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Microsoft Zune gets cloned already?

Chinese electronic manufacturer, Oriphe, must have seen the the leaked pictures of Microsoft Zune last July. Just look at their new media player called the MPF2110.

Zune Clone

* 128 MB-2 GB flash memory
* 1.5″/1.8″ color display
* Plays MP3, WMA, WAV audio
* Plays AMW, MTV, MPEG, AVI video
* JPEG photo support, Voice recorder, FM tuner w/ recording, Lyrics
* 9 color combinations


Here’s their product page. Could they be the same people who created the fake iPod Nanos?

The original Zune (originally came out as the Toshiba GigaBeat) is hard drive based as against the flash disk of the MPF2110 knock-off.

Microsoft Zune Microsoft Zune

Aside from the wider screen size and wifi feature, the Zune’s basic specs doesn’t excite a lot of people, including me.

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2 Responses

  1. Zune Shop says:

    The Zune will be a great success and Microsoft will do well with it. This is not a Zune clone because they cannot clone the Zune services only the Toshiba device

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