Anti-Cybercrime Law: What you can or cannot do?

News of the passing of the Anti-Cybercrime Law sent shivers to a lot of people, and for good reason. There’s also a lot of confusion about what people can or cannot say or do because of this law. We’ll try to outline this for you.

Here are some samples we thought could help you figure out this new law:

Can Do: You can bash an idea — like “That is a stupid idea!“.

Cannot Do: You cannot bash a person — like “You’re a stupid f*ck!“.

Can Do: You can login to your boyfriend’s Facebook account — like “Honey, I’m posting our 1st anniv picture, ha?“.

Cannot Do: You cannot login to your ex-boyfriend’s Facebook account — like “I’m gonna post a picture of your really small …, you pig!“.

Can Do: You can go and seek help from DOJ and NBI when someone hacked your Yahoo! Mail. It’s free and they’ll do something. They have a Php50 million budget for that now.

Cannot Do: You cannot go hire another guy to hack the accounts of the fracking hacker. The NBI and DOJ will come after you.

Can Do: You can still connect to your friend’s mobile hotspot — like “Dude, what’s your WiFi’s password?”

Cannot Do: You cannot access and use your neighbor’s password-protected WiFi — like “It’s not my fault they use password as their password!”

Can Do: You can send email to your friends if you want to sell your old stuff — like “Hi guys! I’m selling my old socks and undies!“.

Cannot Do: You cannot login to your friend’s email and use it to sell your old stuff — like “Hi guys! This is Dan, a friend of David. Was wondering if his friends are interested to buy my old socks and undies so I used his email instead.“.

Can Do: You can SMS some stranger to make friends — like “Hi! Can you be my textmate? ASL, pls!“.

Cannot Do: You cannot SMS some stranger and offer them a loan — like “Hello! Get 1% interest personal for 12 months. Call 09123456789 for details.“.

We’re not lawyers so don’t take the items above too seriously.

Do let us know if you thought of something else aside from the ones we mentioned above. Do take the comments lightly, this is just for a little bit of fun.

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  1. How about those who bash the government? This law may/will give them the right to jail ordinary people who opposes them in the internet.

    • malcolmhall

      no. that’s not included. public officials cannot invoke cyber bullying (like Senator Sotto who seems not to know his law). Freedom of speech.

  2. Cannot Do: You cannot SMS some stranger and offer them a loan — like “Hello! Get 1% interest personal for 12 months. Call 09123456789 for details.“. | Wow! really? I can sue them now? or should I sue the network itself who probably sold my number to these companies.

    • I’ve been getting spam text messages from this number: 0909-106-9780 and 0923-102-9069 asking me if I know someone who wants to buy a Condo unit.

      It happened just 3 days ago. Can I sue that person already?

      How will NTC or whatever Gov’t agency trace the exact location of that person? would it be by using triangulation of the phone’s signal?

  3. maime hoshi

    bash people? that twitter user is really butthurt so her husband did really do something about it. sealing critic’s mouth using this law. how impressive to suppress the freedom of speech.

  4. Di ko lang alam kung gaano kagaling ang NBI at DOJ na yan. Nagreklamo ka nga for example pero wala akong kumpyansa sa galing nila sa IT. Yung kay Hayden Kho nga hindi nila ma trace kung sino talaga nag upload ng video yan pa kaya… lol, palpak tong bill na to.

  5. Cannot Do: You cannot SMS some stranger and offer them a loan — like “Hello! Get 1% interest personal for 12 months. Call 09123456789 for details.“.

    finally! how about those offering various stuffs from business to real estate?

  6. For those saying/asking, “can you sue?”, yes you can. Question for you, though: on what specific grounds, and what do you expect to get out of that?

    Also, suing costs time and money. Can you afford both?

  7. stupid bill created and signed by stupid people. OH MY am i going to be sued over what i just said?

    • lol. You wouldn’t be sued if you are lucky enough that they didn’t got a chance to see your post. XD

  8. BryanLuther

    Can Do: File a complaint to revise this Law.

    Cannot Do: Wish you’re comments and suggestions might knock the officials “optimism” and “perseverance” on passing this law.

    • Why don’t we REDUCE the number of congressmen and senators instead of INCREASING unnecessary laws.

  9. Masyadong siryoso ang government natin to implement this Law pero ang tanong ba dito hanggang kailan nila ito kayang pagtuunan ng pansin. Tulad nalang ng paninigarilyo sa mga public place yun ba sa ngayon nasusunod pa – hindi na diba?

    Sana naman wag ng gumawa ng bagay na sobrang siryoso sa mga panukala kung sa huli magiging isang basura na lamang. Panu nalang ang magiging implementation nito?

    OKay nag-file ako ng complain let say sa NBI ano ang next step, meron ba sila power malaman? eh kung yung mga may mga kasalanan magnanakaw sa government di nila matrace, ito pa kaya?

    Sana lang wag magt***a – tan**han lang noh at wag ng gumawa ng isyu para pagusapan lang!

  10. Hey. My classmates this morning were ‘overreacting’. They said that ‘di na daw pwede mg download nang music na wlang bayad,o video,etc. Is this true?? :/

    • that part is true. Anti-piracy and all that jazz, thepiratebay, a famous torrent site has already been blocked by certain ISPs

  11. Hi , just want to ask if Online sellers will be also affected by this law? If yes, how ??? I am an online seller, and until now , I am confused with the things that we can do and can’t do.. your reply will be highly appreciated..thank u


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