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Here’s how you can keep your current 15GB free OneDrive storage

Remember when Microsoft announced that it will downgrade the free OneDrive storage to 5GB and discountinue the free 15GB camera roll bonus space for Microsoft accounts starting next year? Here’s the good news: The Redmond company has reconsidered its forthcoming changes and made it possible for current users to retain their spaces by creating an option to keep them.


It’s a good holiday present from Microsoft, who recently withdrew its unlimited storage options in light a recent incident involving “a small number of users backed up numerous PCs and stored entire movie collections and DVR recordings. In some instances, this exceeded 75 TB per user or 14,000 times the average.”

To keep your current free 15GB OneDrive space (and 30GB to those who activated their camera rolls on Windows Phones) by clicking on this link. Once you opt in, Microsoft will ask for permissions to add or remove OneDrive space anytime. After that, you will be directed to a space that you have kept in your current storage.

The offer expires January 31, so we recommend to act now before it gets beyond that date.


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4 Responses

  1. jesslopezph says:

    Many thanks for this post. I have no idea that they planned to reduce it in the first place. OneDrive is my preferred cloud storage service.

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