iPed Tablet in the flesh, first impressions

iPed Tablet in the flesh, first impressions

With the help of our tipster, we went to VirraMall to look for the iPed yesterday. The store wasn’t very easy to locate so we had to wander around for a bit before we got there.

The box of the iPed Android tablet itself was a poor replica of Apple’s iPad with a little Android logo on the sides. Inside the box is the tablet, a regular charger and a USB cable. The unit did not have a stylus with it but I am told other stores offer them with one.

It looks like a smaller iPad, even the finish, but is obviously just made up of plastic and not aluminum.


The device is about 7 inches across and boots with Android 1.6. The manual indicates the tablet runs using a VIA processor @ 300MHz with 128MB RAM.

The display is just okay but not really that bright — gives an impression of a simple photo-frame you see in stores. It also has a resistive screen so you will need a stylus/pen or have to use your nails instead of fingers to navigate.

For storage expansion, the iPed comes with a microSD slot which you can plug up to 16GB. There’s no 3G SIM card slot here but the microUSB port hooks up to a cable where you can plug in your Globe Tattoo or SmartBro dongle to get wireless connectivity if WiFi is not available. The box says the device only lasts about 2.5 hours on a single charge.

The cheapest offer was for Php6,800 but I reckon there are other stores that might give this for as low as Php5k.

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66 Responses

  1. tantra2sex says:

    Mahal pala dyan sa virra mall,i think i will buy in 168 mall na lang.Plan namin ng wife ko to go to greenhills t0m0row.

  2. carlokreutznaer says:

    @abeolandres is that for real? 6800php? but no wifi…fail…

  3. Ernie says:

    With those specs, and that price, I guess it’s a disposable Ipad. I’d rather go for the Yugatech “April Fool’s” android tablet! ;)

  4. carlokreutznaer says:

    @abeolandres is that recomended? matibay kaya yan?

  5. froilanG says:

    sir, suggestion ko sau hanapin mo ung haipad m701…android 2.1 na OS non…

  6. tantra2sex says:

    OK thanks froilanG,available b sa virramall greenhills yung haipad m701 na un?And magkan0 ang am0unt nun?Where cya posibleng store pwede makita or mabili?

  7. froilanG says:

    sa sulit.com.ph ko un nakita…kaleidoscope88 ung nagbebenta php10500 benta nya….

  8. froilanG says:

    sa sulit ko lng nakita..kaleidoscope88 ung nagbebenta..bale php10500 ung price…

  9. JP says:

    It even has FCC approval, haha.

  10. android_fanboi says:

    ayus yung Box ah – nakakatuwa hehe :)

  11. rotero says:

    totoo kaya na FCC compliant sya?

  12. tantra2sex says:

    Thanks for the infor froilanG

  13. jay says:

    kahit mura yan ayaw kong bumili, baka sumabog pa or makasunog or baka naman toxic ang materials na ginamit dyan

  14. leeto says:

    pwede na yan at kahit masira ok lng mura naman. mabigat kasi sa bulsa ang IPAD, IPED na lng muna ako

  15. Dave says:

    It’s nice and handy, best for those who have means of acquiring it.

  16. mr. bogus says:

    woah woah… 6k na agad sya???… aba nagmahal ahhh!!!!! nung una 4k then naging 5k. at ngayon 6k na… nagsasamatala din ang mga nagtitinda..

    nag ask pa kayo kung fcc compliant sya ehh sa pekeng xmas lights meron nga nakadikit.. hahaha..

    kung mag survive sa inyo to ng 4 to 5 yrs tong iped na to.. well worth it!!!..

  17. J says:

    are you gonna buy one yuga for review?

  18. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    2.5 hours on a single charge? Pretty short IMO given
    -processor is extremely slow (300Mhz)
    -potentially unreliable battery (China + no support)

  19. euro says:

    madami sa sulit mas mura. specs ng 6.8k na clone sa sulit



    Processor :RK2808a Chipset (ARM9 @ 600 MHz + DSP @ 550 MHz dual-core)
    Display : 800×480
    Camera : 1.3 Megapixel CMOS camera
    Input : touchscreen
    Audio output : 3.5 mm jack, integrated speakers
    Networking : 802.11 Wireless b/g – built in
    Peripheral Support: USB HOST (mouse, keyboard, memory stick, etc)
    Battery : 2400 mAH
    RAM : 256 MB DDR2
    Internal Memory – 2GB
    Expansion Memory : microSDHC up to 32 GB


    Operating System : Android 1.9

  20. J says:

    @carlokreutznaer – it has wifi. Please read the article carefully.

  21. islacom says:


  22. islacom says:

    they should make a Philippine Tablet and call it iPenoy

  23. Bob Reyes says:

    Bababa din ang price niyan bago mag-pasko :D

  24. divi says:

    4k lang daw yan sa 168

  25. sylv3rblade says:

    I didn’t see any of the official Google Apps (Gmail, Maps, etc) from the shots.

    ilol’d! But I would be caught dead before buying anything called Penoy… unless it’s the edible one :)

  26. Edgar says:

    One of these days, Apple would finally register this “i” in its gadgets. Just a thought, with a wide grin! haha!

  27. sansan says:

    i think you cannot use plugit or tattoo on android-based tablets.

  28. Kinny says:

    The need for a stylus killed it for me :-D Will wait for the next generation iPads.

