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Online news sites affecting newspaper volumes.

inq7 Ever since newpaper publishers went online and made their content available on the internet, I already assumed that it would someday affect the volume of their readership. I for one have long ago stopped my Inquirer subscription in favor of the online site of Inq7.net. Likewise, with all other sites like Manila Bulletin and Manila Times among others which also made their contents available online, the pass-on readership would have likely to go down as well.

The idea came to mind when some friends and I were discussing career opportunities with Inq7.net (seen the flash job ad on their site?), and how I used to want to work with their IT team years ago. I have met several people who used to work there and they told me about the working conditions and the pay scale. Well, seems like the most widely visited Philippine site doesn’t really earn that much from online advertising.

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4 Responses

  1. Fleeb says:

    It will actually affect the volume of papers but as I recalled during a science camp in one of the seminars given by a UP professor, he said that we cannot have a paperless society. One reason is that papers do not require computers so it can be read, and it is not subject to power outage ;-)

  2. ajay says:

    i would think that the newspapers don’t get bulk of their revenues from street sales but from advertisements..and the online versions still have to catch up in terms of ad placements, as you said

  3. yuga says:

    In any case, sales volume also reflects pass-on readership which in turn attracts advertising. If say, Inquirer was selling to 500,000 readers and the pass-on rate was 3, then you have a total readership of about 2M people.

    With the advent of the online news sites, I suppose the print readers were reduced, so did the pass-on.

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