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The New Friendster launches today!

Today, Friendster unveiled its new look — simpler, cleaner and loads way faster. Friendster Philippines is doing the launch at the Boni High Street this noon.

But if you log back in to your Friendster account now, you will see the new design.


Here’s a video they’ve uploaded explaining the new features with the cleaner activity stream reminding me of Facebook Status. And I have to admit, it loads faster and looks cleaner than Facebook too.

Now, all they need is to Zynga to come on board and offer FarmVille on the site.

Could Friendster make a comeback? Check out our Friendster Profiles and let us know.

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Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

55 Responses

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  8. Avatar for I I says:

    hindi ko po maintindihan ang new FS ko.. san ko mkikita ang mga albums dun?. gusto ko ung ols F

  9. Avatar for brian brian says:

    bring back the old friendster. i can’t play boomz properly.

  10. Avatar for brian brian says:

    bad gateway always appearing in friendster. wat’s wrong? i prefer the old friendster than this new one.

  11. Avatar for sad friendster sad friendster says:

    meeh comeback? No way. They imitated facebook user interface. Halos lahat ginaya. Ung search box, ung feeds, pati ung mga notifications buti nga ung chat sa baba di nila sinama lol. Kaya nga nagpalit na interface facebook ngayon ginaya kasi sila ng friendster. Sad friendster.

  12. Avatar for lala lala says:

    well…. the logo is so feminine… boys don’t like it… pramiz..

  13. Avatar for fer fer says:

    i like the old ono way better,, faster.. now too slow.. like dial up..

  14. Avatar for archondigital archondigital says:

    I prefer the old logo.

    Sana they just improved it instead of replacing it with that doodle, the grunge artwork and cleaner look is fine but still the new logo sucks.

    @Lance tama ka I also feel bad about the old smiley

  15. Avatar for pinoyblog pinoyblog says:

    Fs huli na sila kailan kilala na ang fb sa ka sila nagbago ng anyo,tuloy ang nangyari marami ang nagsabi na nanggaya sila.

  16. Avatar for loki loki says:

    Fb pdn… with apps way cooler than friendster (friendsters apps way too much like a bug need to be squashed!) Fb is way way way better…

  17. Avatar for ufo ufo says:

    nice 2 m8 u?

  18. Avatar for John Ray Cabrera John Ray Cabrera says:

    simplicity and functionality absorbs traffic. so i guess it all boils down to that.

    does friendster alreday has a feature to re-activate long-forgotten(dormant) accounts?

  19. Avatar for Ardz Ardz says:

    Malalaos rin ang Facebook tulad ng Friendster.

  20. Avatar for chris chris says:

    @Jes hahaha..sori

  21. Avatar for Jes Jes says:

    @Chris– you mean TYPOgraphical error..

  22. Avatar for chris chris says:

    topographical error Sir Yuga. “unveiedl”

  23. Avatar for Rich Money Habits Rich Money Habits says:

    Nice to see Friendster shaking things up a little bit. Not sure though if it’ll make even a small dent on Facebook’s popularity these days.

    I’ve tried to login to Friendster yesterday, but may be due to heavy traffic, I’m not even able to login to the site. Anyway, I managed to login today and was able to go through the site.

    Here’s what I observed:
    > The new site is definitely faster than the old one
    > Most of the site’s navigation tabs are still the same
    > The default theme is colored green. I haven’t had a chance to checkout other sites who have customized their profile pages before. Perhaps now, they’re colored green too? :)

    I’m not sure if Friendster can ever come back into the game especially that Facebook has already reached 350M users and still growing leaps in bounds especially in the Philippines.

    I actually wrote an article way back why Facebook is becoming more popular than Frienster @ http://www.akosiallan.com/is-facebook-now-more-popular-than-friendster-in-the-philippines/.

  24. Avatar for 098 098 says:

    Jologs na rin FB mas nauna lang maging jologs ang Friendster.

  25. Avatar for Dan The Beast Dan The Beast says:

    FB is still way better, we must admit. Pero i still owe Friendster BIG TIME! You know why? It’s where I met my awesome and loving wife. Can you blame me? It still serves it’s purpose anyway.

  26. Avatar for loadex loadex says:

    The farmville made all the difference.. kahit saan ka pumunta (even TV celebs) are talking about harvesting and planting.

    Kaya ayun, the rest is history.. the networking comes naturally.. kase maglalaro ng farmville para socially updated sila.

  27. Avatar for Wikus van de Merwe Wikus van de Merwe says:

    It’s the people who will drive the lifeline of social network sites, the more the merrier, I still remember when I used to invite my friends to facebook way back, they will just ignore my invitation, WHY? none of their other friends is using it except me (poor me), suddenly a swift turn around of events everyone has a facebook and completely abandoned friendster TELL ME WHY AGAIN? no ones updating their friendster anymore, people start noticing its getting quiter day after day then they realized tadah they been loggin into facebook and doing farm and mafia…

  28. Avatar for vhictor vhictor says:

    so what with friendster, I really don’t like what they are doing, they kept on changing their theme style..

