AspectSolar DUO-Flex 2 Solar Charger Review

AspectSolar DUO-Flex 2 Solar Charger Review

Solar panels are becoming cheaper today. From establishments and to big houses having their own roof of panels in effort to reduce carbon footprint and save up in distributed energy cost. Now, we can have it in a portable, lightweight package you can bring anywhere as long there is open sunlight — the AspectSolar DUO-Flex 2.

Design and Construction

The DUO-Flex 2 does not look your typical solar panel, well, externally. It’s got a pouch-like design which we find pretty neat since the main purpose of having this product is to have it around when there’s no available socket like camping, trekking, or any emergency situation.



The AspectSolar DUO-Flex 2

The case is made out of canvas and neoprene materials. The whole body, including the panel itself, is claimed to be water-resistant, thus, you can rest assured that a little rain drop or spill won’t be a problem for the device. The case has 8 D-rings on its corners that can be used to clip in carabiners if you wish to hang it.

There’s a zippered water-resistant compartment for small devices. You can put in one device that would fill up the whole space or put two pocket devices like a portable battery and a mobile phone. You can slip it in and secure it with the built-in garter strap.


Water-resistant compartment with two divided garters

Also found inside the compartment is the micro-USB cable to be used to charge your devices. Keep in mind that the cable is non-removable and is only about a foot long.

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