Wi-Fi-capable ABS-CBN TVPlus tested for 2017 launch

ABS-CBN Corp has begun testing a Wi-Fi-equipped TVPlus which is their digital TV device known as the black box.

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The ABS-CBN TVplus was first released back in February 2015 and has helped the station expand its ratings. Chief Finance Officer Aldrin Cerrado mentions that the connected device could come with a dongle or a SIM card and would also function as a router. If tests go well, the new Wi-Fi-connected device will be available by the end of the year.

There’s still no news on pricing but the current TVPlus has been discounted multiple times which brings down its tag to Php1,499. If it pushes through, would you be interested in getting one?

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12 Responses

  1. Carmelo S. Halili says:

    I’m interested with the black box
    with wi-fi-capable is it available already.
    and were to buy it.

  2. Nelson Roldan says:


  3. Camille says:

    Bagong bili lang namin yung tvplus namin. March 5 lang namin nabili. May wifi na ba yun? Wala naman nakalagay sa box e.

  4. Steven says:

    Wifi capable. So does that mean we can install kodi in it?

  5. KTR says:

    Nagmura nga kaso inalisan ng HDMI.

  6. art says:

    wifi capable tv plus but still no signal on the provinces. for the imperialist manila only

  7. Yoga Fire says:

    It’s NOT going to work in the provinces because there’s not even a single digital transmitter mas malinaw pa yagi antenna ko! The wifi thing is just for marketing, just use your smartphone for internet or facemuk!

  8. Ace says:

    No it is not true. It can only pick-up channels that have transitioned to digital. Analogue channels will not be picked up.

  9. Dhan says:

    I read some comments before that the recent model of it blocks signals or only displays select channels,, any truth on this?

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