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What’s on your X’mas Gadget Shopping List?

It’s the month of December and for most people, the only month of the year when you feel you really deserve that much awaited gadget you’ve always longed for.

Luckily, it’s also the samr month you’d most likely get a bonus or a 13th month pay. That makes it much easier to the wallet.


So which gadget is on your shopping list this season? Is it a phone, a camera or a new mp3 player? Are you looking to get the big ticket items like a 37″ HDTV or a Macbook or will settle with a smaller token like the PSP Slim or the Nintendo DS Lite?

Last Christmas, I got myself a Canon 40D. This year, I wasn’t thinking of any and instead, thought of spending an extra week or so in Europe when I fly there on a business trip this week.

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44 Responses

  1. frozenpyro says:

    perhaps, a new phone (nokia 5800 or nokia n85)

    a ps3,

    a new core 2 quad pc

  2. I want S.E.X.: a Sony Ericsson Xperia! ;-D

  3. Jerome says:

    I just want a new laptop or rig

  4. KaEmong says:

    I want C.A.R.: Carbine Assault Rifle. :D

  5. TechPinas says:

    I’m going vintage! :)

    A Toshiba Portege 2000 — thinner than Macbook Air, released in 2002. :)

    Just for my collection.

  6. dj_demonyito says:

    Well, none really, maybe I’ll pause for some months from now, on getting new gadgets.

    With what’s happening around the globe, that financial crisis thingy, I guess my predictions are these:

    – low demands on gadgets, abundant on supply.
    – prices of these gadgets might be slashed maybe as drastic as 50% come 1Q or 2Q of 2009.

    so maybe the few months after christmas is worth the wait.
    unless I can grab now a Red Zune. ;-)

  7. Leojay says:

    I’ve planned to upgrade my PC but this time, an AMD platform, a Phenom X3 with Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-DS2H mobo not much power but rich in features and good for my budget or the latest MSI Wind PC with prepaid broadband but more expensive and for the least expensive maybe just an Ipod Shuffle a good partner for an early morning jog.

  8. Jejo says:

    Maybe an LG Cookie, or if my parents can afford, a Nokia 5800.

    But I think I’ll have to wait until graduation.

  9. sil toledo says:

    I’m planning to buy a Canon 40D BUT there’s a 50D
    coming out. Is the price difference worth it?

    Please advise.


  10. sil toledo says:

    Is the NOKIA E90 already outdated compared to the other new models for business use?

  11. A brand new laptop, and an external hard drive.

  12. makr says:

    the new macbook pro 15″.

    but can’t afford it as of the moment so i’ll settle for the iPod touch 32gig.

  13. bit says:

    Laptop and LCD Monitor

  14. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    mwahahah i already have it, the Sager NP9262! :)
    for others Digiframes are good gifts, portable DVD player, the all popular Magic Sing Microphone.

  15. herbert says:

    A 120G Black Zune from Canada that I will get before Christmas.

  16. i would like to have a sony cybershot t500 camera

  17. Reggie says:

    even if there’s no way i’ll be able to afford them for now, i’ll wish anyway.

    1. Nikon D70s (i know it’s not new anymore but that would be good enough for me)
    2. Nokia E71
    3. Nokia N96 or Samsung Omnia for my fiancee

  18. jhay says:

    It’s a new 55-200mm zoom lens for my Nikon D40 this Christmas. :D

  19. I asked my father to buy me a DSLR and I am just deciding between an Olympus E-520, Canon EOS 450 or Sony Alpha 350.

    And I’ll just get a brand new laptop on my bday instead.

  20. Nikkor 50mm VR Lens (will get it tomorrow XD)

  21. BoRiS says:

    I wanted a 32GB iPod Touch 2nd Generation but I changed my mind! 120GB iPod Classic is more spacious and cheaper.. I got myself that last week, an early christmas gift! hehe.. :)

  22. elmer says:

    Bad economy so i guess no new gadget this Christmas :( just maximize of use of what i have right now.

