Top iPhone 3G Alternatives

Top iPhone 3G Alternatives

While every iPhone fans are waiting for the supposed August/September release of the iPhone 3G in the Philippines, I’ve rounded up some of the top choices for iPhone 3G alternatives and compared them side by side.

I had 4 most likely candidates as a great iPhone alternative — the HTC Touch Diamond, Nokia N96, Samsung i900 Omnia and the Sony-Ericsson Xperia.

My choices were mostly based on large-screen, touchscreen smartphones — one major area where the iPhone claims supremacy.


iphone alternatives
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Some specs, like that of the iPhone’s processor and RAM/ROM are not totally confirmed and were based on pieces of hardware clues taken from disassembled parts. Prices were not included because we can’t get final listings for each so for the meantime, let’s just compare them feature by feature.

For each row, I’ve highlighted  (when applicable) the feature that’s a clear winner among the group. The model with the highest number of highlights is likely the best candidate for an iPhone alternative.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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37 Responses

  1. Enteng says:

    It will be the sony-ericsson xperia for me… i wonder when it will be available in the market.


    thanks abe for the comparison.

  2. vance says:

    forgot to add samsung instinct…

  3. junior says:

    I like htc toch diamond

  4. Lyle, RN says:

    I hate to rain on everyone’s parade but, this is like comparing:

    PC 1 running on Linux with specs:
    Quad Core CPU
    4 GB DDR2 RAM
    1 GB NVidia Card
    1 TB HDD


    PC 2 running on Windows or OSX with specs:

    Core 2 Duo
    1 GB DDR2 RAM
    Integrated Video Card
    80 GB HDD

    On paper and in technical terms, PC 1 looks better but we all know that PC 2 wins in terms of user experience and usability for the typical average user.

    Long story short–Put some context to the specs.

  5. yuga says:

    @vance – didn’t add it because it’s locked with AT&T for the meantime. Same with the Motorola Blaze.

    @Lyle – yes, you are correct. That is why I didn;t compare the 4 with the iPhone 3g but compared the 4 as an alternative. In a sense, I am comparing 4 apples and try to see which one of them will sell as good as that orange.

  6. jim says:


    The logic with injecting the OS in the picture is that it becomes moot and academic. Using your example, you can also say that an Cyrix 486DX4 75MHz running Leopard is way better than an Intel 486DX4 133MHz running Ubuntu.

    By giving OSX the bacon, you’re saying whatever rig uses the Apple Operating System becomes the winner regardless of the differences in hardware performance.

    Maybe the right question is — if you run OSX on the other 4 units, which one will work better?

  7. Lyle, RN says:


    I am not saying one OS is better than the other. Don’t get me wrong, my laptop runs on Vista while my desktop dual boots XP and Ubuntu Hardy Heron.

    What I am trying to say is that the specs table should be discussed in context since they run on different OS. Each resulting to varying user experiences.

    If one is to choose an alternative, the point of comparison should be as even as possible. 3 devices run on Windows Mobile while the Nokia is on Symbian.

    Your last sentence nailed it. My point exactly though it doesn’t have to be an OSX.

  8. BrianB says:

    I’m hoping XpressMedia 5800 (the Dark Knight phone) gets shipped this year, then I’ll buy that instead of iPhone.

  9. 1knife says:

    why not the htc touch pro rather than the touch diamond? i think it’s better. i’d probably pick that one than the others. i’ve no idea about the samsung though.

  10. BrianB says:

    “By giving OSX the bacon, you’re saying whatever rig uses the Apple Operating System becomes the winner regardless of the differences in hardware performance.”

    The most advanced phones (in Japan) use Symbian. These phones can open garage doors and pay bills. Can OS X do this?

  11. bikran says:

    for me its n95 as alternative of iphone.

  12. Andre says:

    dont forget i think the iphone 3g also cant do video recording? and no 3g conferencing? no frontfacing camera

  13. vance says:

    @abe, yah forgot to add that hehehe.. its lock with sprint..

  14. xxernan says:

    So how much will iphone 3g cost here sa pinas?

  15. vance says:

    @xxernan maybe around 20K +/- plus data plan..

  16. Phil says:

    For me, the best alternative is the Nokia E71.

  17. Yoru says:

    A few more things I’d like to see in the matrix – size & weight, and price :D

  18. Lexy says:

    Samsung Instinct isn’t locked with AT&T
    it’s Sprint who owns it ^^

    How bout LG DARE? It’s under Verizon and it’s pretty cool..

    Instinct is pretty much like iphone3g but it’s surface is pretty simple..not really flashy..

    HTC Touch Diamond has a 2-3sec lag whenever you use gallery or music player XD

    iPhone 3g’s still missing alot of things but in Phil..3g is really useless :D

  19. Nothing can be compared or will ever be an Apple iPhone…

  20. francis9 says:

    im planning to buy iphone 3g here in US.. and bring it in the phils later… do any of u have some idea.. how will i get the iphone 3g in the “most” cheapst way…

  21. Eugene says:

    My comments on the 3g from globe:
    Don’t, its not worth it. Better if you can get one from a reliable supplier in GH and have it unlocked.
    With the unit from globe, no forwarding of text, no MMS, no sending of pictures, except by email. The one i have hangs for a while when ending a call. You have to jailbreak it to put applications and that voids the warrantee.
    I have better luck with my 2G unit which i had unlocked and had applications installed. For heavy texters, it’s not good. Use it only as a phone and its ok, but use a headset, as your cheek will hit the screen and starts the other applications, or at the least make beeping sounds.
    You’ll get a lot of pogi points when using it though.
    I get better results with my E71.

  22. artpologabriel says:

    Hey have you seen iphone 3g in web based 3d interactive interface? you can rotate, zoom in and out iphone like in the palm of your hands.

    see’s gallery, its awesome!

    note: the interface requires the latest java runtime environment (jre) to be seen!

  23. Harry says:

    With the N97 coming out soon, another alternative will come in. I’m wondering how people will see the 5800 vs N97 comparisons.

  24. ralph says:

    panalo d2 samsung omnia..

    1. may external storage iphone wala
    2. camera 5mp iphone 2mp lang nakakahiya
    3. hsdpa 7.2 iphone 3.6 lang

  25. vienvienvien says:

    ano ba mas ok…. pros and cons naman diyan o

    ano bas mas ok… OMNIA O X1

    explain namn ….

  26. Ed says:

    Mukhang ok Samsung Omnia but I’d love to have an iPhone..

  27. Wildug says:

    i wish i had the money to buy one of these… id love to have one

  28. isarel ramos says:

    please do help me! Iam planning to buy a Laptop. can you advice me which one is the best buy. An apple macbook or a sonyvaio CS 16 model.thanx.

  29. Chris says:

    Nice infos..mahal pa rin ng iphone grabe..

  30. goosebumps says:

    omnia – definitely the best….

  31. Here comes the Palm Pre. ^_^

  32. john says:

    HTC Hero ata ang magandang alternatives sa Iphone (3GS) when it comes to UI.

    Ang Iphone kasi, ang maganda sa kanya is yung UI.

    Omnia II (i8000) for sensitivity ng screen kaya lang WinMO sya kaya walang wala sya sa Iphone kung icocompare ang UI.

  33. I will go for samsung omnia.

  34. rocketeer says:

    Help please, i tried running video streaming, however the display says “server or data timeout” em using samsung omnia ii. What does that mean and how will i correct that?

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