sa tech who prefers simplicity over productivity”

    iTard : ”Isa kang hampas lupa! Huwag na lang mag comment kung walang pambili!!!!”

    ….Notice the pattern of response here hehe, so typical

  14. abuzalzal says:

    iTards are so full of contempt…..kelangan bang isali sa argument na may pambili kayo? and besides you’re just using an ”internet name” so nobody gives a fuck about who you are or how much money you make…….

    talk is cheap kids…..

  15. simplyviolingeek says:

    It’s really just a personal preference, nothing more, nothing less.
    I admire the simple beautiful look of the iPhone, yet i wont ever dream of buying one even if i had the funds. I don’t like the iPhone. Even on the android side, I’m not a fan of samsung. Preference people, your dream phone may not be another’s dream phone. There’s actually nothing to argue about.

  16. Bungul says:

    Ang daming mga engot dito!!!
    Kung naka iphone ka isa lang ang habol mo yung status symbol na naka iphone ka. Yung ganda ng quality output nya. Yung hindi sya basta basta na ba-virus. Naka iphone ka kasi simple gamitin madali maintindiham na kahit bata edad 3yr old kaya gamitn iphone.

    Naka android ka kasi mas marama kampag pipilian na brand ng phone. Naka android ka kasi pwede ang torrent at wantu sawa ang download. Naka android ka kasi mas mabilis mag labas ng model. Naka android ka kasi mula s pinaka mahal at mula sa pinaka mura pwede ka ma mimili. Naka android ka kasi may kalayaan ka gawain at abusuhin ang cellphone na hindi kaya gawain ng iphone.

    Ako gusto ko iphone kasi maganda output ng sound quality nya. At madali gamitin.

    Ang gusto ko sa android kasi kung halimbawa nasa byahe ka at gusto mo mag download sa torrent swak na swak.

  17. Bob says:

    Well, there are a multitude of ways one can own either an Android or iPhone. Our local telcos here at PH offer them at relatively cheap postpaid plans that anyone who would really channel their resources to it can afford. It’s just a matter of personal preference when it comes to choosing between an Android phone and iPhone. I would say it’s not an indicator of one’s economical status, but rather a manifestation of one’s capabilities, priorities and choice.

  18. Tae nyo says:

    To make the story short:

    iphone – boring and its for the less techie knowledge people

    Android- boundless, limitless, etc…

    Note: please, do not argue, because THATS THE TRUTH !!!

  19. Diorarat says:

    . . . What’s the point of the study? Androids have budget phones to premium models. Apple only has a premium line. Obvious naman sagot.

  20. Jeremy says:

    More like this:
    People who do nothing but tweet, facebook and IG use iPhones.
    People who do more than that; watch movies, surf the net, download stuff (power users) use Android.

    I jump ship every now and then but the pathetic screen size and battery of the iphone keeps me coming back to Android. And using iPhone 5S made me even more frustrated. On-screen time of less than 3hrs is a joke, touch ID works 1 in 4, downloading things that requires me to turn on my PC is a pain. The screen size os starting to look minute. Not to mention a lot of App crashes with Facebook, etc. The once most stable OS is now falling apart bec of iOS 7. I hope the iPhone 6 change some things. Till then I’ll be holding on to my Note 3.

  21. Ken says:

    I don’t care about iPhones and Androids. I got a Windows Phone. LOL

  22. Ardy says:

    Hahahaha! it is so funny reading the comments here. Just by the comments alone and the way people react to the article, I can already pinpoint the android users from the iphone users.

    NOTE: I am an android user. And Bejesus, I can afford a goddamn iphone. I just don’t like how ‘monopolizing’ iphone technology is.

  23. That's true says:

    Based on the map, iPhone users are more likely to make tweet sa daan when they are stuck sa EDSA traffic (see the mahabang line on the map?). It’s because iPhone users make subscribe to data plans unlike Android users who make butingting with their phones so they can make gamit the internet for free. But most of the time, their free internet don’t make gana, so they can’t tweet outside except when there’s WiFi they can make gamit.

  24. joseph says:

    basta ako mas gusto ko na magmukhang low profile lang ako kaysa high profile…
    let’s admit it guys kapag nakakita ako naka iphone 4s above it means may kaya sila sa buhay..(salary above 17k a month)..
    ang bad lang sa apple fans here is commenting “may pambili ba kayo?” if may nababasa silang negative comments about reviews of a specific apple devices, e normal lang naman sa lahat ng gadgets na may bug mapa android pa yan or apple kaya wala dapat napipikon kung reasonable naman yung mga negative comments nila,

  25. telepono says:

    well that’s for metro manila. may stats ba for the whole philippines?