  23. issai says:

    yeah, i agree with elmer, bad economy, no gadgets for me this christmas. i bought all the things in my 2008 wishlist last june just before the economy turned bad (42″ hdtv,ps3,2 computers). so now, i’m writing down what i want for my 2009 wishlist, maybe getting the wow expansion or rockband 2 for my birthday.

    merry christmas to all!

  24. vance says:


    1.) A 24 incher Full HD LCD
    2.) 40″ Samsung PAVV Plasma TV
    3.) 32″ Series 5 Full HD or 46″ Series 7/8
    3.) A better phone hehe… (N96, Omnia or iPhone)
    4.) PS3 (I like to try little planet) and the blu-ray
    5.) Decent headphone

  25. Kenneth says:

    Listing all the gadgets that I want might fill the whole of your comments section. hehe…

    Kidding aside, a new mobile phone and a new desktop PC will be fine with me. :-)

  26. m0n says:

    Canon 50D + 70-200 f/4L IS

  27. bubbleboy says:

    nasa shopping list ko talaga yung EOS 5D with EF 70-200L Lens he he he.

  28. Alex says:

    My Shopping List (And wishlist for some):

    SonyEricsson Xperia X1
    Nokia 5800 Tube (I still don’t see this anywhere pa but i saw it online from other countries)
    2.) 50+” Samsung Series 8 LCD TV (Hefty price, more like a wishlist lol)
    3.) PS3 (Yup, haven’t bought this yet since it was too expensive)
    4.) Nintendo Wii (Hopefully it’s now below 20k
    5.)Toyota Sequoia 5.7L V8 (Wishlist)
    6.) A 3-day stay @ the Peninsula Manila while shopping

    That’s all. ;)

  29. Len Hoshino says:

    i saw u in tv patrol abe!!!!iba ka na tlga huh…wow..thumbs up!!!!
    well,for me….save na muna…no xmas gift for myself hehehehe

  30. Harry says:

    I wish for (just one even):

    A Nokia 5800 (early 09 pa daw? I’ll wait for my SC-Nokia card to get approved)

    A desktop gaming rig (although I don’t have desktop space)

    An iPhone (although this is pure wish)

    An Omnia or Experia (again pure wish)

    A new watch (not exactly a gadget but this is what I’m really gifting myself this year)

    Actually, I upgraded this year to an E71. Best business phone this year for me, feature- and price-wise. I’m also getting my Samsung NC10 in a few days time, but that’s more a business need on a business expense.

  31. emben says:

    i want a new canon cam

  32. aLps says:

    MSI Wind and Nokia E71. Just perfect. :D

  33. deuts says:

    Just got myself a new PS3. Nyaks! Anyone wanna play nba 2k9???? hehe

  34. gpc says:

    ASUS M50Vm-A1
    ASUS Galaxy 7

  35. Tina says:




  36. jhojo says:

    world peace!! hehehe…

  37. jhojo says:

    lots of money
    latest mobo,w/ a latest processor, w/ a latest vcards for a high end gamer’s lyk me.

  38. sylver07 says:

    don’t forget to buy schublig! he he he

  39. Jempot says:

    Maybe a new laptop or desktop pc…

  40. xtin says:


    1. new smartphone – bb8900 curve or iphone or e71 (but e63 lang afford ko ;)
    2. ipod shuffle or nano – bec it’s hard to lug an ipod classic when you’re commuting
    3. macbook
    4. terabyte-size external hd
    5. pacsafe laptop bag

    what i’m really getting over the next month:

    1. external dvd writer
    2. pldt dsl (wifi in da haus! woohoo!)
    3. wifi router ;)

  41. single_jhoy says:

    4 days to go before christmas..

    what’s on my wishlist??!!!

    well.. it’s just a NOKIA 5800 and a MACBOOK.

    that’s all folks!

    have merry christmas to all of us!

  42. cefiro_king says:

    got it already….. a nokia E63 for me and an LG Cookie for my wifey… merry christmas to all.

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