WATCH: Samsung’s The Serif Hands-on - More than just a TV

WATCH: Samsung’s The Serif Hands-on – More than just a TV

Modern conventional TVs don’t look all that special. While they can be mesmerizing due to factors such as screen size, resolution, and features like HDR, at the end of the day the TV itself just looks like a black rectangle in the middle of the room. Enter Samsung’s Lifestyle TVs. This particular category are more than just their display quality, as they heavily factor in design and aesthetics as an integral component of the entire package.


Samsung’s The Serif is a great example of this and firmly puts aesthetics in the driver’s seat, without compromising its technology — this is Samsung, after all. With a look helmed by world-renowned French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, it’s a TV how you want it, and very much the classy piece that would suit any modern home. Let’s check it out!


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