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Samsung Galaxy Tab in the flesh!

Spotted in the wild is this Samsung Galaxy Tab, probably the first few units in the Philippines. That means it should be out in around 2 weeks from now. See photos and video after the break.

The device is a little bit thick and feels plasticky but still solid. It feels light though and could probably fit in a large pocket or inside a jacket pocket which is nice since it’s not as bulky as the iPad.

There’s no physical buttons on the front except for that standard touch panel at the bottom end. The are a plethora of ports, buttons and sockets around the side — from the microSD slot, SIM card slot, and a proprietary USB port by Samsung.


The TouchWiz UI 3.0 on the Galaxy Tab is similar to the one on the Galaxy S although it’s positioned on the right side instead of the bottom.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is almost as thick as the iPhone 4 with the rubber case on. Too bad I didn’t bring my Galaxy S with me.

See video clip of the Galaxy Tab below.

Still no word on what the retail price would be but my guess is that it will be north of Php35k.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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34 Responses

  1. YuYu says:

    I want this! I hope its not too pricey!

  2. godofredo says:

    wow. that was fast. sir abe, do you recommend it as iPad alternative?

  3. reynante says:

    parang China tablet lang ah ahehehe, wala nang thrill factor sakin

  4. Randell says:

    Now only if it were cheaper than the iPad.

  5. I’ll just wait for the 2nd Gen iPad.

  6. jologs says:

    Can you play Facebook games on this thing, like Restaurant City? If you can, then this is sold for me, hahahaha.

  7. Nomer says:

    I agree!, I will wait for the 2nd Gen Ipad..

  8. knox says:

    when will this be released? i want to have one as soon as it lands in the phil

  9. Solidhosting says:

    will buy iPad of course. thanks for the review thought. :D

  10. Fanboy says:

    north of 35k. as if hindi n’ya alam. pero joke lang. pakatapos pag ni launch ng 25,490 ito sigurado magtatatalon na naman mga fad-addicts dito.

  11. Randy says:

    Eto ba yung kanina Abe? Bilis ah! hehe!

  12. berkano says:

    @Jologs Android 2.2 supports Flash 10.1 so restaurant city is a go, without the need to buy or install apps. Full Youtube and Hulu experience is also guaranteed. You may be selective on when to activate Flash, as it may drain battery sooner. Despite this, with the right pricepoint and app support, Galaxy Tab > IPad any day. Looks like there won’t be a WIFI only version though. Care to pay $399 plus monthly MSF anyone?

  13. manibela says:

    haaay I want one, but at the price I’d rather save the money for a laptop (and I need a new laptop more than a device like this). So archos 70 na lang hehe :) Why ever did Samsung price this almost as high as an Ipad? I was expecting it to be half the price of an ipad or less… hehe wishful thinking.

  14. Dan The Beast says:

    sabi sa gsmarena 799euro daw????

  15. hell yeah says:

    from Jason Snell tweet:

    Galaxy Tab browsing experience disappointing. Lag before scrolling, serious judder while scrolling. Breaks the spell of touch interface.

    Android Froyo 2.2 is not optimized for Tablets says by their creator Google!

    Earlier this month, Google mobile products director Hugo Barra acknowledged that Android is not optimized for tablets and that third-party applications would not necessarily run properly on such devices. In a separate statement, Google’s compatibility program manager Dan Morrill highlighted Android’s support for multiple screen sizes and contended that most applications will, in fact, work acceptably well on devices with a tablet form factor. Mixed messages from Google have generated some confusion about whether the platform is ready for tablets.

    An unnamed LG representative told Reuters that the company has dropped its plans to launch an Android tablet this year and is in discussions with Google to determine how to proceed. LG still intends to launch an Android tablet, but no longer has a specific roadmap or timetable.

    “We plan to introduce a tablet that runs on the most reliable Android version,” LG told Reuters. “We are in talks with Google to decide on the most suitable version for our tablet and that is not Froyo 2.2”


    in 3 words: piece of crap

    Peace brothers! hahahaha

  16. nexusboy says:

    it’s nice but it doesn’t work for me yet.

    i have an ipod touch, nexus one and a dell laptop. for now, this galaxy tab doesn’t replace any of what i already own. siguro next year, pero by then the iPad 2 is hitting the stores na. :)

  17. allan says:

    hey abe, seems u fell in love with the iPhone 4.
    parang lagi mong dala. hehehe…

  18. craptastic says:

    mediocre tablet -not total crap, but nothing special

  19. jan says:

    galaxy tab vs cherry mobile superion?

  20. bench says:

    mmmmm…dumadami na ang tablets..im planning to give up my HP DM1 and jump on the tablet category..since nowadays people are more on a touchtech..lalo na kahit saan may access na ng wifi..ano kaya maganda?…yuga ano sa tingin mo?

  21. Mark Aznar says:

    know where I can buy this in Manila?? Need one if these asap badly.

  22. docgvg says:

    wow nice….. what i like about the android is swype and tethering…. and if this is froyo build … this will be awesome, it can play flash games… i am currently enjoying my galaxy s with globe super plan, no need for wifi hotspots…

  23. mark aznar says:

    Question: white = 16 gig and black = 32 gigs correct? Will both variants be available in the philippines (I hope so, i want the 32 gigs one)

  24. Jes says:

    Is it locally available already?

  25. Holan says:

    naibinta ko dalawang kalabaw namin dahil dito..hehehe..

    Sana can be ugraded to Android Gingerbird in the future.

  26. elvis says:

    what makes it cheaper there in the Philippines? It cost 699 euro here in Europe. If the current rate is 59php to 1 euro, it’s 6,000php higher here.

  27. SoonToBuySGT says:

    Can i ask did Samsung Release a 32GB Version in Philippines and if yes please tell me which area did you see one with the promo sale at Php 21,990 or all Galaxy Tab only Release a 16GB Version please do verify want to buy one this coming April 15, 2011 as a Graduation Gift for my Self. Thanks .

    Samsung Galaxy Tab – for IT People worth the purchase. Can’t Beat Tablet with Android you can Hack it Legally.

    Out please do Reply. Thank you in advance.

  28. Kaloy says:

    hi guys,

    am planning to give up my HTC Desire & BB Curve 3G for this. I would like to know if I can link my FB info to the Contacts list of the Galaxy Tab? I am enjoying this feature on my HTC & BB hope it is. thanks..

  29. Florencio R.Vivas says:

    I want to buy 16 units galaxy tabs p1000 latest model for use in our geo tagging training,can you reduce your srp OF 34K PLUS considering the volume of of tabs i need?pls.reply ASAP

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