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May 10, 2014

Lumia Image Quality lead is moving to Apple

Fresh from the Microsoft acquisition, a former Nokia employee is now being absorbed by a rival company. He’s not just a mere employee but the a lead of the Lumia Photography division.

Ari Partinen, who has announced that he is now moving to Apple, joined Nokia back in 2007 and is currently listed in LinkedIn as “Lumia Photography Lead at Nokia” with “comprehensive knowledge about Image Quality testing and tuning on ISP level from very successful Nokia 808 PureView and Nokia N8 projects.”

No specific details was posted about his new position at the Cupertino-based company but of course we will be expecting great things from him, same as we did with the PureView technology.

Apple’s iPhone 6 is just around the corner so Partinen’s contribution might come late into the game. We’ll just have to see what he has in store for us starting next year.

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6 Responses to “Lumia Image Quality lead is moving to Apple”

  1. evollove says:

    On related news, it seems Apple has also acquired Beats Music. Grade-A experts on imaging and music are now under their wings. Makes me look forward to the iPhone 7!

    (not 6, that one’s almost ready to go and I don’t imagine Partinen and Beats contributing this late in the iP6’s development stage)

  2. evans01 says:

    Oh hindi panu na lang ang mga future na lumia handsets

  3. jimboy says:

    Aware me, pero ang pagkakaalam ko whatever you contributed to your former employer, stays with them? In other words, hindi niya pwede dalhin ung work niya from Lumia to Apple just like that. That’s what this article seems to suggest e

  4. jm says:

    alam ko hindi nya pwedeng gamitin ang technology na ginamit nya sa nokia, mgiisip siya ng panibagong idea. pero atleast expert na siya..

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