Top iPhone 3G Alternatives

While every iPhone fans are waiting for the supposed August/September release of the iPhone 3G in the Philippines, I’ve rounded up some of the top choices for iPhone 3G alternatives and compared them side by side.

I had 4 most likely candidates as a great iPhone alternative — the HTC Touch Diamond, Nokia N96, Samsung i900 Omnia and the Sony-Ericsson Xperia.

My choices were mostly based on large-screen, touchscreen smartphones — one major area where the iPhone claims supremacy.

iphone alternatives
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Some specs, like that of the iPhone’s processor and RAM/ROM are not totally confirmed and were based on pieces of hardware clues taken from disassembled parts. Prices were not included because we can’t get final listings for each so for the meantime, let’s just compare them feature by feature.

For each row, I’ve highlighted  (when applicable) the feature that’s a clear winner among the group. The model with the highest number of highlights is likely the best candidate for an iPhone alternative.

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  1. vienvienvien

    ano ba mas ok…. pros and cons naman diyan o

    ano bas mas ok… OMNIA O X1

    explain namn ….

  2. Mukhang ok Samsung Omnia but I’d love to have an iPhone..

  3. i wish i had the money to buy one of these… id love to have one

  4. isarel ramos

    please do help me! Iam planning to buy a Laptop. can you advice me which one is the best buy. An apple macbook or a sonyvaio CS 16 model.thanx.

  5. Nice infos..mahal pa rin ng iphone grabe..

  6. goosebumps

    omnia – definitely the best….

  7. Here comes the Palm Pre. ^_^

  8. HTC Hero ata ang magandang alternatives sa Iphone (3GS) when it comes to UI.

    Ang Iphone kasi, ang maganda sa kanya is yung UI.

    Omnia II (i8000) for sensitivity ng screen kaya lang WinMO sya kaya walang wala sya sa Iphone kung icocompare ang UI.

  9. I will go for samsung omnia.

  10. rocketeer

    Help please, i tried running video streaming, however the display says “server or data timeout” em using samsung omnia ii. What does that mean and how will i correct that?

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