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iPhone 6 may arrive as early as August

While we may be used to seeing (and currently expecting) a September release on Apple’s new flagship smartphone, it may be possible that the iPhone 6 will be making its debut earlier from the anticipated release. Is it ready for the mass? Are the mass ready for it? iPhone-6 Previous rumors on the iPhone 6’s specs include:

Slimmer 5.58mm body compared to iPhone 5S’ 7.6mm
Ultra-Retina display with 389ppi compared to the previous 326ppi
A8 processor clocked at 2.6GHz compared to the previous A7 1.3GHz
10MP rear camera with f/1.8 aperture with improved filter

According to a Taiwanese media, the variant reported to be coming on August is the 4.7-inch which patterns up to previous information that the 5.5-inch model will be late for another month – now September.


We’ve seen what the iPhone 6 would probably look like, and so far it looks promising. Rumored to have an interchangeable lens and higher screen resolution, we might only need to wait a few more months before we see the next leader of the iPhone pack.

Are you guys ready for it? More importantly, with history showing us how much Apple’s flagship devices cost, are your pockets ready for it?


Kevin Bruce Francisco is the Senior Editor and Video Producer for YugaTech. He's a Digital Filmmaking graduate who's always either daydreaming of traveling or actually going places on his bike. Follow him on Twitter for more tech updates @kevincofrancis.

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30 Responses

  1. Miss Call says:

    “Ultra-Retina display with 389ppi compared to the previous 326ppi”

    But I thought 326ppi was just perfect? Is 389ppi more perfect than 326ppi then?

  2. unoberkano says:

    ready for the mass? What “mass” are you talking about?? And ultra-retina display with 389 ppi, Apple is really funny with their pathetic marketing speak. 5 inch full HD phones are now available with pixel density over 400…

  3. Euga says:

    So excited! However, I will wait for the 5.5 inches kasi naliliitan pa rin ako sa below 5 in. Finally, di sayang processor sa small screen ng iPhone! I have never tried iPhone kasi maliit screen but this time pwede na.

  4. Stephen says:

    “Ready for the mass”? Such a direct translation from “masa”… What you mean is “ready for the masses.” Even had to repeat it with “are the mass”. Such poor, cringe-worthy writing right there.

  5. Justin says:

    Ugh! Poor grammar. Parang grade school student ang nag-sulat nung article. :(

  6. jest88 says:

    Yeah I have to agree, ang amateur naman ng article na ito. Please do something about the quality of writing

  7. nokiabokya says:

    lol, kung gaano ka panget battery life nooon, expect even worse.

  8. abuzalzal says:

    May taga row 4 yata dito ahahah

  9. isklamowsyon says:

    alam naman natin na hindi pang masa ang presyo nito pang elite or yung may pera lang talaga.may gimmick na naman ang apple ultra-retina display daw.hahaha

    • chorvachorvalang says:

      Teh! For sure cant afford ka lang kaya ganyan kaampalaya.. nganga pa sige! LOL

    • Krypton says:

      @chorvachorvalang, hindi nya naman sinabing wala syang pambili ang sabi niya hindi pang masa ang presyo. Tanga ka lang? Nganga ka na lang! May pambili ka nga BOBO ka naman umintindi. Hahaha! iPhone owner = Bobo umintindi = social climber :D

  10. ariel says:

    well well well, here we go again….iphone xxx hahaha…di ba tayo napapagod sa kakapalit palit ng unit kada taon….if i were you guys, you wait another year pag lumabas na ipone 6s dahil katakot takot na kapalpakan here and there ng unit na yan from hardware, oh maybe not too much on hardware but their software….and their battery nakupo, naku baka dalwang oras lang ubos na ang juice niyan hahaha notorious ang apple jan, pahitek ng pahitek ang harware at software nila pero ang battery? di man lang nageevolve…

    me? i always wait na mahinog ang variant nila like i make it sure na pag naguupgrade ako doon parati sa verssion na S nila from 3gs to 4s to 5s now, but even then, oras na magupdate ang mga hunghang na yan ng kanilang OS disgraya unit mo magiging papaerweight ito kaya ingat ingat sa pagupdate ng os nila pag may time, ako nakatatlong cycle na ang update ng os ng 5s i didnt bother to update mahirap na madisgrasya..

    a lesson here? wag tangkilikin ang unang labas ng ipone 6 na yan dahil nakikinikita ko na ang mga problemang lalabas jan ngayon pa na lalaki ng screen nila hala baka 3 oras lang yan power ng battery nila hahaha…

    • Tide says:

      Halatang nagpapanggap na may iphone! Haha. Didn’t bother to update ka pa nalalaman. Mahirap lang talaga mag update kung wala kang iphone. Kelan pa naging paperweight after upgrade? Nakikita mo na ang problema? Aba sana kinuha ka na lang ng apple maging engineer nila.

    • ariel says:

      Tide where are you? im waiting here for you magfacetime tayo ngayon na habang kaharap ko macbookpro ko…

    • abusalsalani says:

      ariel baka nasa tumbong mong hambog, sige i facetime mo tumbong mo , patulong ka sa nanay mo habang naka tuwad ka haha gago, nakakahiyang apple user ka napaka hambog mo lol

  11. Surf says:

    sus naman, ‘pag napintasan ang apple mo, wala na agad pambili? ‘di ka ba nakakabasa ng reklamo sa apple mo? o isa ka rin sa blind follower ng apple!

    • direk opang says:

      or baka naman wala ka talagang pambili tol.

    • ariel says:

      korek ka surf, di kamo namimintas walang pambili baka siya ang walang pambili hahaha, ako i love the durabililty of apple products from ipone to macbook pro, but im not a blind follower, i rant just to air what i observe para kung makarating sa apple ayusin nila dahil premium ang prcises ng products nila ganon lang yon ….

  12. ariel says:

    tide, please give me your skype or facetime accounti will send you my grinning face with my old 3gs and the latest 5s gold…o you want mag facetime tayo ngayon na? problema baka wala kang ipone at kung magsalita ka hahahaha…

    sige facetime tayo ngayon na! pwede ko gamitin tong 5s gold ko or sa ipad 4 if not dito na lang sa macbook pro ko ngayon na!

  13. buwango says:

    Willing kaya ang mga IPHONE fanbase na magshell out ng 40 thou plus for the latest and greatest uli?

  14. bLueFlAme says:

    Apple , has truly made a hit in here but yun nga presyo naman. I can see apple’s innovation from the oldies to this iphone 6.I used to hate apple but they are still behind premium brands like LG , SONY , Samsung. I know others might say na Android Fanboy ako LOL i used an apple before.Pero that Retina Display and below 400 ppi can deceive a lot of Apple users to move into iPhone6 kayo na bahala pero wala na man ring difference tinaasan lang naman density.Pero if this would hit the usually price of Apple SULIT NA !

  15. Kjata says:

    puro kayo payabangan. kayo na madadami pera. baka naman puro utang yan or postpaid aanhin mo kagandahan ng cellphone mo kung utang naman punyeta hahahah peace

  16. wititit says:

    eh d kayo na techy.. teki teki ang bateri.. puro kayo iphone, may alaga naman kayong bumbay LOL!

  17. Spade says:

    This next release from apple can either make or break my faith on them.

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