  29. Avatar for giogagz giogagz says:

    hiNdi xa real time tulad ng facebook. nid mo pang irefresh o reload para sa new feeds. pero go go go fs para makahabol kau sa facebook. at pls don’t copy to facebook. maxadong obvious na.

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  30. Avatar for marvin marvin says:

    kasi naman ang friendster ay masyado madami clutter sa design. Twitter and Facebook are much cleaner and more simple than friendster..

  31. Avatar for iTechMe iTechMe says:

    facebook ripoff! haha

  32. Avatar for Lance Lance says:

    I disagree, Sir Yuga. I think their designers and UI engineers needs to rethink the theme/whole focus of the site. I felt bad for the smiley icon…

  33. Avatar for Jes Jes says:

    Friendster. Ano yun?

  34. Avatar for Denturist Denturist says:

    Sayang. Sila pa naman ang orig. Sila na ngayon ang nangongopya. Pero oks din ang graphics sa Home ha, parang inksurge ang istilo.

  35. Avatar for readrite readrite says:

    base sa alexa, friendster graph is trending down….

  36. Avatar for whaâ„¢ whaâ„¢ says:

    wow… overhauled ng freindster for thet holiday season..

  37. Avatar for isipbata isipbata says:


  38. Avatar for jill jill says:

    @poche; @chris:

    Precisely. I mean, they have us first and they should have spruced up their services through the years. But they squandered it instead. The new dressing might be fine, but it still tastes flat.

  39. Avatar for anonymous anonymous says:

    ummm, all of my friends are in Facebook.. and no one’s coming back to Friendster… what for? LOL

  40. Avatar for Pusang Kulog Pusang Kulog says:

    Gawa na lang kayo sarili ninyong social network… Try Ning. Here’s a sample – http://pinoyapostolic.ning.com

  41. Avatar for chris chris says:

    Even if they have added some features or upgraded their site, it is not enough, they should have exceeded the FB features.

  42. Avatar for Rome Rome says:

    @jpeb: yeah, i was thinking of those same lines.. sayang talaga.. it would have elevated Friendster into a whole new level.. imagine faster load time (since Google use Ajax if i’m not mistaken). Google may also think of ways to integrate some of the services we already love like gmail, youtube, groups, even orkut… pero hanggang ilusyon na lang yun kasi di nman nagpabili ang Friendster sa Google.

  43. Avatar for raistlin raistlin says:

    poche, you’re right. everything that friendster will do from this point on will just be an imitation of facebook. they’re too late. facebook has reached critical mass and the tipping point.

  44. Avatar for berkano berkano says:


  45. Avatar for Darren Darren says:

    my pinoy master JP told me everyone seems using FB now, LOL

  46. Avatar for creepy.chan creepy.chan says:

    imo, too little too late..

  47. Avatar for jpeb jpeb says:

    Google offered to by Friendster but the latter’s owners declined the purchase.

    Should I hazard to say “sayang?”

  48. Avatar for Andre Marcelo-Tanner Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    no one bought them, now theyre trying to copy the others… Too slow IMO, theyve had years to make improvements. Good job on waiting for Facebook to reach 350 Million Users!

  49. Avatar for poche poche says:

    nagmumukha na lang gaya gaya ang friendster.

  50. Avatar for francis francis says:

    I used friendster before, then one day, my friends and pictures disappeared. Up to now, i really don’t know what happened. So i shifted to FB from then on. Friendster needs to earn my trust….. but maintaining 2 social networks is kind of a hassle for me. Lucky for you Mark Zuckerberg

  51. Avatar for raistlin raistlin says:

    yeah friendster may have upgraded their look, but it takes more than that… it takes a wholistic approach to surpass facebook. it goes to the company and the people developing this social community site. kahit na improve nila yang friendster, facebook will still be ahead as far as innovation is concerned because of their technology, culture and the leadership. mahuhuli rin ang friendster sa design, and service. as facebook will be launching several innovations by next year check out their innovation milestones at facebook wiki.

  52. Avatar for simplynice93 simplynice93 says:

    Friendster is not history yet. It’s a good upgrade to make it at par with Facebook. Without Friendster, Facebook and Twitter wouldn’t look so good. Respeto lang sir! Mabuhay ang Friendster!

  53. Avatar for daddy joey daddy joey says:

    nice, pero FB pa din :)

  54. Avatar for jill jill says:

    In the first place, what actually was the reason why Friendster lost its appeal? It was too boxed in, just stagnated in its features. Soon people got tired of it, and worse – it was later considered too pedestrian with every Tom, Dick and Harry on it. Then came the innovative ones – and then came history.


  55. Avatar for cebucuber cebucuber says:

    Im still not convinced…

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