Oslo has a big problem and PH should consider helping

Now I know you’re probably wondering why our country, which is already facing issues left and right, should help the capital city of Norway with its rather peculiar concern. Believe it or not folks, it’s a win-win solution for both countries and one that can ultimately help in solving our issues with flooding here in the metro.

Oslo’s problem: the city is running out of garbage. That’s right, the city of 1.4 million is facing shortage of wastes. In fact, they’ve been faced with this issue in the past and have even resorted to importing garbage from neighboring cities and countries. But it was still not enough and there have been talks of bringing in trash from the US.

oslo waste incinerator

So why is the city running out of trash? Besides the fact that they implement a highly-efficient garbage collection system, the city also owns a trash incinerator that turns crap to usable energy. Since its conception, the facility has been one of the sources of electricity in the city and it helped in minimizing wastes that is being put to landfills.

But the problem here is that the city is not generating enough garbage (what a problem ‘eh?) to sustain the facility, that’s why the city had to import trash from other cities and countries. On the other hand, we have so much crap that we don’t know where to put all of it. Heck, even our rivers are filled with garbage, that’s how much garbage we have lying around.

payatas dump site

Which brings me to my suggestion; why don’t our country donate our garbage to Oslo? Or better yet, why don’t we build our own facility so we don’t even have to export our waste half –way around the world to get of rid of it and turn it to something useful.

Sounds like a good plan, right? However, the Secretary of DENR, Mr. Ramon Jesus Paje has a different take on this matter which he mentioned during an interview with ANC a couple of years back:

“If we allow incineration of our waste, we must avail of state-of-the-art technology, almost zero emission. The only problem is the Philippines is one of the highest in terms of electricity cost and incineration is basically electricity. If power [cost] is so high, it becomes uneconomical.”

Oh well, back to the drawing board.

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  1. BlueMayo

    incineration electricity costs ba?

    Read this article: Sweden, a recycling-happy land where a quarter of a million homes are powered by the incineration of waste, is facing a unique dilemma: The nation has run out of much-needed fuel.


  2. redvillanueva

    i guess the secretary haven’t done much research about it. or?they just don’t want to do a project where they won’t profit from it…

  3. We have an incinerator along coastal road unfortunately it’s now abandoned. I think it’s against the clean air act or something.
    Asking help from the Norwegians is a great proposition but definitely someone will lobby against this.


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