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Alcatel OneTouch Link Y800 is the new Smart Bro LTE

We recently discovered that the new Smart Bro LTE Pocket WiFi that is being offered to subscribers lately is the one from Alcatel. It looks like the Alcatel One Touch Link Y800 replaces the usual Huawei LTE pocket WiFi offered before.

We chanced upon the new pocket WiFi when it was awarded to one of our teams by Mazda Philippines for joining the fuel economy experiment in Clark over the week-end. It came packaged as a prepaid kit with an LTE SIM card and 7 days worth of mobile internet.

We’d assume that it is the one being offered by Smart in their online store for only Php4,888 per kit.

The kit includes the WiFi router, two 1,500mAh batteries and a charging cradle. The spare battery was a bit of a surprise but it’s great to know you can always readily replace the other one once it becomes worn out due to constant use. The charging cradle also makes it easier to set the pocket WiFi in place.

The extra battery and charging cradle makes the Php4,888 price tag seemed more palatable for an LTE device. Perhaps this is the reason why Smart switched to Alcatel from Huawei for their LTE pocket WiFi.

The Alcatel Y800 uses a regular LTE SIM, supports a quad-band LTE network and is capable of sharing internet connectivity with up to 10 devices.

Data Rate: LTE 100Mbps downlink, 50Mbps Uplink
4G LTE Bands: 800/900/1800/2600 MHz
3G Bands: 900/1800/2100 MHz
2G Bands: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
WiFi 802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz
Storage: 2GB NAND flash internal storage + 1GB LPDDR RAM
Li-Ion 1500mAh battery

You can get this from Smart for Php4,888 and comes free with a Smart Bro prepaid LTE SIM which is good for 7 days of LTE connection.

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130 Responses

  1. Avatar for ZeroMentu ZeroMentu says:

    Hello, could anybody mirror those firmware or latest one?
    Thanks in advanced
    Email: zerom****@****.***

  2. Avatar for Alcatel Y800 Alcatel Y800 says:

    Is there connector for external antenna in the Alcatel Y800?

  3. Avatar for juvy juvy says:

    how to order?

  4. Avatar for Richel Richel says:

    I wanted to know if the device alcatel Y800 comes with the power charger and adaptor devices, but cannot have a clear statement on that:

    Is it same model like this one: http://www.4gltemall.com/alcatel-one-touch-link-w800-lte-wifi-dongle.html?

  5. Avatar for kryz chael reparep kryz chael reparep says:

    nag-UPDATE ako ng y800 ko pero na failed,, yan tuloy hindi ko na magamit ang pocket wifi ko,, pano po to? may alam po ba kayo kung pano? pls help me, :(

  6. Avatar for Iguanas Iguanas says:

    Hi, i have a problem with my device.
    I can’t connect to the internet. The wifi is working just fine it can be detected by any device, i have 3-5 bars of signal, the problem is that my device is always diconnected, it seems that no data is being received. The globe thingie has an x beside it instead of the up/down arrows. Anybody knows what the matter is?

  7. Avatar for Kim Kim says:

    @Nash Casten

    Thank you for posting these files, got my LTE back up after losing WiFi :)

    I tried the Y800 updaste tool a couple of times, it just kept telling me my firmware was up to date… I was about to give up as the ADSU.exe had a picture of a stick instead of the Pocket LTE. But I ran it anyways and just following the prompts it downgraded my firmware and WiFi was back!



  8. Avatar for Mike See Mike See says:

    My laptop won’t detect my Alcatel Y800? What do you think is the problem with this Y800?

    • Avatar for Kim Kim says:

      My laptop would not recognize the y800 as well, but then when I hooked the y800 up to my desktop with the USB it instantly recognized it and I could downgrade my firmware and get WiFi back…


  9. Avatar for DandK DandK says:

    Im having the same issue @vanneza, I am also from Davao, Sandawa/Ecoland area. After nung nangyari yung free fb, everytime na mag reach ako ng 1GB consumption my speed drops from the normal 10Mbps++ down to 0.77Mbps, sobrang bagal di na nga makapag load ng FB. I already purchased 2 new sim with the same issue and purchased a new one just yesterday and now when it reached 1GB kani-kanina lang.. ayun 0.66Mbps na nman ung speed.

