Spotify coming to the Philippines next month

Spotify, a popular digital music streaming service will soon arrive in the Philippines starting next month.

Spotify is currently available around the world including the US, in Europe, and several Asian countries like Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore. The Philippines, on the other hand, has been out of reach for quite some time now.

spotify ph

That is about to change though as we were informed by a source close to Spotify’s local representative that the digital music service will be made available in the country by third week of February.

Spotify works on multiple platforms including desktop, Android, and iOS.

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  1. Matagal ko ng hinihintay to!

    Supotify ftw! !!

  2. This is really a good news! No need to use TorBrowser. :)

  3. Is Spotify better than Pandora? Been using Pandora for a few weeks now and it’s pretty great.

    • for me Spotify has more features you can play on demand tracks … Unlike sa Pandora sa desktop app nila you can only search for playlist or genre di ka pede mag search ng artist… Spotify has everything … Kaso sa Pandora mas cheap $4 lng sa Spotify $10 ….

  4. Finally! Been hoping to use Spotify for years now. :)

  5. Goodbye…UnoTelly….:-)

  6. What about Beats? I can’t find it on Play Store. :)

    • Beats Music is only available in the US. Also you will have to create a US Google Account and connected to a US IP para ma search sa playstore ung Beats Music app.

      Pero sa tingin ko malabo pa sila mag open sa PH but I like how they mix and match the sound like what u r doing and your current mood.

  7. OMG!! yes finally.

  8. I’ll stick to jukefox, thanks.

  9. That’s great news!

    But Spinnr is just Php. 30 for a month of Ad-Free music!

    Try it out: :)

    • I think they have limited music library compared to Pandora & Spotify and spinnr doesnt have the desktop app and ios app (not really cross platform) they have the website instead and android app.

  10. Isn’t Spotify free? I use it all the time on my computers and tabs here in the US without paying anything. Once it comes to the Philippines are they going to charge for it? I’m going to be in the PI for about two months coming up.

    • Spotify is free on all platforms but has these annoying ads plus you cannot play on demand tracks on mobile & tablets, only playlists but the desktop app allows you to do that.

      The paid subscription allows you to stream playlist & on-demand tracks on all platforms without ads with 3 simultaneous device under the same account.

      You can still use Spotify here in the Philippines even if they didn’t officially open yet just make sure you have a valid US CC info on attached to your account to compensate your subscription.

  11. Spotifree

    Any updates?

  12. Still not available in the Philippines. :(

  13. I saw the official account of Spotify responding to some of Filipinos asking about its status here in the Philippines.

    Apparently, even the people from Spotify don’t have any updates yet and it is already the end of the month.

    Looks like this was just a rumor.

    I don’t know if I should be disappointed with Yugatech or Spotify.

    • I 2nd demotion … :( too bed, but there’s Deezer (officially available in the Philippines) instead. Almost the same as Spotify but only a few users are really utilizing it.

  14. julius

    they said that spotify will be available in the philippines by third week of february but it’s already march still spotify is not available,is this a joke..

  15. Noynoy Aquino

    This is fake. Where’s the source of this post?

  16. sa mga interested ng spotify jan, you can actually sign up a US account by using a US PayPal account linked to your locally issued Credit/Debit Card (like EON, BDO, and other major CC provider).

    Just make sure you’re connected to a US VPN during PayPal sign up & Spotify sign up. After you have paid Spotify Premium, you can already use your account even w/o being connected to a US IP as long as your payment method is active (US PayPal with local CC linked to it) you can use it anywhere even if Spotify is not yet available on that country.

  17. This is really cool. I love Spotify.

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