  29. watusi says:

    sa raon….5k na lang check nyo

  30. Mars says:

    Well, for those who can’t afford the iPad for now (like me), I’d have to content myself with the iPed.

  31. mousephotato says:

    168 Mall at 4,000 pesos checked last Saturday

  32. mousephotato says:

    I might buy iPed because of the Android and not the hardware

  33. mousephotato says:

    I just notice the booting takes 10 mins.

  34. marcdavao says:

    meron din dto sa davao 5k lng

  35. tantra2sex says:

    yes i check it in ra0n also,they sell it 6thou s0me store sell it 5thou dko lang alam if ibenta nila ng 4thou

  36. J says:

    @mousephotato any specific store selling in 168 mall? or any stall? Thanks

  37. J says:

    @sansan please read the article again. Carefully.

  38. Tetchie says:

    seems there’s different version ng iped…latest I thinks is the Moonse APAD E7002 with Telechips TCC8902 720MHz processor,256MB Ram, 2GB Nandflash built in, android 2.1, 1080p Full HD, Gsensor….very tempting but sells for more than 10 thou already.

  39. galing ako kaninasa 168 mall saw the unit binebenta sakin ng 6k mura diba :d pero ang bagal eh pati boot up mabagal

  40. pol balaguer says:

    @J can’t name stall… pero dami nagooffer ng 4K dont know if there something to do with the spec so try to ask the difference for the store selling it at 6K.

    Ok na rin sana si iPed sana di na lang kinopya yung design ni iPad

  41. Try this link nakita ko lang yan sa facebook but I don’t have any plan to buy one. IPAD China Made.
    Although maganda naman kahit papaano with its current price you can buy 5 units to be distributed sa mga members ng family. Naghahanap din ako sa 168 pero I haven’t seen one.

  42. techfromhell says:

    There’s no 3G SIM card slot here but the microUSB port hooks up to a cable where you can plug in your Globe Tattoo or SmartBro dongle to get wireless connectivity if WiFi is not available.? wow…. so globe tatoo and smart bro could run on android eh?

  43. mike says:

    i prefer this one over branded items. As we all know, we pay over 200% only for the brand name, add to that the marketing cost, the astronomical salaries of its executives, CEO’s, COO’s,and then the dividends of the shareholders, and you got an overpriced product.

    Besides, this thing does the job. I have this. And I use this just about anywhere: on the bus, on the jeep, on the street. Now do that with the IPAD

    I believe people (especially Filipinos) buy gadgets not based on its use and to make themselves productive, but to brag about it and as status symbol.

  44. heachpee says:

    There’s no 3G SIM card slot here but the microUSB port hooks up to a cable where you can plug in your Globe Tattoo or SmartBro dongle to get wireless connectivity if WiFi is not available.? are you sure about this info????

  45. kevin says:

    At this point…I would say I am happy with my APed/Iped…no regrets…I’m buying another one for my brother..though its hard to find a case for it…looking forward for the apad with windows7…will be available before the year ends as per the seller..and also an android phone with the same cheap price…3k…

  46. shaq says:


    lahat ba ng apps na pang android pwede po ba? o hindi sya pwde?

  47. how much na kaya ngyon to?

  48. kevin says:

    @shaq. The app market installed is quite useless so I use other sources. Most essential apps do work and my tablet is quite loaded now..some games may still work but in a smaller screen. Youtube works great as well.

  49. shaq says:


    thats great. im looking for a 2.1 android version

  50. shaq says:

    @ kevin

    how much is your iped and what model and how much?

  51. rookie1 says:

    Here’s the newer version of IPED and it’s specifications, I saw it in facebook online store


  52. Kakashi says:

    Just search HB Online store at Facebook

  53. jun says:

    i’m disappointed with the review. :-(

    “in the flesh”… pero parang hindi talaga nahawakan ni yuga yung unit. all the comments are superficial. parang basta ipinost lang para ma-crawl ng spiders at lumabas sya sa search results.

    pls do better next time, some of us here have brains.

  54. toshi says:

    P3500 na lang 168

  55. MrLeche says:

    Saw it the other day at Greenhills SC, and was priced 4,500. I was able to hold if for 15 minutes. Yep it has WIFI I was able to watch Shaq Vs. Shane Mosley on youtube. (you better check that out too)


    Mura for sure. Handy (I Guess) as replacement for your nook or amazon kindle :P


    Mabagal eh, I mean I don’t know if you’d last a week to say your satisfied at least. Konting dagdag nalang pwede kna mag nokia c3. Well I dunno If it’s comparable to it but. Basta mabagal siya.

    I was planning to buy one, then upgarde it to some more android OS, play around and see if I can max out its speed given the hardware specs.

  56. vidgen13 says:

    I’ll buy one if it can send sms LOL

  57. Rico says:

    Wag na kayong lumayo, meron sa Park Square Makati. Pwedeng tawaran up to 4K. Meron ding kasamang Leather case with built-in keypad, add lang kayo ng 1.5K

  58. rodeth says:

    ung Moonse APad.. may 3G capability… still in search d2 sa pinas…

    pero ung Huawei maglalabas din ng tablet.. kakalabanin ang Cherry Mobile Superion.. P13k lang and running in Android 2.1 at ang main attraction, pwede syang maging Wi-Fi hotspot ng ibang wi-fi devices…

  59. leandro says:

    muito bonito massa de mais

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