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The ASUS “We Transform” HQ Tour

During our last day in Taiwan, the ASUS PH team gave us a tour of their Taipei headquarters and quality control facilities where their products are subjected to rigorous tests to ensure durability. Moreover, head honchos from various divisions conducted a brief sessions to educate us about their contributions to make a note-worthy product.

asus hq
Here’s the Philippine media team with ASUS PH crew(From left to right: Eason De Guzman, Lionel Go Macahilig from HWM, Alfred Bayle, Crystal Chi, Tony Velasquez and Nathan Abrio from Future Perfect).

Inside the HQ’s main lobby, we we’re greeted by a large mosaic (seen below) of Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Mona Lisa” made from hundreds, maybe even thousands of motherboard parts. There’s another work of art with the same concept across the hall which is horned bull covered with MoBo components.

asus mona lisa

After a short briefing about the do’s and don’ts on the tour, including no-picture-taking policy, our team set out to the quality control center. In there we saw sophisticated machines which sole purpose is to bring nightmare to various devices/components.

asus quality control facility

We’ve seen how these machines bend a FonePad 7 HD, press laptop/ultrabook keyboards repeatedly and close and open the lid of a portable PC numerous times to ensure that its hinges can take on a beating. As if that’s not enough torture, products are then put to big ass oven (20-30 full-grown men can fit inside) where it’s subjected to thermal shock and temperature tests. The whole experience made me feel good that I’m not an ASUS Zenbook.

asus keyboard test

After the short tour at the quality control facility aka device torture chamber, we set out to different conference rooms where we are enlightened by various guest speakers (which also happens to be big bosses of different divisions within ASUS) on the concept/science behind different aspects of ASUS devices and how each sets their product apart from the competition.

zenbook design

During the presentation, these guest speakers pitted ASUS products against devices from competing brands to showcase how superior their products are compared to others. They’ve compared almost every aspect of the device including design, sound (output and quality) and touch response on both touchpad and touchscreen.

Overall, we had a blast during our stay at the ASUS HQ. However, the main takeaway here is the assurance that consumers get in knowing that each ASUS product are well thought of (down to the packaging) and have undergone strenuous test to ensure that it’s worth their every penny. What a great way to cap off this year’s Computex.

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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  1. Danny says:

    swerte mo naman nakapunta ka na sa asus headquarters, kaingit!

  2. manuel says:

    kaya asus and apple talaga family namin dahil sa rigorous tests nila pero di ibig sabihin na kasing perfect nung drivers nila yung product nila paminsan dahil di naman sila gumagawa nung drivers.

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