Friday, June 14th, 2013
HTC Butterfly S spotted with BoomSound

HTC Butterfly S spotted with BoomSound

The HTC Butterfly was one of the first phones to pack a 1080p display, and now we might be seeing an update to it – the HTC Butterfly S.


Not much is known about the device as of the moment, but as you can see in the leaks above, it features a very similar design to the original Butterfly, only packing another set of speakers at the bottom – which probably hints at the HTC BoomSound feature.


Speculations say it might pack a Snapdragon 600 CPU with an UltraPixel camera, but that is yet to be confirmed.

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  1. “one of the first…”

    actually htc butterfly was THE First to have full hd screen.

    • setsuna

      No, the first Full HD smartphone is the Oppo Find 5.

    • rocketlog

      twenk twenk twenk twenk….. toinks!

      On topic:

      I think this is a more attractive package than the HTC One. It looks way more awesome (unless, of course, you really value the aluminum body that much, which I don’t). I hope it comes with a 64GB version… one that’s not a developer exclusive, that is.

      Makes me have doubts about getting the PadFone Infinity. Might still go for the PadFone, though.

  2. @Setsuna

    Go ang google it

  3. @Setsuna

    Go and google it

  4. @setsuna

    htc butterfly was released last january of this year. Onthe otherhand the oppo find 5 probably a month or two after. Check mo gsmarena for dates of release you’ll see that the htc butterfly was first to touchbase

    • Setsuna

      I did you know what it says in the bottom? “Disclaimer. We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct. ”

      Like i said, the HTC website it self doesn’t have the Butterfly listed as the “first full HD smartphone”. Now how do you refute that?

  5. Setsuna

    dudebro, stop trying to falsify info from gsmarena. anyhow i will show you other newslinks.

    maybe what your trying to point out is the fact that the Butterfly was released a little later IN the US.

    HTC had a Dec 2012 release of a variant (J Butterfly) of this phone in Japan before they sold it in North America and Europe a little later hence, your confusion.

    Heres proof

    Here is a proof from Phonearena:,HTC-Butterfly/phones/7600,7599

  6. Setsuna

    show me a newslink talking about an oppo find 5 release date. im sure oppo released theirs at least a couple months later


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