New Freindster Phishing Site Uncovered

New Freindster Phishing Site Uncovered

A reader emails in and points to a new site he accidentally stumbled while mis-typing Freindster instead of Friendster (a popular social networking site in the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia).

As shown in the screen shot below, the website looks like the real thing.



Phishing sites are used to illegally obtain sensitive or personal details such as usernames, passwords and credit card details. Most common sites being faked are eBay, Paypal, and online banking sites.

With 10.7 million Filipinos (from just over 5 Million two years ago) using Friendster worldwide, it’s not a surprise Friendster is also becoming a target of phishing scams. And in this case, the phishing site is most probably harvesting fresh email accounts.

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33 Responses

  1. noemi says:

    the domain registrar is enom. I reported the domain as phishing site . Hope they act on it.

  2. macdonalds says:

    McBilly reported about the same thing way back last year. It’s nothing new, hundreds of fake friendster websites are born everyday. The key is to protect yourself from these fake sites.

  3. quezacolt says:

    nyaks, nakakatakot hehehehe

  4. jamie says:

    HOLY CRAP!!! that is scary. let me test it with a spare email and see what happens.

  5. jamie says:

    when i put an incorrect email and a fake password sa login, it just led me to a page with PX1 written on it.

    and the people on the front page are real people!!

    and when you view the page source, there is an email address:

    [email protected]

  6. jamie says:

    this is the moron who wants your personal information.

  7. Carl says:

    We can’t be sure about that. It’s easy to make a fake email or a fake profile just for the sole purpose of phishing.

  8. asdix says:

    grabe ah.. eheh
    galing ng mga yan..
    nakakatakot nga lang.. i mean, what if paypal or some bank site ma mistype mo.. tsktsktsk..

  9. jamie says:

    @Carl – it still has to be reported though. kawawa naman yung mga taong nasa front page ng fake site na yun.

  10. Lhurey says:

    there are some like this known as paypal spoof emails..

  11. ChrisMo says:

    There are several phishing sites on the prowl even fake reports from you’re bank. Just make sure you check the URL on the address bar and when in doubt, retype the complete url completely…

  12. The easiest way to find out if the site is a phishing site is to check on the URL address. If you given a link, hover your mouse on the link and you will see the url of the destination website.

    Using common sense and basis steps will surely free us from phishers. :)

    “Iphone codes, secrets, tips, upgrades”

  13. Maruel says:

    Nakakatakot naman ‘to, makagawa rin nga ng post tungkol dito para naman malaman ng mga kamaganak, kaibigan at lahat ng kafriendster ko ang tungkol dito saka maireport nga rin yung site…

  14. LiNTEK says:

    tsk tsk tsk tsk……. ingat….

  15. delikado.. imagine lahat ng contact mo over 300 mawawala tapos invite mo na naman sila manually.. just a thought.. does friendster backup friends so i don’t have to invite them again in case my account gets hacked?

    be careful friends…

  16. Kenneth Buenaventura says:


  17. grace says:

    hi to all musta na kyo jan?

  18. josh says:

    hi”din ahm cn i see ur freindster plss

  19. Myro says:

    no comment

  20. jerry says:

    honesty is the best

  21. Quincy says:

    I dunno if this is a redirector to a phishing site (since i wouldn’t know how to check anyway), but i received this dubious friendster message:

    “Hi,ask k lang po kung gusto mo ng free cellphone?Yup may free cellphone na d2 sa profile natin and i found out 100% true talaga!Tuturo ko sayo kung paano makukuha yung free unit.Eto yung main website nila sa ibaba: (with said link…)

    When i check it out, it bounces from the profile, to a nokia screen showing a promo to win a supposed cellphone, then a few seconds later, gets redirected to another site that just sits blank.

    can someone check it out? thanks.

  22. Arnjo Belgica says:

    Ngek! Gnunba?… Di s ngay0n pla, tlgang ndi na pweding itago ang mga pers0nal n4matn ng isang tao n0h?!… Nkakatk0t na pla tlga ngay0n!!!. . . Khit nga mga site ngay0n eh ang dli ng ma hack!…

  23. zero cool says:

    Hackers are cOoL all of u are dumb!

  24. EMMALEE says:


  25. mark lester says:

    waz up bro musta na kayo dyan lalo na sa bhei ko

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  28. Name: says:

    Unknown message

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