    It is really frustrating, tapos pag itatawag sasabihan ka lang na irereport daw nila sa technical team.. hayz. This is a SMART BRO Prepaid SIM btw, I dunno kung iba ba pag SMART LTE Sim lang..

  10. Avatar for Markooo Markooo says:

    napakabagal ng connection ngayon sadly, i’m guessing dahil sa free fb?

  11. Avatar for vanneza vanneza says:

    and yes do you guys know if may globe LTE naba out sa market? gusto ko ng palitan.. hirap maka pag trbaho online kung super slow ung connection..as in slowwwwwwwwwwwwww

    kayo kumusta connection nyo?

  12. Avatar for vanneza vanneza says:

    hi guys:
    have some prob here. dati b4 nag start ang libre net ng smart ok nmn super lakas ng connection but now ..kahit youtube 5mins ayaw pa mag play..what the h*ll is going on..im from davao ako lang ba nakaka experience neto or kau din? sayang kasi tho prepaid ako pero 1 month naka unli..

  13. Avatar for Lanie Lanie says:

    nakakaasar na talagang itong smart …. naka reg ako for 1 week pero ang binibiigay nila na signal is .5mb lang … ano to lokohan? tas nag reg nman ako sa cp ko para gawin ko nalgn model/router cp ko after 5 hours siguro aun ayw na mag net ;(

  14. Avatar for Nash Casten Nash Casten says:


    Can you elaborate more on the steps you do when connecting it to your computer?

    Anychance your willing to do a go to meeting session so I can see what’s happening.

    Or upload a YouTube video.

  15. Avatar for Zangetsu Zangetsu says:

    Parehas kami ng problema ni Legend hindi kami makapag update ng firmware hindi madetect ng pc yung router… any advice?

  16. Avatar for Nash Casten Nash Casten says:

    So I had issues with my firmware again. My modem stop transmitting the wi-fi signal. Since i was using the most updated one i had to downgrade it. In case your experiencing the same issue. Just upgrade or downgrade your firmware that should fix it.
    all the files you need is here.

    Hope it helps:


  17. Avatar for Nash Casten Nash Casten says:

    Hey so i had some firmware problems AGAIN. My Y800 Wi-Fi modem doesn’t want to transmit the Wi-Fi signal. The worst part is that I deleted all backups of my old firmware hoping that I wouldnt need it. So i spent roughly an hour trying to back track thread after thread looking for some blessed soul who have uploaded it on the net.

    Fortunately i found the someone great enough to have shared it. So in case your experiencing the same issue. Make sure to either UPDATE your firmware version or downgrade it. The Wifi Signal not broadcasting is a glitch on the modem that causes the firmware to get effed up. Probably caused by over charging it or some battery issue i cant really tell.

    Here’s a list of Firmware Versions:

    1st Update:
    SW Ver:RX413A2XX

    2nd Update:
    SW Ver: RX1415A2XX

    3rd Update:
    SW Ver: RX14ZZA2XX

    Incase you need to upgrade or downgrade you find the files that you need here. I dont have a copy Firmware Version 1 since that came with the modem.


  18. Avatar for Nash Casten Nash Casten says:

    Well i havent tried the E5372 but they say its better less hassle no issues “Daw” dont quote me on that because i dont really know I’ve just read it in some forum.

    Y800 is the newest model tho.

    I suggest you check other forums on the comparison.

    Hope that helps.

  19. Avatar for jorka jorka says:

    guys. i wanna have smart lte pocket wifi. i have some questions.
    1. which one is better, y800 or e5372?
    2. which one is newest model, y800 or e5372?

    plz answer thank u!

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