  26. Kri says:

    Lahat naman ng OS may kanya-kanyang advantages at disadvantages. Have tried all OS mapa BlackBerry, Windows, iOS at Android. Pero, at the end of the day, kung saan ka mas hiyang at comportable dapat duon ka. Kaya ako anu’t ano pa man ang nagamit ko bumabalik pa din ako sa BlackBerry. Happy & Satisfied with my BlackBerry Q10

  27. wew says:

    sabe na eh magkakaroon n naman ng ganitong argument lol hahaha ung mga nakikipagaway jan halatang mababaw utak nyo kanyakanyang preference yan. d ibig sabihin customizable ang android,mas maganda na.may disadvantage at advantage yan.di porket simple lng ang iphone at may pagkarestrictive,mas pangit na.may disadvantage at advantage yan. wag isip bata,alm nyong parehong may maganda at pangit sa dalawa kahit ano pang sabihin nyo.

    • archie says:

      I agree with what you said. Nasa tao pa rin kung ano ang mas preferred OS niya. I think hardcore fanboys of any OS should stop nonsense debates.

  28. drake says:

    Not true.

  29. rape says:

    Lagi ako napapaisip kapag may mga ganitong android vs iphone na debate eh hindi pwedeng mawala yung ganitong comment from iphone users na

    “Wala lang kasing pambili blah. blah..”

    Seriously? yun lang lagi nyong argument?

    I’m an android user and also tried IOS and if papipiliin ako, in a heartbeat I will choose Android.

    Android kasi mas user friendly sya, pwede ko sya saksak sa ibang PC na hindi mawawala mga music files ko, pwede ako mag bluetooth ng kahit anong files, kapag bumili akong android di ko na kelangang saksak sa PC at magdownload ng punyetang itunes na yan.

  30. heptix says:

    Old na po yung “may pambili ba kayo?” statement na yan. Pantay na yung prices ng flagship ng androids at iphone 5s if you check tech blogs and stores frequently. May mga switchers na rin ako nakikita from iOS to Android dahil siguro nakikita na nila yung laki ng improvement ng middle to high-end android phones. Ako, primary phone = android, iOS = tablet. Mas functional pa rin kasi yung former.

  31. CuriousShopper says:

    so what kung gusto ng iphone users less specs but pricy item… so what kung gusto ng smart-android user ang spec-d but affordable item???

    it always goes down with preference.

  32. Easy E says:

    I have ip5 and nexus5. I’m rich and poor at the same time LOL. Ang ganda ng usapan, popcorn pa! Haha

  33. Ex-Alodian Knight says:

    I tried joining the iCult, but when they asked me for my credit card or if I had a credit card, I was pushed aside.

    Hence, I wasn’t part of the iCult.

  34. Jax says:

    Even if I’m a millionaire I’d still stick with the best Android device instead of an iPhone.

  35. gg says:

    Android pang practical, iOS para sa mayaman at trying hard. Hahahaha!

    • gg says:

      Android pang techy, iOS pang call,text,social networking, etc
      Note: i have both os, just my obervation. Peace :)

    • hh says:

      Naka android lang techie na agad? Define techie pls!

    • Alphere says:


      Yung tipong kaya mong baklasin ang source code ng android at lagyan mo ng sarili mong customization kasi open source unlike iOS.

    • Hh says:

      You do not need to be tech savvy to do that. Basta marunong kang magbasa ng instruction on how to use the software tools to access the root folder magagawa mo yan. The instructions are specific. It’s not like you are creating a new script or application to do that. How is that different with the non-techie people based from your definition?

  36. Patrick says:

    This is a troll article. I’d buy an iphone if it had a big hd screen and an android OS.

  37. anokamo says:

    iPhone is for people who pretend to be rich.

  38. aze says:

    i know lots of iphone users that are broke and has money loans from me lol, im an android user,

  39. Chris says:

    Haha :) Nice article – this is not true. I lived for a long time in Vietnam, and the split between android and IOS is at least 50 – 50 :)

    cheers chris

  40. jefdev says:

    From my perspective, this is how Professor X sees the humans and mutants from his supercomputer Cerebro.

  41. Tetik says:

    Ganito lang yan: Toyota vs. Crispa, Coke o Pepsi, Asado o Bola-bola, McDo o Jollibee, Intel vs. AMD, Canon or Nikon and it never ends.

    Just one word : PREFERENCE

  42. Alphere says:

    Dapat pinag compare yung High end android vs iphone, syempre madami sa android yung mga lowend pero hindi din maafford ng poor ang mga high end na android.

  43. Alphere says:

    How about Windows Phone, para naman sa mga middle class?

  44. Summer says:

    I like iPhone too, but the tubong lugaw principle.

  45. wiwi says:

    nagdeabte pa kayo eh ang pinoy naman kasi pag magnda phone feeling bigtime na …sa totoo naman magnda nga phone ni magdownload nga ng simple hndi alam.. masabi lang maporma at mukhang may pera …MAPAGPANGGAP lang … pare pareho lang ang phone for communication not for PORMA lang.. maiphone man or android yan..

  46. a says:

    alam niyo asa user pa rin yan eeh

    kung android or apple user ka nga pero hindi mo naman nagagamit lahat ng features wala din..

    pero kung ako papipiliin android pa din ako kahit anong mangyari kahit hindi smooth mas madami kayang gawin ..

    para saakin lang binabayaran ng apple user yung logo lang napansin ko sa apple user iniingatan yung logo ng apple pati case may butas para malaman ng lahat na apple ang gamit nila hahaha

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